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  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
  • AppTec MDM Agent
Description of AppTec MDM Agent

The AppTec MDM Agent lets you secure, monitor, manage and support your entire fleet of Android devices deployed across your enterprise, when working in conjunction with the AppTec Enterprise Mobile Manager Console.

This enterprise-wide solution provides your IT department with a single, integrated view of all mobile devices, allowing you to increase help desk efficiencies, reduce support costs and improve the overall support experience for today’s corporate user.

Web-based, functionally robust and highly scalable, AppTec also provides unparalleled flexibility by offering three different delivery options for the AppTec console, ensuring all IT environments have access to AppTec’s industry-leading functionality:

• Software as a Service (SaaS)
• On-premise installation
• Free virtual appliance

AppTec offers companies a free license for 25 devices.

AppTec provides today’s enterprise with the following functionality:

• Centralized Over-the-Air Deployments
• Asset Management of all Android Devices
• Over-the-Air Enrollments
• Over-the-Air Configurations Management
• Policy change per drag and drop
• Device Security
• Security by Location, Role and Function
• Policy Enforcement (Passwordpolicy)
• Robust GPS Tracking and Mapping
• Device Grouping and Bulk Management
• Meaningful reports and analyses
• Intuitive dashboard for first level support
• Help Desk Support Capabilities
• LDAP integration for selection of the current structure
• Self-service portal for end users
• Multi-client capable architecture

Instructions for Activation:

Step 1: Download and install the AppTec MDM Agent on your device through the Google Play Store.
Step 2: Once you load the AppTec MDM Agent onto your device, activate the agent with an AppTec-issued company id, email and password.

For more information on the AppTec solution, please send us a mail to contact@apptec360.com.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please contact your IT administrator before installing AppTec Enterprise Mobile Manager. The Enterprise Mobile Manager application will not operate without the necessary back-end software.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

Version history AppTec MDM Agent
New in AppTec360 20205010
Improved energy usage while in background.
Minor UI improvements.
New in AppTec360 20204502
Minor UI improvements.
New in AppTec360 20203816
Minor performance improvements.
New in AppTec360 20203601
Improved compatibility to KNOX Mobile Enrollment.
Minor stability improvements.
New in AppTec360 20202517
Improved Android 10 compatibility.
Minor performance improvements.
New in AppTec360 20201615
Applied the latest Ikarus license changes.
Minor stability improvements.
New in AppTec360 20200926
Applied the latest Ikarus configuration changes.
Added KNOX NFC deployment functionality.
Minor performance improvements.
New in AppTec360 20195009
Ensuring backwards compatiblity back to Android 4.
Ensuring backwards compatiblity to legacy KNOX Premium.
Minor stability improvements.
New in AppTec360 20193002
Minor bug fixes in order to configure partner software appropriately.
New in AppTec360 192903
Small hotfix for the kiosk mode.
New in AppTec360 191501
Free IKARUS mobile.security license valid until end of Juli 2019
New in AppTec360 191101
Samsung KNOX is now available in AFW device owner mode
QR Code Enrollment for Android
Improved SMS Enrollment
Password reset with custom password
Support for Huawei APIs
Adapted to new Samsung terminology, Samsung SAFE is now Samsung Knox Standard

Fixed problem with push notification on Android 9
Fixed passcode reset for AFW devices
Several minor changes and improvements
New in AppTec360 184501
Fixed apk install issue for Android Devices with Android 4.4 - 6.0
New in AppTec360 184302
- TeamViewer Support
- Support for AppTec API Extender
- AFW Bluetooth Contact Sharing
- Bugfixes & Improvements
New in AppTec360 181301
- Support for new Samsung Devices
- Bugfix for Multi App Kiosk Mode
New in AppTec360 180102
- Automatic Updates for In-House APK improved- Bugfix for Cisco AnyConnect- Android Client scans In-House APK for supported ABIs.- Added threshold for APK downloads that can be configured via the MGMT console
New in AppTec360 180101
- Automatic Updates for In-House APK- Bugfix for OpenVPN for Android and OpenVPN Connect- Bugfixes and Improvements
New in AppTec360 7.0.1
- AFW Device Owner Mode- KNOX Enrollment- Integrated AppTec VPN- Possibility to set Custom Launcher- Several Features and Bugfixes
New in AppTec360 7.0
Bugfix for Samsung Devices with Android < 5.0
New in AppTec360 6.1.4
- Fix for Kiosk Mode
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