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Description of apk-signer

This app helps you:

- Sign apk files on your cell phones or tablets. V2 signing scheme is supported.
- Manage keystores (import/export).

Pro features:

- Making your own keystore files.
- Themes.


- Sample usage for Key Sender: https://youtu.be/EyJK9UIG4b4
- The app is not available in some countries. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
- Play Store *unprofessionally* limits replies to 350 characters. Sometimes I can't say thanks after a long reply. Other times, I can't explain enough. In such cases, I apologize. Please contact me via email if you need more information and help.

Version history apk-signer
New in apk-signer 6.10.3
Fixed minor bugs.
New in apk-signer 6.10.0
- Added options to enable v3 and/or v4 signing schemes.
- Wishing you all a Happy Holiday season :-)
New in apk-signer 6.9.1
Fixed minor bugs.
New in apk-signer 6.8.1
Extended full-feature purchase's expiration time from 30 days to 6 months. (I'm sorry for my English here, I hope you get the idea.) Thank you very much for your support.
New in apk-signer 6.8.0
- Added Indonesian translation. Special thanks to Munawar Tamimi for your generosity.

- Experimental support for signing Android App Bundle files (*.aab), added in version 6.3.0, is now ready for production.
New in apk-signer 6.7.0
Added option to export keystores via PEPK tool. At the time of implementation, PEPK source code was taken from here: https://www.gstatic.com/play-apps-publisher-rapid/signing-tool/prod/pepk-src.jar
New in apk-signer 6.6.0
- Added support for installing split-apks made by other apps, such as SAI (com.aefyr.sai). By the way, SAI is our major competitor :-)

- Fixed minor bugs.
New in apk-signer 6.4.1
Fixed minor bugs.
New in apk-signer 6.3.1
Fixed minor bugs.
New in apk-signer 6.1.0
- Added new desktop app Key Sender, which helps read/convert JKS keystores into PKCS #12 format, and send them to apk-signer. You can find more details by clicking the Import icon in Keystores tab.

- Added Spanish translation. Special thanks to Gaard Kitt for your generosity.
New in apk-signer 6.0.6
Fixed some bugs signing apks on Android 9 or newer.
New in apk-signer 6.0.5
Added option for non-full-feature users to make new keystores after watching rewarded video ads.

Thank you very much for your support,
New in apk-signer 6.0.4
- Updated in-app billing library to latest version, as required by Play Store. There's a small change that this update might cause some problem for full-feature users. In such case, I apologize. Please contact me via email with details, I will try to assist.

- I've published a couple of new apps, including Jr. Spy -- which you might find it interesting. Please check the Info tab for details.

Thank you very much,
New in apk-signer 6.0.3
Fixed bugs when signing apks on Android <= 8.
New in apk-signer 5.8.1
- Fixed minor bugs.

- Added new tab: About.
New in apk-signer 5.8.0
- Disabled Aligning by default.
- Added option to copy internal keystores to local storages (device storage, SD card...)
- Fixed minor bugs.
New in apk-signer 5.7.0
- Added option to turn Aligning on or off.
- Some minor UI changes.
New in apk-signer 5.6.0
- Added option to show/hide system apps in app list.
- Added 'Recent Updates' dialog.
New in apk-signer 5.4.1
Minor bug fixes and UI updates.
New in apk-signer 5.3.6
Fixed bugs:

- The app crashed when deleting signed files, if either input or output could not be deleted. Now, a warning will be shown instead.

- Dark them didn't work properly. Now it's fixed.

- And some minor fixes...

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
New in apk-signer 5.3.5
Fixed some bugs which caused crashes on Android 10. Please send me feedback if you see crashes again. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

My email is: haibison.apps@gmail.com
New in apk-signer 5.3.4
Fixed bug where the app failed to make BouncyCastle keystores on Android 9.

Thank you for your support.
New in apk-signer 5.3.2
Fixed some bugs that caused crashes. I'm sorry for that. If you see crashes again, please collect bug reports and send them to haibison.apps@gmail.com

Thank you very much for your support.
New in apk-signer 5.3.0
Added support for PKCS12 when creating new keystores.
New in apk-signer 5.2.8
Fixed minor bugs for full-feature users. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
New in apk-signer 5.2.6
Minor bug fixes.
New in apk-signer 5.2.5
Fixed a bug where on Android 8+, tapping on signed apk files didn't open the system installer.
New in apk-signer 5.2.4
Better support for parallel jobs such as: signing, verifying... However that still depends on you device's CPU power. So be careful not to sign 50 apps at a time :-D
New in apk-signer 5.2.3
Minor bug fixes (I'm very sorry for not adding new features after a long time.)
New in apk-signer 5.2.1
- Fixed minor bugs.Thank you for your support.
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