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Description of BandHelper

Much more than a "songbook" app, BandHelper can organize your band and power your live show.

• Forget about managing binders or finding reference recordings
• Keep track of songs that need more work
• Note or record your good ideas for future reference

• Eliminate the dead space from flipping through pages
• Lead the band seamlessly through your set
• Automate effects settings, keyboard patches and lighting scenes

• Simplify your scheduling tasks
• Easily integrate subs or new band members
• Raise the bar for band organization

• Use a variety of devices on multiple platforms
• Don't renew automatically unless you want to
• Get personal support when you need it

*** If you have a problem or a suggestion, please contact me before writing a review. I can't troubleshoot problems through the review system, but I respond promptly to all help tickets and posts in my support forum. ***

Version history BandHelper
New in BandHelper 2024-03-15
○ Fixed the following of page positions set by an automation track on the lead device.

○ Updated the Send Pinned MIDI 1-10 layout actions to run before the Send MIDI and Send MIDI 1-10 layout actions.

○ Added Song Completion as a trigger for the Send Pinned MIDI 1-10 layout actions.

○ Added Song Second Selection as a trigger for the Stop Recording and Stop Tempo layout actions.

○ Fixed a problem with file downloads on Android 5.
New in BandHelper 2023-12-15
○ Fixed the Next Page/Marker Or Close Document and Next Screen Or Close Document app control action.

○ Updated the layout export/import functions to include the Top Toolbar Buttons and Select Next Song On Song Completion settings.

○ Automatically updated layouts that behave incorrectly because they are missing a document viewer.

○ Fixed a problem where items pasted onto a stage plot would be placed too low.

○ Updated the notification icons in shortcuts and lists to be orange and smaller.
New in BandHelper 2023-11-28
○ Fixed a crash when displaying alert messages on Android 5.

○ Fixed a crash when transposing on some devices.

○ Fixed a problem that could keep an account listed in the Accounts list after removing it from a device.
New in BandHelper 2023-10-27
⚠ Added a Layering setting on the layout Edit Details page

⚠ Changed the double-tap gesture in the set list view to toggle either the document viewer in Document Viewer On Top layouts or the song list in Song List On Top layouts.

⚠ Changed the lyrics highlighting function in the set list view to be triggered by a long-press anywhere on the document viewer instead of a double-tap on the left third.

★ Updated the layout scaling functionality to scale layouts to both the screen width and height.
New in BandHelper 2023-09-19
○ Fixed a problem where updates might not download if you navigate back to the Accounts list while a sync is running.

○ Added Settings > Appearance > Hide Brackets When Inline.

○ Added Settings > Appearance > Hide Parentheses Within Unbracketed Chords.

○ Added Settings > Advanced > Use Old Chord Recognition to restore the functionality that allows unbracketed chords and unparenthesized non-chord text on the same lines. However, that functionality is still no longer supported.
New in BandHelper 2023-09-15
○ Updated the chord coloring and transposing functions to ignore text in parentheses when identifying lines of chords. You can use this to place directives like "(x2)" into a line of chords without interfering with these functions.

○ Fixed a problem that sometimes added extra spaces between chords when transposing.

○ Fixed the initial text size and scroll position of lyrics in a two-column display.
New in BandHelper 2023-08-16
• Fixed a problem where empty lines in the Lyrics or Chords field would display instead of an attached document.

• Correctly showed unused Shares fields on the event edit page as empty instead of 0.

• Restored the sending of pinned MIDI presets before song MIDI presets when sending both from the same app control action.

• In the Settings > App Control > Actions > Common list, added Start Auto-Scroll and replaced Start/Stop Automation with Start Automation.
New in BandHelper 2023-08-11
⚠ Updated the notes display to include the shared notes followed by your personal notes if you are using both.

⚠ Updated the annotations display to include the shared annotations along with your personal annotations if you are using both.

○ Updated the back button in the set list view to show the song list if it was hidden from the layout or hide the document viewer if it was shown in a layer above the layout.

