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Description of c:geo

c:geo is an open source, full-featured, always ready-to-go unofficial client for geocaching.com and offers basic support for other geocaching platforms (such as Opencaching). It does not require a web browser or exports - just install it and start right away.

Main features:
- View caches on a Live Map
- Use Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps
- Search for caches by various criteria
- Log your finds online or offline
- Store cache information on your device
- Create and manage waypoints
- Navigate using compass, map, or other apps
- Import/Export GPX files
- Full support for trackables
- Offline caching functions including offline maps

c:geo is a simple to use but powerful geocaching client with a lot of additional features. All you need to get started is an existing account on geocaching.com or another geocaching platform (like Opencaching).
Find caches using the live map or by using one of the many search functions.

Navigate to a cache or a waypoint of a cache with the built-in compass function, the map or hand over the coordinates to various external apps (e.g. Radar, Google Navigation, StreetView, Locus, Navigon, Sygic and many more).

Store cache information to your device directly from geocaching.com as well as via GPX file import to have it available whenever you want.
You can manage your stored caches in different lists and can sort and filter them according to your needs.
Stored caches together with offline map files or static maps can be used to find caches without an internet connection (e.g. when roaming).
Logs can be posted online or stored offline for later submission or exported via field notes.

Search and discover trackables, manage your trackable inventory and drop a Trackable while posting a cache log.

If you have problems installing or using c:geo please first have a look at our FAQ (https://faq.cgeo.org) or consult the user guide (https://manual.cgeo.org).
If there are still problems, contact support via email.

If you would like to know why c:geo needs the permissions requested, please check https://www.cgeo.org for an explanation.

Version history c:geo
New in c:geo 2019.12.30
- Fix: Avoid app freeze when mapping large lists on OSM maps

Happy New Year to all of you!
New in c:geo 2019.11.28
Bugfix release:
- Fix: Update distance info on Google Maps while moving
New in c:geo 2019.10.05
- New: Backup for app settings
- New: Remember setting for distance circles on map
- New: Move offline related settings to offline data setting menu
- New: Show cache name inline with log text in trackable log
- New: Set waypoint to visited on map popup
- New: Filter lists by membership to other lists
- New: Filter for stored caches before or within a certain time frame
- New: Show membership to other lists in cache list
- New: Rename some gc.com specific cache types (HQ and Block Party)
New in c:geo 2019.09.08
Disable Google Maps on Android 10 devices to avoid crash

We are working on fixing Google Maps on Android 10 in parallel. At the moment only OSM maps can be used on Android 10.

