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Description of Al Momin:Ramadan, Prayer times

The best Islamic App in the world is Al Momin. If you are at a new place and unaware of the Qibla Direction, then this Muslim app helps you to find Qibla Direction along with their Prayer Times reminder. By reading the Quran Majeed and using a tasbeeh counter, you can do the zikr of Allah wherever you want. In the Holy Month of Ramadan, you can check sehr o iftar time by using Ramadan calendar.
Al Momin is the most popular app with accurate prayer times, recitation of Quran Majeed, and other Islamic features.

Primary Features:

✅ Prayer times is the primary feature of this Islamic app.
✅ All the surah of holy quran are given along with English translation.
✅ The Qibla finder helps Muslim worldwide to locate Qibla Direction.
✅ The Ramazan fasting times of sehr o iftar can be determined by using this amazing feature.
✅ Tasbeeh counter allows you to conveniently keep count of your adhkar.
✅ Through the zakat calculator, you can calculate your yearly zakat.
✅ Users can easily learn the namaz step by step with this Islamic app.
✅ When namaz time is reaching, Namaz Tracker will let you know.
✅ A date converter is the best feature by which you can change hijri calendar into Georgian and Georgian into hijri calendar.
✅ The Six Kalmas are the basic belief of Muslims all around the world. You can read 6 Kalma with the translation.
✅ Nearest mosque can be located very easily.
✅ This app also has 99 names of ALLAH and the Holy Prophet SAW.
✅ Get inspirational quotes which will provide you motivation and encouragement.
✅ You can memorize daily duas with translation and read any Ayat of holy quran with the help of this Islamic app.
✅ There are lot of great Islamic names with meanings.
✅ App contains Islamic calendar and the calendar of holy month of Ramadan 2023.

Prayer times

Namaz is the most essential pillar of Islam. It is necessary for Muslims to offer prayer five times a day at the exact namaz time. The Namaz tracker feature will track your missing prayers. Islamic prayer times notify you when namaz times arrive. Ramazan, the holy month of fasting, you will be informed of the exact time of sehri o iftar.
AL Momin is an Islamic app that helps Muslim to learn everything they need on a daily basis.

Qibla Finder

Qibla finder helps Muslim to indicate Qibla Direction all around the world. So you can pray namaz in accurate qibla direction. As it is very important for Muslims to offer prayer in an accurate direction so qibla compass will help you to locate the exact khana Kaaba direction. You can easily locate the Nearest Mosque with the help of this Muslim app.

Majeed Quran

You can recite Quran Majeed with translation in any language wherever you want. Recite any surah of the Quran Kareem easily. By understanding the Quran Kareem your life will be beautified. You can recite any ayat of the holy quran by using tasbeeh counter.
This Islamic app brings light in life of mankind through Holy Quran.


This Muslim app is very useful in Ramadan 2023. Fasting during the holy month Ramazan is one of the main obligations of Muslims. The Ramadan calendar helps you to check the precise date and timing of sehri o iftar.

Download the top Muslim app for all devices which include Quran Majeed, Qibla Finder, Exact Prayer Time and how to perform prayers, and many more features as shown above. This app is to help Muslims around the world get closer to Islam, InshaAllah. Hope that using this app will help you keep a positive mindset. We will appreciate it if you download this app and gives us a 5-star rating. We really need it to keep going. Purchase the premium version to get many more features.
Any person who sees any problem or any suggestion please let us know at ithotshotss@gmail.com. InshaAllah we will fix the issue as soon as possible.

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