○ Updated the user shares field on the event edit page to remain empty by default.
New in BandHelper 2023-07-21
• Fixed a crash when sending pinned MIDI presets from a layout that contains the Multiple MIDI Buttons item and a song that contains enough MIDI presets to make that button scroll and no MIDI presets are pinned.

• Stopped MIDI buttons in song lists from showing pinned MIDI presets twice.

• Updated the document, recording and MIDI buttons in song lists to be active if only pinned items are available for a song.

• Updated the Settings > App Control page to correctly save the Speak Text field.
New in BandHelper 2023-07-12
• Added missing layout actions for Start Auto-Scroll, Stop Auto-Scroll, Start Automation, Stop Automation, Start Video and Stop Video.
New in BandHelper 2023-06-16
★ Added a text background color button to the text formatting toolbar.

○ Rearranged the fields on the event edit page to make it more intuitive that users must be selected.

○ Added a Bass Drum tempo click sound.

○ Updated the display of bracketed chords to ignore bold, italic or underline applied to the surrounding text, but to use the color of the surrounding text if no chords color is set.

○ Updated the set list sort and shuffle functions to keep linked songs together.
New in BandHelper 2023-05-19
★ Added Shares fields after the Pay field on the event edit page.

○ Increased the compression in transmitted screen images to make the screen sharing function more responsive.

○ Cropped URLs in custom fields to their domain names when displayed in a song list.

○ Fixed a crash when viewing the last song in a set list when the layout includes a +2 field.

○ Fixed incorrectly placed checkmarks when adding a new song or searching for songs from the song picker.
New in BandHelper 2023-03-21
- Updated the Follow Song Selections live sharing action to work when the lead device isn't using the current app version.
New in BandHelper 2023-03-01
- Fixed a problem that prevented a smart copy from inheriting changes to its original copy's automation tracks or font sizes.

- Restored the automatic inheriting of an original copy's automation track and font sizes when those values are cleared.

- Fixed the sorting of the Smart Lists list by Sort Order.
New in BandHelper 2022-12-18
- Fixed an intermittent crash on launch.
New in BandHelper 2022-12-12
- Changed the URL used for testing the Internet connection since the third-party URL used in the last version was not reliable.
New in BandHelper 2022-11-04
- Added an Import Chords button below the Chords and Personal Chords fields on the song edit page.

- Updated to better support freeform window sizing.

- Added a live Window Size display to the Help > About page.

- Updated the document preview on the song, event, contact and transaction edit pages to open more smoothly and close by double-tapping the middle of the document.

- Fixed a problem that sometimes displayed items in a hierarchical checklist in the wrong order.
New in BandHelper 2022-09-16
- Added support for FLAC audio files.

- When selecting a file for a new document or recording, removed the step of viewing files that have been copied into the app's data directory but not uploaded into your account.

- Updated the Standard MIDI File button on the recording and MIDI preset edit pages to allow selecting an existing MIDI file.

- Fixed a problem where copying a set list and then clicking the Edit Songs button would edit the songs for the original set list.
New in BandHelper 2022-08-26
- Fixed a problem that sometimes caused the login information to get mixed up when you have multiple accounts on the same device.

- Updated the document and recording functionality to allow attaching the same document or recording to multiple items.

- Changed the document and recording edit pages to allow editing their projects directly. This lets you have a song in multiple projects, with one document that only appears in one project and another document that only appears in another.
New in BandHelper 2022-07-29
- Fixed a crash after manually editing an automation track with a device language that uses commas for decimal numbers.

- Fixed a problem that removed a set list from the shortcuts on the day of the event instead of the day after the event.

- Updated the Move a User button on the event edit page to move the correct users after adding new users to the event but before saving the event.

- Updated all empty sort orders to 0 for consistent sorting.
New in BandHelper 2022-07-01
- Updated the chord transpose function to automatically space beats and bar lines.

- Updated MIDI presets to not send the Raw MIDI data when the Raw MIDI device is deactivated.

- Updated MIDI presets to delete the Raw MIDI data when the Raw MIDI device is deleted.

- Restored the missing Rating display in the set list view and the set list share functions.

