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Description of Car Shop Tycoon : Auto Dealer

Run a car dealer shop tycoon and sell the best luxury cars of the world.

Have you ever imagine driving your dream car? It's your chance to make people's dreams come true. In Car Shop Tycoon, your job is to run the best car shop of the town. Isn't it the best way to become a billionaire in a tycoon game?

You are the BOSS! Starting this journey is your first step to be a billionaire and start to live the life you've been dreaming of all the time. You have the best shops of the town to start your idle business.

You as a businessman are in charge of everything, making bad or good decisions is up to you. Your priorities while running your business will affect the money you make. It's your job to control the car shop.You will invest in your shop and ad new cars and luxury brands to your store. At the beginning of your journey to become a tycoon, you will have a small store and a small parking space. Once you start to make money you should invest it in your shop and add new car types and brands. Your customers will come to your store by their old and broken cars. So you need to increase the capacity of your parking space to attract more customers.

You also have a financial service in your shop. You will provide credit to your customers and it will halep them spend more money on your luxury cars. You have employees in your shop. You can hire new ones and train them to be faster while serving the clients. You will also have a test drive area in this tycoon. You customers can test the cars they want to buy and pay you for that service.

You can increase the capacity of the testing spot to serve more customers.

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Version history Car Shop Tycoon : Auto Dealer
New in Car Shop Tycoon 1.38
? New event activated.
? Improvements in car tycoon Earnings.
? Used cars resale event coming soon.
New in Car Shop Tycoon 1.34
? Bugs fixed.
? Improvements.
New in Car Shop Tycoon 1.33
? Bugs fixed.
? Improvements in Tycoon.
New in Car Shop Tycoon 1.31
Vending machines problem fixed
New in Car Shop Tycoon 1.30
Bugs fixed.
New in Car Shop Tycoon 1.25
? Bugs fixed.
? Improvements in Tycoon.
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