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  • All Tracker Family. GPS, Calls and Video Tracking!
  • All Tracker Family. GPS, Calls and Video Tracking!
  • All Tracker Family. GPS, Calls and Video Tracking!
  • All Tracker Family. GPS, Calls and Video Tracking!
  • All Tracker Family. GPS, Calls and Video Tracking!
  • All Tracker Family. GPS, Calls and Video Tracking!
  • All Tracker Family. GPS, Calls and Video Tracking!
Description of All Tracker Family. GPS, Calls and Video Tracking!

What if you want your parents to be able to see at any given time where you are and what you do, or your partner to have total or partial access to your phone, because you have nothing to hide from him/her?

With All Tracker Family you can:
• Share your Location, Phone Calls, Camera, Microphone, etc. to other people
• Monitor Notifications send in status bar from any apps, like Messengers, WhatsApp, Viber etc.
• Do Screen Mirroring in real time - stream screen of your phone to any browser
• Monitor Location by GPS tracking, Phone Calls, Camera, Microphone from your devices
• Monitor your home with live video tracking from phones camera
• Monitor surroundings with live audio tracking from phones microphone
• Decide for each account a set of permissions you want to grant
• You will be ALWAYS NOTIFIED whenever some of your shared accounts request an action to your phone
• You can always see the log of all requests done to your phone
• Accounts which get access to your phone don't need to install any additional apps, all access to tracking is on the web AllTracker.org

If you need any help with setup contact us at our support: https://alltracker.org/support

There are many use cases for the app, e.g.:
- You are driving to your family on weekend, and want you parents to track where you are, and how long you need to get there.
- You leave your home and want see what happens within your room. With AllTracker you can just take photos from the phone camera or record voice from the microphone, and see e.g. what your pet is doing at the moment. Or even more: with live video tracking you can see and listen to surroundings!
- If you are a big company and want to track all company phones.
- If you want your partner to know everything about yourself, just share the chats, call records and your photo gallery.
- This monitoring app helps you to track shared devices or even find lost phone!

The main permissions you can share with other accounts:
+ CHECK PHONE STATUS - whether the phone or display is ON, internet connection (Wi-Fi, mobile and/or roaming), GPS status and many other
+ LIVE VIDEO STREAMING - stream video from camera (front or back) for video tracking
+ LIVE AUDIO STREAMING - stream audio from microphone for audio tracking
+ LOCATION TRACKING - by GPS monitoring or networks
+ CHECK LAST MOVEMENT - view a path on the map of all your latest movements
+ USING CAMERA - take remote photos from the front or rear side camera or stream live video to monitor location in live
+ RECORDING MICROPHONE - listen to the phone surrounding audio live through your phone's microphone, or take a remote record of microphone
+ LISTEN TO CALL RECORDS - you can record your calls and provide access to your call records, so that somebody can listen to call records remotely
+ GET MEDIA FILES - share access to your photos, so that somebody can track your media, like photo tracking
+ READ CALENDAR EVENTS - you can get the list of calendar events with all details and descriptions
+ READ CONTACTS - you can get the list of all contacts saved on phone, with information of how often was a person contacted and last contact
+ TRACK NOTIFICATIONS - notifications tracking from status bar for all messenger apps like tracking facebook, WhatsApp, Viber etc.
+ SCREEN MIRRORING - stream screen in real time to any browser
+ ... many other

ATTENTION: You CANNOT hide this app! Phone owner will be always notified about each request send to his/her phone. You CANNOT use this software like a spyware or hidden tracking!

Version history All Tracker Family. GPS, Calls and Video Tracking!
New in AllTracker Family 6.6
- listening to all audios stored on target device, including voice messages of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, VK, Telegram, Viber and other
- improved audio of live streaming of microphone, camera or screen by selecting properly audio source type
New in AllTracker Family 6.5.2
fix for the battery optimization via connection wizard
New in AllTracker Family 6.5.1
- possibility to force mic streaming while an VoIP app is open
New in AllTracker Family 6.4
- List and download videos from the target device
- Many other minor bugfixes
New in AllTracker Family 6.3
- New data flow infrastructure
- Showing information about all SIM cards on the target device
- Providing text from Clipboard
- Improved call records for devices with multiple SIM cards
- Selecting camera for device unlocking photos
- Selecting unlocking photos type: failed / all
- Possibility to select call list size
- Updating common information while live streaming
- Many other minor bugfixes
New in AllTracker Family 6.1
- Hotfix on camera feature
New in AllTracker Family 5.9.1
- Fixes regarding new Google Play Permissions policy
- Improved error tracking
- Location history (accuracy improved < 200m)
- Better handling of call state
- By Deleting collected data don't remove Settings
- Sound recording improvements (including auto start)
- Improved concurrent call recordings
- Better handling of background processes
- Traffic control - alert the user about the traffic usage
New in AllTracker Family 5.8
v.5.7 (2018.10.25)
Update list: https://alltracker.org/install
New in AllTracker Family 5.7
v.5.7 (2018.03.22):
- Don't send any data prior accept disclosure

v.5.6 (2018.03.16):
- User agreement to private data sharing
- Fixed bug when recording calls for more than 20 minutes
- Fixed a problem with the phone registration

v.5.5 (2018.02.27):
- Usage statistics of apps on the target phone
- Showing actually opened app
- Enabling / disabling WiFi on the target device
- Release the microphone during a live broadcast if Skype is activated
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