- Fixed a problem that made the app navigate to the account login page on every launch.

- Fixed the song rating smart list filter.
New in BandHelper 3.3.11
- Updated the Settings > Appearance > Lyrics Size Override function to work with songs that use the default text size.

- Updated the document tools button to correctly disable the Reset Text Size button when a song already uses the default text size.

- Stopped updating the Date Updated field for a set list when its settings but not its songs are changed.

- Completely disabled some fields on the song and event edit pages that appeared to be available to Added Only users.
New in BandHelper 3.3.8
- Added an Include All Projects filter to the set list Add Songs popup.

- Added an Include All Projects filter to the Quick Add popup in the set list view.

- Fixed a problem that disabled the Edit Song button in the set list view when the bottom toolbar is hidden.

- Restored the ability to move the file download directory to removable storage on Android versions between 4.4 and 9.0, by turning on Settings > Account Sync > Use Removable Storage.
New in BandHelper 3.3.7
- Fixed a crash when emailing or exporting files when Settings > Account Sync > Use Removable Storage is on.

- Restored the automatic sizing of a document to one complete page when displayed full-screen in the same orientation as the device orientation.

- Fixed a problem that sometimes highlighted the wrong song in a smart list.

- Fixed a problem that prevented scrolling or zooming documents opened from the song edit page.
New in BandHelper 3.3.5
- Updated the shortcuts pages on tablets to refresh after syncing or editing items.

- Restored the auto-complete functionality that was broken in an earlier version.

- Fixed a problem that prevented manual edits to an automation track from saving.

- Fixed a problem that made the top toolbars overlap on some phones.

- Fixed a problem that closed the on-screen keyboard immediately in some fields on some devices.
New in BandHelper 3.3.4
- Fixed a problem with time pickers on Android 11+.

- Stopped using proper sharp and flat symbols when transposing since most Android devices can't show them with the correct text color.

- Fixed the Song Number and Set Number layout fields, and updated them to ignore sets that are excluded from the set list duration.

- Changed the first set heading in the set list view to not be selectable, since it doesn't represent a set break.
New in BandHelper 3.3.3
- Fixed a problem that sent the wrong preset when selecting a layout MIDI preset from the multiple MIDI buttons or a remote control action.

- Fixed a problem that showed full-screen documents upon song selection when an external display was connected.

- Updated the automation track buttons in the song list to stop playing when changing songs.

- Added Settings > Appearance > Main Menu Shortcuts > Colors to show item and category colors on the shortcut items.
New in BandHelper 3.2.14
- Fixed Settings > Remote Control > MIDI Input Port, which was incorrectly filtering out all messages when set.

- Updated the Previous Page remote control action to go to the start of the current page instead of the start of the previous page if you have manually to the middle of a page

- When viewing lyrics without markers, updated the Previous Page and Next Page remote control actions to go to the same positions in the lyrics even if you scroll to other positions between these actions.
New in BandHelper 3.2.13
- Added a slash (/) to the chord symbol toolbar that appears above the keyboard when editing the Lyrics and Chords fields.

- Fixed the search field at the top of the Quick Add popup window.

- Updated the document viewer to allow a zoomed document to use the full height of the viewer when the original document is shorter than the viewer.

- See the Release Notes page on the BandHelper website for more.
New in BandHelper 3.2.12
- Added a Table of Contents option to the set list Share Songs page.

- Added support for JPEG documents in the set list Share Songs function.

- Updated the Previous Song and Next Song functions to stop wrapping from the first song to the list song or the last song to the first song.

- Added a list of each band member's rating at the bottom of the song edit page. This is visible only to account administrators.

- Fixed the sort by tag option on the song picker.
New in BandHelper 3.1.21
- Fixed a problem that made the new Connect Second-Gen Flic Button setting unclickable.
New in BandHelper 3.1.20
- Added support for second-generation Flic buttons. You can now click Settings > Remote Control > Connect Second-Gen Flic Button, then click and hold the button until it connects. Then you can select an action, click Flic Button Messages and assign the action to the Click, Double-Click or Hold gesture. (Requires Android 4.4 or later.)
New in BandHelper 3.1.19
- Fixed the Distsribute buttons on the Finance > Totals page to carry the amount to the transaction edit page.

