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  • AppDefender (App Lock)
  • AppDefender (App Lock)
  • AppDefender (App Lock)
  • AppDefender (App Lock)
Description of AppDefender (App Lock)

AppDefender is an app to block your private information such as your browsing history or text messages from being peeked when you happened to hand your phone to friends.
It locks the apps which you don’t want to be seen by others and protect your privacy.
An app to prevent peeping by your friends or family.
Also if someone enters wrong password 5 times, the inside camera will take a picture of the person without his/her noticing and keep the record.
You will be free from the worry that your boyfriend/girlfriend may have seen your phone secretly.

[App Lock Function]
Lock specified apps by a password.
You will be free from the worry below by specifying apps such as SNS or Text messages which you don’t want to be seen by your family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend.
- You have a feeling that your phone may be peeked while you are taking bath.
- You worry that your text messages or browsing history may be peeked when you hand your smartphone to friends.
- The phone in your bag activates unexpectedly during travel.
- Your kids change the setting without your permission.

[Function of taking a picture of peeking]
If someone press wrong password 5 times, the inside camera takes a picture of the person secretly.
You can find out who tries to peek your private information.
-This app is available from Android 4.0 or above and you need the device model with front camera.
-You need this app to be ON in the settings window.

[Other functions]
Equipped with reminder function when you forget the password and password clear from Google account identification.
You can still unlock the apps even if you forget the password.
. The key order can be random to prevent being guessed the password from the movement of fingers.
. Effective time of unlock can be set to prevent repeatedly appearing lock screen.

[Steps to use ]
1. User support setting (from OS 5.0 and above)
The setting is necessary for this App to work. Please follow the instructions on the screen.

2. Setting password
The password setting will appears when you first time activate this App.

3. Select the Google account in case you forget the password.
Login the Google account to unlock the Apps.

4. Select apps to be locked.
Select the apps to be locked by password from the main screen.

5. Closing AppDefender
Press the back button to close the Apps lock.
The password entering window will appear when the specified app is activated.

[ FAQ]
-How to uninstall
When you are using advanced protection, please take the following steps to uninstall.
1.Start the app and open the settings window.
2.Tap the disable advanced protection.
3.After taking the above steps, then you can uninstall this app with the same way of as uninstalling other apps.

-The lock window of GalaxyS8/S8+ is shorter than the device screen.
If you use the Samsung GalaxyS8/S8+, you need to set your device to display full screen.
Go to Settings→Display→FullScreen apps to set AppDefender ON and allow using full screen.
You can display FAQ from the settings of AppDefender.
If this app is not working properly, please refer FAQ.

[Uses Permissions]

-User Accessibility: To detect foreground app.(Android5.0+)
-Get account: To forgot password recovery
-Draw over other apps: To lock app
-Fingerprint auth: To unlock app
-Internet Access:Used for ads
-Camera: To capture photos
-Run at startup: To start service when device boots up
-Get task: To detect foreground app

**This app uses the device administrator. (Only when using advanced protection)
Advanced protection :Activate Device Administrator to prevent others from uninstalling app.
It is used only for this purpose, we do not use any policies of Device Administrator.

**This app uses Accessibility services.
Android 5.0 later users must grant accessibility for Appdefender to enable App Lock.

Version history AppDefender (App Lock)
New in AppDefender 6.6.8
Fixed a bug that the setting is broken depending on the timing.
Fixed a problem that the lock screen is suddenly displayed depending on the memory status.
New in AppDefender 6.6.6
Fingerprint authentication bug fix.
New in AppDefender 6.6.2
The resident memory has been greatly reduced.
Fixed an issue where accessibility services were turned off
New in AppDefender 6.5
Supports fingerprint authentication after Android10 / 11 2021.01 security update.
New in AppDefender 6.4
Android 10 gesture support.
Change application icon design.
Add privacy policy.
Bug fixes.
New in AppDefender 6.3
New in AppDefender 6.2
support android10.
New in AppDefender 6.1.2
Fix a problem when device lock is none
New in AppDefender 6.1.1
OS9 or higher, added lock function of Recent Apps
New in AppDefender 6.0.5
Supported EU User Consent Policy.
New in AppDefender 6.0.4
bug fix
New in AppDefender 6.0.3
fixed problem that Application list display bug.
New in AppDefender 6.0.2
fixed problem that capture feature can not be enabled on OS 8.0.
New in AppDefender 6.0.1
fixed issue that notification and set up flow on Android 8.0.
New in AppDefender 6.0
support for 8.1 API behaviors, through the targetSdkVersion to comply Google Play policy. As a result, pre-lollipop devices re-run setup wizard.
New in AppDefender 5.2
changed the explanation about accessibility.bugfix: Standard wallpaper is always displayed on Android 8.1.
New in AppDefender 5.1.2
fixed fingerprint options not working on some devices
New in AppDefender 5.1
Fixed a bug that caused the lock screen to appear many times on Android 6 and later, and fixed minor bugs
New in AppDefender 5.0.1
-Wrote a description of using device admin in the market description-Added user information disclosure window when administrator authority is effective (advanced protection is activated).
New in AppDefender 5.0
V 5.0-Android7 support.-Added unlock function by fingerprint authentication (Android 6 and later)-Added device administrator functionV 4.1Added "Show Icon" option to improve stability on Android 4.4 or lower.V4.0.6Fix AdMob problemV4.0.4Fix critical bugsReminder was not working properly in a Andropid5/6+GoogleIMM environment.Please update!V4.0Major Version up!Change to the new logic.more Power-saving, high-speed, full support of Android5 or later.
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