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  • Archer Of God
  • Archer Of God
  • Archer Of God
  • Archer Of God
  • Archer Of God
  • Archer Of God
  • Archer Of God
  • Archer Of God
  • Archer Of God
  • Archer Of God
  • Archer Of God
Description of Archer Of God

Heaven and Hell are both entering a state of discord. Rekindle the tinder of war and choose your fate: Answer the call of duty as an Angel or Demon.

How will you duel in the PVP Combat Arena?

■ Real time 1 on 1 battle against other players!
■ Global matching with archers worldwide
■ Strategize with different Bows and Skills!
■ Simple, arcade style fighter control
■ Power up options and combinations

1, Become the true avatar of the god of war and harness the grand power of soul arrows of the bowmaster, and smite enemies of the gods high heavens.

2, Become a deadly archer ronin, and enter the wild rift of diablo by following the grand rising of the devil, and bow down to the forbidden high impact guns of boom!

Both sides of the god games are recruiting top tier bowman to be the Champion knight of the army. Holy and unholy gods from heaven and hell, the Archero Genshin, God Eater, Koo and Godus, need more archers to tip the eternal balance of the war. Choose your own pocket god to back up in the war!

Headshot and bullseye your chosen side's arch enemies dead and climb to the zerotier of this brawhalla arrow fest in one piece!

The newest arrow io game to your pocket, from 111%, the creators of Random Dice, Wild Tamer, BB TAN, and Dokdo!

Oh god! Oh lord! Calling all Robin Hood types! Forget swords and blades, it's all about the Bow! The only blade in this game are from mega soul arrows! May the best Archer win as the soul knight Champion!

# 111 PERCENT Customer Support
In-app [Settings] - [Customer Support]

# Minimum Specs
Android 5.0 or Above

*This app requires certain permissions to provide the following functions.

[Appropriate device-targeted ads]
Access the correct location only in the foreground (ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION)
Access to approximate location (network-based) only in foreground (ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION)

[Customer support service]
Read contents of shared storage space (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)
Edit or delete the contents of the shared storage space (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)

# AOG Privacy Policy and Terms of Service: https://111percent.helpshift.com/a/archer-of-god/?l=en&s=policy&p=all

Version history Archer Of God
New in AOG 1.13.0
If UPDATE button doesn't appear, please shut down the Google Play Store app and re-open to properly update.

- 2 New Skins Released
- New Skill Released
- Minor Bug Fix
New in AOG 1.12.1
- Minor Bug Fix
New in AOG 1.11.5
- Shop Improvement
- Stele Contents Adjustment
- Matching System Improvement
- Report System added
- Season End MMR 50% Reduction Removal
New in AOG 1.10.0
- New skin release
- New skills added
New in AOG 1.8.07
- Fixed an issue which stamina increases abnormally
New in AOG 1.7.21
Fixed a bug where Ymir's Hand's abnormal production of skill was output
Fixed a bug where the Swift Stone and Heal Stone's Skill Scope was abnormally applied
New in AOG 0.1
Archer Of God
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