- Hid custom fields that aren't assigned to the current user from layouts.

- Updated the list of layouts available from the Layout button in the bottom toolbar of the set list view after rotating the device.

- Disabled the Move a User button on the event edit page when the Require Response setting is off.

- Stopped fading items on the Files > Files list.
New in BandHelper 3.1.18
- Added options for displaying documents or lyrics on an external display.

- Improved the accuracy of full-page scrolling in multi-page documents.

- Eliminated a small white border around a document with some setups.

- Fixed a problem that prevented multiple bracketed slash chords on the same line from transposing correctly.

- Updated the recording button to correctly pause/resume instead of stop/start in list-only layouts.

- Updated the sync button in the top toolbar to blink a bit longer.
New in BandHelper 3.1.17
- Updated the new full-screen toggle to preserve on-the-fly transpose amounts.

- Fixed a problem that sometimes used the wrong enharmonic spelling for Bb/A# when transposing.

- Added a warning to the Settings > General Settings page if you edit the username there. You should only do that if you have updated your username on the website. If you are trying to log in as a different user, you will need to remove the account from the app, then add it again with the desired username.
New in BandHelper 3.1.16
- Changed the title of the home screen from Projects to Accounts to make it more clear that the + button adds a new account.

- Shortened the set list share preview on phones to make it more clear that share settings are available below the preview.

- Fixed a crash on the main menu if a checklist is marked as a favorite and linked to multiple events.

- Fixed a problem building the song usage cache with multiple projects.
New in BandHelper 3.1.15
- Added a Mirror Image layout option to the document viewer for use with teleprompter devices.

- Fixed a problem that prevented opening a document from a set list only layout in some cases.

- Fixed a problem that prevented text annotations from saving.

- Fixed a problem that started auto-scrolling at the wrong speed in some cases.

- Fixed a problem that selected the wrong songs when using the Quick Add button when Save Quick Added Songs was turned off.
New in BandHelper 3.1.14
- Fixed a problem that made the screen go blank when opening full-screen lyrics with a song selection action in a layout that was already displaying the lyrics.
New in BandHelper 3.1.13
- Fixed a problem that prevented closing a full-screen document that was opened from the Big Set List layout.

- Stopped including any buttons in the song list in the set list view on Android 4.0.4 and older, because those Android versions crash when displaying too many nested items.
New in BandHelper 3.1.10
- Updated the new file import buttons to access more files from various sources.

- Fixed a rounding error that sometimes caused the page number to be off when paging through lyrics.

- Updated the numbered page buttons to work predictably after reaching the end of the lyrics and paging backwards.

- Improved the spacing of the Notes field label when it's included in a layout.
New in BandHelper 3.1.8
- Made links in the Notes popups clickable.

- Added annotations to the Share Songs function (but the rotation of stickie notes is not displayed here).

- Removed the page numbers from the Share Songs function when the Page Numbers option is turned off.

- Fixed a problem that cut off the far right edge of lyrics text on some devices.

- Fixed misplaced headings above smart copies on the Repertoire > Songs list and Add Songs popup window when sorting by some fields.
New in BandHelper 3.1.7
- Added automatic selection of the project on the initial Projects list if you only have access to one project.

- Started fading the rating field on smart copies if it's the same as the parent rating.

- Stopped saving filters in picker popups unless you close the filters while they are set.

- Increased the minimum screen size for splitting the top toolbar into two rows.
New in BandHelper 3.1.6
- Fixed a crash when paging through lyrics with markers in a two-column presentation.

- Turned off the Confirmed and Cancelled settings when copying an event.

- Fixed a problem that added duplicate formatting tags to text that was formatted wtih both bold and italic.

- Fixed a problem that removed the color from text that was formatted with both color and underline.
New in BandHelper 3.1.5
- Fixed a problem that prevented the last title shortcut in the set list view from loading correctly.

