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Description of ABC kids! Alphabet, letters

Learn your first English letters with fun!
Cheerful and cute characters of the ABC Kids Alphabet game for 2-4 years old toddlers will become true friends with your kid on their learning journey. The Live Letters will inevitably captivate kids with their charisma, entertain and teach them how to write letters of the English alphabet and which sounds these letters have.
We use effective “draw the outline” game mechanics to nurture preschool writing skills of kids.

Welcome to the educational game of English letters! A witty ginger Squirrel meets the kids with an ABC book but the accident happens - the wind suddenly blows and the letters ABCD fly out the window right from the book!
Squirrel grabs a backpack and rushes to find all English letters from A to Z. This is where an actual fun adventure game begins!
From now on each level opens a location with the trapped letter and indicates how girls and boys can rescue it.


After completing the rescue task Squirrel catches the letter right into the backpack, and a blurred word appears on the screen. The kids must wipe and “clear” the screen with their fingers to see the word with the featuring letter. The narrator pronounces the word and now we can go to ... a bathroom level!
Children and toddlers are to wash the letters of the ABC alphabet in the bathroom, wipe them and smooth the letters in order to remember their styles.

Children wash the letter with a shower spray as if they DRAW THE OUTLINE.
Then they do tracing with a soap as well and, to solidify the action, they wash off the soap foam with water and wipe the letter with a cloth tracing the contour again. Children smooth the washed letter out to remember the correct way of writing.
Children develop fine motor skills and learn to write and repeat the writing.

To help kids memorize the alphabet letters from A to Z with ease and fun we combine educational and gaming techniques. A balanced combination allows kids to be totally involved in the education process and learn while playing!
So what do we imply here?

1. Trace the ABCD letters - wash, wipe and smooth them out following the contour with indicating arrows. Tracing letters helps girls and boys 2-5 years old learn how to write and recognize letters plus hone their motor skills;
2. Pronounce first sounds and words. When kids verbalize the sounds after the narrator's voice it benefits to their visual and auditory memory and spelling and helps to build the connections between what they see and hear;
3. Learn new words in English. There is the English alphabet which can be learned in different languages. Kids from various countries can play and learn how letters sound in English and which names objects and animals have in English.

Go to the parents’ corner to change the language of the game and to adjust the sound and music. Choose the subscription option that suits you best if you wish your child to learn the alphabet at a convenient time and with all open levels.

The savvy Squirrel accompanies the player during the whole game story and they both will look for the letters and try to return them to the book.
Let’s collect the ABC Live Letters across the fields and forests!
That’s a game about empathy and willingness to help and to start on a journey, with a pinch of giggling of course :)
Each ABC letter is such a restless creature which will definitely amuse little players.

We are very excited to launch our latest educational game where kids learn letters of the English ABC alphabet with fascination and empathy.
Fidgety characters-letters are always welcoming and happy to share new letters and words in English with kids 2 3 4 5 years old!

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Version history ABC kids! Alphabet, letters
New in Living Letters 0.10.3
Snowy Christmas comes to Live Letters!

The Christmas atmosphere is in the world of Live Letters! Enjoy the newly decorated menu and turn on your Christmas mood!
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