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Description of Cemantik

Everyday, find secret words before time runs out. To do so, propose as many answers as you would like: each word gets scored on a scale from -100% to 100% based on how close to the secret word it is. Find a secret word by figuring out what your best words have in common.

The similarity between two words is not about their spelling but about their context. The scores were computed based on thousands of texts for a total of billions of words from which we were able to tell which words tend to appear together often. That is why a word and its opposite can be "closed" in Cemantik.

The secret words to guess are often quite simple and well known. They are singular, unless their plural is much more common.

** Features **

• There are several secret words to guess everyday, varying in difficulty, both in English and in French.

• The weekly game with "hidden scores" makes it even harder to find the secret word by hiding all scores and progress bars.

• Earn points by playing regularly and by finding secret words. You can then exchange them for clues.

• Explore the statistics to see how many players were able to find the different secret words and in how many attempts on average.

• Share your victory diploma with your friends to show them you were able to find a secret word before them or in fewer attempts.

• Unlock achievements and be ranked in leaderboards with Game Center.

• Team up with all the other players to find a secret word in community games! In this mode, you get to see which words the other players have tested already before you test a word yourself.

• Play real-time multiplayer with your friends and versus your rivals: the words you test are shared with your team, whereas your opponents' progress shows without revealing their words. This feature is for subscribers only.

• Challenge your friends to find your own secret words. As a subscriber, you can create private custom games for your multiplayer room.

Games end at midnight, French time.

Cemantik requires permanent access to the Internet to test your words.

Terms of Use (EULA): https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

Version history Cemantik
New in Cemantik 4.1.1
Fix for auto game selection at startup: the wrong language could sometimes be used by default, forcing users to manually switch back to their preferred language every time they launch the App.
New in Cemantik 4.0.0
Minor fixes and improvements.
New in Cemantik 3.4.2
Fixed a bug at launch preventing some users from playing.
New in Cemantik 3.4.0

New in Cemantik 3.3.3
Fix for the unexpected display of the "update available" message when launching the app.
New in Cemantik 3.2.0

New in Cemantik 3.1.11
Small UI tweaks and performance improvements.
New in Cemantik 3.1.7
• Improvements to the way opponent scores are displayed in multiplayer.
• Improvements to the in-game notifications for multiplayer updates.
• Minor bug fix with game statistics.
• Fix for links in the About page.
New in Cemantik 3.1.5
• Fix for the the "Could not test word x, please try again later" error message popping up from time to time.
• Real-time multiplayer stability improvements.
• Performance improvements.
• Add a language picker in the Results view.
New in Cemantik 3.1.1
Small fix for players participating in both English and French leaderboards in Play Games.
New in Cemantik 3.0.6
Disabled syncing of games between devices via Play Games by default to save battery while playing. You can turn them back on in Settings in the top right if you're playing on multiple devices at once.
New in Cemantik 2.2.3
Clarification of game rules and small visual improvements.
New in Cemantik 2.2.2
Clarified game rules and small visual improvements.
New in Cemantik 2.2.1
Improved performance and fixed a visual bug.
New in Cemantik 2.1.5
Fixed a small visual bug.
New in Cemantik 2.0.4
Cemantik is in second place, with an avalanche of new features!

- Earn points at the end of each game you win, with harder-to-find words earning you more points.
- Then use these points to get clues, i.e. words from the top 1000 that can help you find the secret word.
- Unlock achievements and participate in leaderboards in Play Games to compare your achievements to those of your friends.

Thank you for always being more numerous to play!
New in Cemantik 1.2.4
Added explanations of game rules for "hidden score" games.
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