- Fixed a problem that prevented the Next Song layout action from running on song completion if other actions were also set to run on song completion.

- Fixed the inoperative document, recording and MIDI preset selection buttons in the automation track edit window.

- Updated the remote control activity log to show incoming key names as well as key codes.
New in BandHelper 3.1.4
- Added an Unrated filter to the Repertoire > Songs list to show only songs that haven't been rated by the current user.

- Fixed several problems with transposing lyrics while using a 2-column presentation.

- Fixed a crash when Read Only or Added Only users view the Set Lists list.

- Fixed a crash when viewing the Settings > Tempo & Pitch page.

- Fixed a crash when editing the song list options in a layout.

- Removed unwanted headings from smart copies in the set list Add Songs window.
New in BandHelper 3.0.13
- Fixed a crash on the Repertoire > Set Lists menu in the new interface.
New in BandHelper 3.0.9
- Fixed a problem that prevented selecting a different song after viewing lyrics from a song edit page.

- Updated the set list shortcuts to show a list of available layouts if the last-used layout has been deleted.

- Fixed a crash when clicking the delete button on the file category edit page.

- Worked around an issue that made pitch-shifted recordings start playing upon loading on some devices.

- Added a Disable Text Formatting utility for Android 7 devices with a graphics rendering bug.
New in BandHelper 3.0.8
- Fixed the Save Text Size tool for the Notes field in the set list view.

- Faded the document tools button after selecting a tool.

- Stopped showing the starting pitch button as enabled if no pitch is set.

- Stopped moving set lists to the archive folders until after their end date if they are linked to multi-day events.
New in BandHelper 3.0.6
- Fixed a crash on the set list show songs page.

- Updated the PDF viewer to fix a problem with some multi-page documents.
New in BandHelper 3.0.5
- Added Scroll Set List Up and Select and Scroll Set List Down and Select remote control actions.

- Added a landscape orientation option to the set list share songs page.

- Updated the checklist copy function so that any due dates for the checklist's items will be adjusted to maintain the same time interval from the item to the event.

- Added support for backslashes in the Lyrics and Chords fields.

- Updated to the latest Android SDK version.

- Updated to the latest PDF viewer version.
New in BandHelper 3.0.2
- Added the Quick Add button to smart lists, to search for songs in a smart list.

- Updated the set list details edit page to allow Personal Schedule Only users to link set lists to events.

- Fixed the label and alignment options on the Notes Viewer layout item, and removed the Color option since note colors can be set at the song level.

- Fixed a problem where adding annotations directly to a song would remove documents attached to the song.

- Added Help > Utilities > Disable Auto-Complete.
New in BandHelper 3.0.1
- Fixed a crash when using the Quick Add button in the show view.

- Fixed a crash when using the transpose buttons on the song edit page.

- Stopped the Confirmed and Cancelled checkboxes from mirroring across a series of repeated events.
New in BandHelper 3.0
BandHelper 3.0 is a major update. Please visit the Release Notes page on our website for complete details. Here are some highlights:

- Added a Plus account level. Plus accounts are priced between Basic and Pro accounts, and include the Repertoire, Schedule and Contacts modules.

- Added new Checklists, Files and Practice Log modules to Pro accounts.

- Added in-app help to settings pages and toolbars.

- Added personal transpose settings to the song edit page.

- Added repeating event options.
New in BandHelper 2.3.27
- Fixed a crash when editing items in popup windows.

- Fixed a problem that removed the lyrics placeholder when an added-only user edits a song.
New in BandHelper 2.3.25
- Restored the 90% overlap when paging through lyrics with the hotspots or remote control.

- Fixed a problem that disabled MIDI input in the set list view when editing a MIDI preset in a popup.

- Used the new user display names and sort values on the transaction edit and totals pages.

- Added the Notes button to the Contacts, Events and Transactions lists, for items that have notes.

- Removed the slash from the 0 character in the main font to be more distinct from the 8 character.
New in BandHelper 2.3.24
- Fixed a crash that occurred when syncing for the first time in several months.
New in BandHelper 2.3.22
- Added an extra .txt file extension when emailing layout or stage plot files, to prevent Android from marking them as binary files that can't be imported.