More info in our FAQ and on our issue tracker

Any help and contribution is welcome!
New in c:geo 2019.08.18
Feature release:
- New: Improve OSM online map scling on high res devices
- New: Proximity notification (configurable in Settings - Map)
- New: Show favorite percentage
- Fix: Waypoint of other lists leaked onto map
- New: Add Text-To-Speach navigation to popup
- New: Show routed distance (requires brouter app) instead of or additionally to direct distance for selected cache on map
- New: New cache types HQ Celebration and Community Celebration
- Fix: Reintroduce live map loading indication
New in c:geo 2019.06.06
Bugfix Release:
- Fix: Identify c:geo towards OSM server
New in c:geo 2019.05.20
Feature Release 2019.05.20:
- New: Use new live map on geocaching.com
- New: Batch upload modified coordinates from list
- New: User can switch to compact icons on the map via menu
- New: Save trail to database and restore on resuming map
- New: Show getting started guide on first startup after new installation
- New: Prevent geocaching.com being used without authentication by disabling it by default on new installations
- Fix: TB status field not localized
- Fix: Maps.me navigation not starting
New in c:geo 2019.04.16
Feature Release 2019.04.16:
- New: Show map icon on address search result to directly jump to the live map
- New: Show cache status overlay icons also in title bar of cache details
- New: Implement geocaching.su
- Fix: Avoid having to choose target app twice when opening cache in browser
- Fix: Menu items and explanations mixed up in Settings - System
- Removed: Remove all static map functions as this service is no longer available from Google
New in c:geo 2019.04.04
Bugfix release:
- Fix: App crashing when resuming from background
- Fix: App crashing when adding log image from camera
- Fix: Crash when starting map from widget...yes, there are widgets available!
- Fix: Try to avoid timeouts when logging with high amount of trackables in inventory
- Fix: Button to change map type not visible
- Fix: Arrows indicating submenus no longer shown
- Removed: Support for Android 4.0.x devices
New in c:geo 2019.02.23
- Fix: Listing text no longer shown for caches from geocaching.com
- New: Upgrade to higher target Android version as per Google requirements
- New: Show whether trackable has been discovered in the past
- New: Support mapsforge style menus to select desired overlays
- New: Add user option to change max distance up to which brouter is used
- New: Three colum mainscreen with up to two lines of text each
and many more...
New in c:geo 2018.10.13
Urgent Bugfix Release:
- Fix: Login problems due to a website change on geocaching.com
New in c:geo 2018.09.17
Bugfix release:
- Fix: Crashes on logging page during server instabilities
- Fix: Greek translation not working
- New: Notify the user if coordinate checker of geocaching.com is available via website
New in c:geo 2018.08.14
Urgent Bugfix Release:
- Fix: Login page changed on geocaching.com causing login problems
New in c:geo 2018.06.26
- New: New mapsforge library (former beta version) now used by default
Check regression infos in changelog in c:geo!!
- New: Days since cache has been saved now replaced by months or years when applicable
- New: Translation to Cebuano and Greek, Turkish (fix)
- New: Support OC GPX extensions
- Fix: Rest user modified coords did not restore cache coords locally
- Fix: GPS was switched off when editing a waypoint
- Change: Use new gc.com logging page for submitting logs
New in c:geo 2018.02.05
· Urgent: GC site change, waypoints of caches not loaded· New: Waypoint support for empty coordinates· New: Store all or only unsaved caches from map· New: Confirm discarding unsaved waypoint changes· New: D/T rating in log signature· New: PQ import in cachelist menu· New: Waypoint notes streamlined· New: Treat locked caches as archived· New: Translation to Turkish· Fix: List sometimes forgets number of caches loaded· Change: Reset cookies on login failure
New in c:geo 2017.12.17
Urgent bugfixes:- Fix: GC waypoint type recognition- Fix: GC Search website change- Fix: Save calcState on rotate
New in c:geo 2017.12.16
Urgent bugfixes:- Fix: GC Search website change- Fix: Save calcState on rotate
New in c:geo 2017.12.06
Feature release and urgent bugfixes:- Fix: Waypoints of caches not loaded after website change- Fix: Disabled and archived state not shown after website change- New: Coordinate calculator (New Waypoint - Calculate Coordinates)- New: Log image upload for Opencaching- New: Show as list menu now only active if more than one cache is on map- New: Support OpenCaching GPX format extensions- Fix: Improve parsing of home coordinates- Fix: Some possible crashes on map
New in c:geo 2017.10.10
Bugfix Release:- Fix: Search broken for user names containing plus sign- Fix: Crash in map directory selection on some devices- Fix: OC cache coordinates parsing crashed seldomly
New in c:geo 2017.08.23
2017.08.23:- Fix: Logging caches might fail due to website changes- Fix: Username not shown on main screen login status
New in c:geo 2017.07.24
2017.07.24:- New: Cache list menu restructured, see FAQ for details- New: Use abbreviation for name of geocaching service on main screen- New: GCVote ratings are now sorted by a weighted arithmetic mean that also considers the number of votes- Removed: OpenCylceMap due to licensing issues, see FAQ for details- Fix: TLS v1.2 Support for Android 4.1 - 4.4 devices
New in c:geo 2017.05.22
Bugfix release:- Fix: Avoid crash during file operation- Fix: Avoid crash when checking for Locus installation- Fix: Avoid failure when parsing original coordinates of a GPX file- New: Show warning when c:geo is running in debug mode- Fix: Fallback if selected GPX export dir is not writeable- Fix: Add .nomedia file to geocache data dir to prevent log photos from showing up in gallery apps- Removed: Link to Android Wear app in useful apps
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