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Description of Banque Populaire

The Banque Populaire app in line with your expectations.

Find the main daily services of your bank* on your phone.

With the Banque Populaire application, it's easy to manage your budget:

- Easily control your expenses thanks to geolocation and the simplified titles of your transactions.
- With our powerful search engine, find your operations up to more than 26 months.
- View all your accounts, even those of other banking establishments on a single screen to have an overview of your finances with the new account aggregation service.

Optimize the management of your budget. With the "categorization of operations", "the top categories of expenses", "inflows and outflows of money", you can more easily identify the movements of your account and the most expensive budget items.

It's fast:

- Connect quickly and securely by identifying yourself with the biometric function of your smartphone (facial recognition, fingerprint).
- At a glance, you can see the quick balance and outstanding amount of your deferred debit card on your smartphone. If you have multiple accounts, you'll be able to view all of your balances just as quickly.
- Follow your financial situation live: accounts, savings products...
Make transfers in real time. Direct access to the history of your operations: expenses, receipts, future transfers, etc.
- View your contracts and electronic documents.
- Have you lost your card code? Find it instantly. **

It's practical:

- A few clicks are enough to carry out all your operations instantly ** (transfers, adding transfer beneficiaries), modifying your credit card limits, activating/deactivating your card payments abroad, remotely …
- Bye, bye entering the IBAN for your transfers, with Paylib between friends, the beneficiary's phone number is enough.

It's certain :

Online card purchases, transfers, adding transfer beneficiaries, etc.: when you authenticate yourself with Sécur'Pass, you benefit from an enhanced level of protection and you can carry out your transactions remotely with complete peace of mind.

- Card stolen? You can object at any time 24/7.
- You don't know where your card is anymore? Lock it while you find it.

It's user-friendly:

- Thanks to your app, stay in touch with your bank.
- Geolocate bank branches and distributors around you. You can make an appointment with your advisor, send him an email, call him.

To allow you to use these services, the application must be able to access:
- Your notifications to inform you in real time
- Your photos to scan documents and share them with your adviser
- Your position to show you the nearest distributors
- Your phone and your calls to contact your adviser and ensure the proper functioning of the app
- Your contacts to soon offer you an innovative payment solution.

If you don't have Android 5 or later, go to https://m.banquepopulaire.fr

* You must have a remote banking subscription.
** To use these features instantly, you must have Sécur'Pass activated.
*** To use this feature on your WearOS smartwatch, you must have quick balance enabled in your phone app.

Version history Banque Populaire
New in Banque Pop 6.5.0
Dans cette version, des nouveautés pour améliorer la clarté et la lisibilité de vos comptes et de vos informations bancaires.
- Présentation pour chaque opération, de la date à laquelle elle a été réalisée, de sa date de prise en compte comptable et de sa date de valeur.
- Possibilité de filtrer les opérations que vous avez pointées.
- Un affichage du RIB adapté à votre téléphone.

Si vous appréciez ces fonctionnalités, n’hésitez pas à donner une note à votre appli.
New in Banque Pop 6.4.1
En un coup d’œil, vous consultez le solde rapide et l'encours de votre carte à débit différé sur votre smartphone .
New in Banque Pop 6.4.0
Avec cette version, vous pouvez dorénavant :
- choisir l’ordre d’affichage des onglets sur votre synthèse de comptes ;
- trier vos opérations par date d’achat ou par date comptable ;
- retrouver vos opérations via la barre de recherche dans votre encours de carte à débit différé ;
- clarifier les informations transmises à votre bénéficiaire lors de l’exécution d’un virement.
Découvrez toutes ces nouveautés.
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