- Fixed a problem that misdirected some keyboard input when editing items from popups in the set list view.

- Fixed a crash that occurred when leaving the app with unsaved changes when in-app notifications are enabled.

- Added custom labels for items in the Instruments category on stage plots.
New in BandHelper 2.3.18
- Fixed a problem that prevented event acceptance responses from saving correctly from read-only users.

- Fixed the auto-scroll calculations for lyrics that contain markers.

- Fixed the scroll bounds after resizing lyrics text without saving the new size.
New in BandHelper 2.3.15
- Updated the import and export functions to use Android's file picker, which supports reading to and writing from local directories and cloud storage services.

- Added options to the automation buttons to copy and paste automation tracks between songs.

- Updated the automation track edit window to select the last-played event if you stop an automation track before it finishes.

- Hid set lists linked to events that don't include the current user if the user is set to Personal Schedule Only.
New in BandHelper 2.3.8
- Reverted a recent change that made Bluetooth MIDI connections inconsistent.

- Fixed a problem that selected the wrong performer when adding a performer to a stage plot.

- Fixed a problem where the page didn't fill the screen after navigating with the keyboard still on the screen.

- Separated the list filters in the main lists versus the picker windows.

- Fixed a problem where the recording timers showed 0:00 for two seconds before proceeding to 0:02.
New in BandHelper 2.3.6
- Updated the attachment lists to allow modifying attachments based on the user's access level instead of the user assignments for the items.

- Added View Document, Start/Stop Recording and Send MIDI and Send Layout MIDI remote control actions.

- Added a Date Updated filter and sort field for smart lists.

- Updated the counts at the top of the lists to show the number of matching items when searching.

- Fixed a problem that ignored the next foot switch message after touching the screen.
New in BandHelper 2.3.5
- Updated the PDF viewer plug-in to attempt to fix some crashes and rendering issues.

- Updated the date and future filters on list pages to be inclusive of the item date.

- Fixed a problem that prevented the event acceptance options from saving for Personal Schedule Only users.
New in BandHelper 2.3.2
- Fixed crashes when sharing set lists and viewing documents.

- Fixed the Display Screen From and Follow Remote Control Events From buttons in the Device Linking Status window.

- Fixed the Connect to a Bluetooth Device button in the MIDI Status window.

- Fixed a problem that made document page turn functions inactive on newer devices until dragging the document manually.

- Restored auto-rotation on devices running Android 4.2 and older.
New in BandHelper 2.3
- Added a function for sharing songs.

- Added options for sharing set lists.

- Added options for randomizing set lists.

- Added support for Standard MIDI Files for audio.

- Added support for Flic buttons.

- Replaced the Read-Only setting with an Edit Access setting, with options for None, Added Data and All Data.

Plus many more additions and bug fixes. Please see the Support > Release Notes page on the BandHelper website for complete details.
New in BandHelper 2.2.10
- Fixed a problem with toggling auto-scrolling using a two- or three-fingered tap gesture.

- When changing the projects of a song that has smart copies, the documents and recordings attached to all the smart copies are now correctly updated.

- Fixed a problem that made the recording countdown timer briefly appear behind the button when the recording starts playing.

