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  • Casumo online games app
  • Casumo online games app
  • Casumo online games app
  • Casumo online games app
  • Casumo online games app
  • Casumo online games app
Description of Casumo online games app

"Casumo Magic" is a good skill cups game and very entertaining for family and all ages.
The game is simple - follow the shuffling cups to identify which one has the casumo. The shuffle speed and the number of shuffles increases if you keep guessing correctly.
How good is your eye? How many shuffles in a row can you follow?

Accept No Imitations!

Find the Casumo also known as The shell game, also known as Thimblerig, Three shells and a pea, the old army game is portrayed as a gambling game, but in reality, when a wager for money is made, it is almost always a confidence trick used to perpetrate fraud, but this game not provide gambling or money. This game for just fun.

The classic cup and Casumo game we all know and love has arrived on your smartphone! An exercise in concentration, memory and quick wits, Table Topper promises hours of fun as you have to keep your eye on the movements of a hidden ball under a specific cup as it revolves around a table at lightning speed! The Casumo is placed under one of five cups, which are then moved around the table - it’s up to you to make sure you follow the cup with the Casumo and tap it when the session ends.

If you’ve played this game with another person and found it easy, get prepared for the challenge to ramp up to great heights. The speed at which the cups move and rotate around the table is not to be taken lightly as you’ll have to pay close attention and maybe even do a bit of guess work here and there for a top score! Table Topper keeps you engaged and you’ve got the opportunity for hours of fun.

★This is not an official!

★For more information contact us by e-mail at casumo@cup.com

★ Thank you for your support by downloading our application.

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