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Description of Broken Dawn II HD

This HD version uses a higher resolution texture、fully matched device resolution,the picture quality more clear.

“June 29th, 2025”
“A new type virus is spreading. No one knows how or where it came from .”
“In just a few months, it has swept the entire world.”
“Nothing can stop the virus from spreading and infecting creatures. Even worse, the infected human beings and animals would transform into terrifying, aggressive monsters.”
“There are more and more mutant monsters. Humanity is under attack.”
“But the nightmare has just begun…”
Brief Introduction
Broken Dawn 2 HD offers the perfect combination of the thrilling shooters and role-playing games, guaranteeing excellent handling and exquisite graphics. We now introduce a brand new version of the game with recreated scenes and updated techniques. The in-game economic system has been improved and all aspects of the game have been significantly enhanced.This HD version uses a higher resolution texture,fully matched device resolution,the picture quality more clear.
*Real-time dynamic lighting effects that rival PC graphics.
*Thrilling battles and outstanding handling.
*Long-term and abundant battle scenes offer varied stage experiences.

Version history Broken Dawn II HD
New in Broken Dwan 2 HD 1.7.8
- Increased range for coin and item pickup
- Enhanced pistol power and magazine capacity
- Fixed other issues
New in Broken Dwan 2 HD 1.7.7
Fix for not fully restoring HP after an upgrade
Fix for a crash issue
Fix for other issues
New in Broken Dwan 2 HD 1.7.3
. Enable compressed textures
. Speed up ultimate move charge time
. Highlight potion effects
New in Broken Dwan 2 HD 1.7.1
. This is the HD version, which provides clearer texture files and high-resolution rendering, but requires higher performance devices.
. Optimized performance.
. Fixed an interface issue causing crashes.
. Reduced the difficulty of elite monsters.
. Weakened the damage and health of sandworms.
. Reduced level difficulty.
. Fixed a crash caused by the final boss's special effects.
. Fixed the issue where stamina would not recover under certain conditions.
New in Broken Dwan 2 HD 1.5.7
This HD version is mainly for large-screen devices and includes 4x resolution textures.
. Fixed multiple issues causing the game to crash.
. Fixed multiple issues causing game screen lag.
. Fixed screen rendering issues on some devices.
. Fixed an error where characters occasionally fall underground in some levels.
. Fixed fog clipping errors under certain conditions.
. Fixed an issue where character rolling prevents the triggering of mechanisms.
New in Broken Dwan 2 HD 1.4.4
.Fixed the problem of some device can not start the game.
.Corrected an issue which caused crashing
.Fixed some bugs
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