- Fixed a crash when adding text that looks like partial HTML tags into the Lyrics or Chords fields.
New in BandHelper 2.2.9
- Fixed a problem that saved separate lyrics in smart copies when they should have inherited from the original copy.- Fixed a problem that sometimes placed the future/past divider in the wrong place in the Schedule > Events list.- Updated the Title +1 and Title +2 layout fields to show the correct song colors.- Added support for chord coloring and transposing for Major 7 chords written like C7M and extended chords written like C7(9)....plus more updates listed on the BandHelper website.
New in BandHelper 2.2.8
- Fixed a problem on the Transaction > Totals page where amounts withdrawn from a fund were incorrectly listed as Owed instead of Received.- Fixed a problem on the set list details edit page in Basic accounts that updated the original set list's date and contact info when copying the event.- Fixed the two-fingered tap and three-fingered tap layout actions.- Changed the Document Scroll Amount to use the visible height instead of the page height for consistency between documents and lyrics.
New in BandHelper 2.2.7
- Reduced the load time of the Repertoire > Set Lists page.- Updated the default document, recording and MIDI preset settings to use the last item if the setting is greater than the number of items.- Updated the automation track edit window to show subseconds in the event list.- Fixed the inactive web search buttons on the song edit page.- Fixed a crash when editing a MIDI preset in the Finnish interface.
New in BandHelper 2.2.6
- Restored the ability to lay out multiple document, recording, MIDI or marker buttons vertically on a phone.- Updated the Next Page or Song remote control action to work correctly with markers, and updated the Next Screen or Song remote control acton to ignore markers.- Fixed a problem that could display the wrong dates before and after daylight saving time.- Fixed a crash on some devices when clicking the Connect to a Bluetooth Device button in the MIDI Status window.
New in BandHelper 2.2.5
- Fixed a problem that stopped loading the first song's buttons when editing a layout.- Fixed the remote control action to select songs from incoming song select messages.- Fixed a problem where the second page in a 2-up layout failed to sync with the first page.- Improved the accuracy of the next page and previous page functions for documents.- Added Settings > Device Linking > Delay Song Selection Actions. You can use this to synchronize song selection actions across linked devices.
New in BandHelper 2.2.4
- Added Control Changes as a separate item in the MIDI Preset Order.- Fixed a crash when rearranging MIDI presets attached to a parent preset.- Fixed the remote control actions to select songs from incoming MIDI.- Added padding around the action bar buttons to make them easier to click.- Updated the annotations function to save when only the text in a text annotation was changed.- Stopped triggering the lyrics highlighting function when double-tapping the Chords field.
New in BandHelper 2.2.3
- Added a Device Linking Status window from the linking button in the top toolbar.- Fixed a crash when using the Spanish interface.- Updated the launch sequence so links in notifications will work even if the app isn't running.- Stopped triggering song completion actions based on the song duration until the song has been selected the second time.- Added alert icons on the event list and event calendar next to events that are waiting for a response.See the release notes page for more!
New in BandHelper 2.2.2
- Fixed a problem that made the Next/Previous Page and Previous Page actions behave erratically.- Stopped the Next MIDI Preset remote control action from selecting the next song after the last preset.- Stopped field labels from overlapping the fields in narrow windows.- Fixed a problem that prevented some attached .txt files from displaying.- Updated the Quick Add menu to indent smart copies of songs.- Adjusted the selected song color and the blue song title color for better contrast.
New in BandHelper 2.1.18
Fixed a crash when navigating the menus on Android 8.
New in BandHelper 2.1.17
- Added the phone, email and address buttons to the Set Lists list in Basic accounts.- Updated the layouts to follow the Send MIDI Presets Together setting even if the layout only contains the Multiple MIDI Buttons.- Changed the Users list on the event view page to show only accepted users to users who are set to Personal Schedule Only and Read Only.- Fixed a problem that clipped a portion of the stage plot view on lower-resolution devices.- ...plus more changes in the Release Notes.
New in BandHelper 2.1.16
- Added a Hide Details checkbox to the event edit page. When selected, the website widget will only show "Private Event" and the date and time, and will hide the name, address and custom fields.- Added a Cancelled checkbox to the event edit page. When selected, BandHelper will show the event in a faded style.- Changed the style for unconfirmed events from faded to italicized, with parentheses around the name.- Please see the release notes page at bandhelper.com for more changes.
New in BandHelper 2.1.15
- Reworked the stage plot sharing functions to generate native PDF files that have higher resolution and smaller file size. However, these functions now require Android 4.4 or newer.- Added a zoom function to the stage plot edit page.- Added an Outputs list to stage plots, with a field to number the outputs.- Made the stage plot lists, notes and contact info movable to any position on the page.- Plus more additions and bug fixes ... please see the Release Notes for the complete details.
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