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Screenshots of Bubtrac
  • Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary
  • Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary
  • Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary
  • Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary
  • Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary
  • Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary
  • Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary
  • Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary
  • Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary
  • Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary
Description of Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary

Keep track of your baby's events including
Breast feeding. (with timer)
Breast pumping. (with timer)
Bottle feeding. (with timer)
Solid Food feeding
Sleeping (with timer)
Growth, weight, height and head circumference
Journal notes or baby diary notes.

Other useful features
* Widget for you home screen to create new events and see a list of recent events.
* View events in a daily log view by, easily change to other days by swiping the screen.
* Event stats tab, with filter setting to hide stats you don't want to see.
See current age, height, weight, and head circumference.
See stats for any date by changing the date button.

* Charts - for bottle feeding, and growth with WHO guides
* database search, find events by event type, or search for comments.
* preset values, e.g. setup your normal bottle feed amount so its prefilled for new bottle feeds.
* Database backup and restore
* Data export to excel using csv file.
* Track multiple babies or children, add their photo to easily identify them. See your babies name and photo displayed at the top so you know which profile is active.

It's designed for parents who need a fast and simple way to track events.

You’ll love the easy to use features and intuitive screen design.

The event entry screens have been designed and tested for new parents with baby brain.

Baby events can be added in seconds and can be modified or deleted just as quickly.

Mums can track their breastfeeding, breast pumping data, with an option to track pumping both sides, left or right.
Use the feed timer to track breast feeding, pumping times, bottle feeds, and sleeps.
Review event statistics easily in the stats tab.
See how many Bottle feeds you've had today and for the week or month.
Also see the counts, average amounts, and average times for various events.
Use the Stats filter option to hide events you don't use.

The Breast Feed and Breast Pump events have a timer which can be used to record and track feeding/pumping times.
If you need to stop for a minute no problem use the pause button.
The timer also been designed to work even when you have closed the app.

View all your entries in a daily baby log where you can review and modify each entry.

Track more than one baby by using different profiles.
Personalize a baby profile by setting name, date of birth and picture.

Export the all log data to a file and send it as an email to your family, friends or doctor. The file format is ".csv" which can be easily opened in MS Excel or other spreadsheets.

Backup the database to external storage for security and use on another device.

If have any questions, bug reports, or feature suggestions please send an email to bubtrac@gmail.com

Note to support the development of this app there is advertising on the main screen.
The ads are not pesty and don't get in your way by taking up the full screen as some ads do in other apps.

Feel safe and secure knowing you data is never uploaded to the internet, never shared with other marketing companies. Bubtrac only accesses the internet to retrieve ads. The other permission is used to backup or restore your database.

Disclaimer: the charts and related WHO guides should only be used as a rough guide. The information and accuracy of the charts should be checked against the official WHO charts.

Version history Bubtrac - Baby Tracker Log Diary
New in Bubtrac 2.13
New widget for your home screen. Open Bubtrac, create new events, and view recent events all within the widget.
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