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Description of BalatonBike365

Balaton cycling all year round. Monti, road, trekking, e-bike? Do you want to do sports or explore the surroundings of Lake Balaton by bike? You can do it with the BB365 app.

What does it take? Bikeable, high-quality, signposted roads around Balaton, excellent bike-friendly services and tour offers for families, groups of friends, and athletes alike. All this in one place in the BB365 application and on the balatonbike365.hu website! More than 800 km of bikeable roads, 3 Balaton service centers, 48 ​​prominent hiking trails, thousands of POIs in a network where you can navigate with the help of the application.

Free service and registration
The BB365 application can be downloaded for free and is not tied to any other purchases during its use.
The app's services can be used to the full extent by logging in after registration, but it is also possible to use them without registration. In the latter case, the benefits provided by the device are limited.

Balaton discoveries
Plan your mountain biking, road cycling or pleasant bike tour! Choose which landscapes you want to cycle on: the southern, northern or western landscapes of Balaton, asphalt, mountain roads or quiet cycling roads? Pay attention to the smallest details, such as road surface, degree of difficulty, distance and altitude levels.

Safety on unknown roads
The navigation provided by the app allows you to focus on the experiences of the selected route and not on the orientation itself, so you can feel safe.

The joy of choosing individually
You can choose from the 48 hiking routes we have put together according to your needs, but you also have the option of creating unique, personalized routes and storing them in the app. You can compile these routes according to different aspects. It is possible that you are putting together a route suitable for a mountain, road or pleasant bike tour suitable for your bike. But it is also possible that you would like to visit the castle ruins and trendy restaurants in the area as part of your bike tour, and by specifying these, you ask the app to compile the route for you...

Share it with others!
As a member of the BB365 community, you have the opportunity to share your hiking routes and tours with others, rate the ones we have compiled, and recommend places and attractions that you consider worthy. These can be geographical or cultural places and events, just like a good ice cream parlor, bistro or guesthouse. And if you haven't found these in our POI database of several thousand, then recommend them to us for recording also with the help of the app.

Look for bike friends!
We highlight bike-friendly service providers in the app, as they are probably the most important for you. They are easy to find, and like all service providers, you can contact them using our chat function. You can inquire about their free table, room, and bike repair options, and they will try to respond immediately and help you if you are in trouble.

Version history BalatonBike365
New in BB365 1.1.27
Folyamatosan azon dolgozunk, hogy a lehető legjobb felhasználói élményt biztosítsuk a bringások számára. Ebben a verzióban gyorsítottunk és egyszerűsítettünk az útvonalkeresésen, valamint további orientációs lehetőségekkel tökélesítettük a navigációt.
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