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Description of Ceno Browser: Share the Web

Ceno (Censorship.No!) is a decentralized mobile web browser. It uses peer-to-peer technology to deliver websites to your phone and caches popular content with cooperating peers. Ceno can be used to bypass Internet censorship and help others retrieve blocked pages.

Say NO to censorship! Install Ceno Browser today and be prepared for the next time you get πŸ”Œ unplugged.

🚫🌴 Offline-first.
Ceno is designed with internet shutdown scenarios in mind. Websites are shared by a global network of peers, and stored in a distributed cache for availability when traditional networks are blocked or go down.

πŸ”“πŸ‘€ Unlock the web.
Access any website. Frequently requested content is cached on the network and cannot be forcibly removed.

πŸ’²πŸŒ Reduce Data Costs.
By routing user traffic through peer-to-peer networks, Ceno Browser incurs less data costs while still providing users with circumvention capability.

πŸ“–πŸ‘ Free and open source.
Ceno Browser is powered by Ouinet, an open source library enabling third party developers to incorporate the Ceno network into their apps for peer-to-peer connectivity.

Important: Ceno has two modes of operation - public and personal. You can easily toggle between them. Public mode offers the best connectivity but the least privacy - websites that you visit or share are recorded in a publicly accessible registry (BitTorrent). Private mode eliminates this record but may be slower and less efficient at retrieving content. See the User Manual for more details on Ceno usage.

About eQualit.ie
eQualit.ie develops open and reusable systems with a focus on privacy, online security, and information management. Our goal is to create accessible technology and improve the skill-set needed for defending human rights and freedoms in the digital age.

To learn more about Ceno Browser and its distributed library, Ouinet, please visit https://censorship.no

Questions / Need support?
Read more in the Ceno User Manual, or contact us at support@censorship.no. We love receiving feedback and are continuously improving Ceno for its users!

Stay connected, and help keep the web open and accessible to all!

Version history Ceno Browser: Share the Web
New in Ceno 2.1.3
This patch release:
- Fixes crash when playing video content or downloading files in Android 14
- Updates Android-Components to 125.3.0
- Updates Ouinet to v0.25.0

Known bugs:
- Scroll-to-hide toolbar not working, will be fixed in upcoming patch release
New in Ceno 2.1.2
This patch release:
- Updates Android-Components to 124.1.0
- Updates Ouinet to v0.24.0
- Updates target SDK to Android 14 (API 34)
- Updates translations for various locales

Known bugs:
- Scroll-to-hide toolbar not working, will be fixed in upcoming patch release
- Android 13+, may crash when attempting to play videos
New in Ceno 2.1.1
This patch release:
- Removes managed storage permission
- Allows homepage announcement to be dismissed/timeout
- Adds "From Ceno cache" to list of possible content sources
- Localizes link in bridge mode homepage card
- Updates Gradle to 8.2.1 and kotlin-compiler to 1.9.23

Known bugs:
- Scroll-to-hide toolbar not working, will be fixed in upcoming patch release
New in Ceno 2.0.9
This patch release:
- Updates Android-Components to 122.0
- Updates translations for certain locales
New in Ceno 2.0.8
This patch release:
- Updates Android-Components to 121.0
- Updates translations for certain locales
- Update cacert.pem bundle
New in Ceno 2.0.7
This official release:
- Updates UI for setting extra BT bootstraps
- Re-enables Sentry crash reporting
- Improve Ceno Browser Service Status to update dynamically
- Reorganizes Settings menu options
- Updates Ouinet to v0.22.0
- Updates uBlock Origin to v1.53.0
- Updates Android-Components to 120.1.0
- Adds rss announcements to homepage
- Updates UI for public and personal browsing mode
- Updates translations for certain locales
New in Ceno 2.0.6
This official release:
* Updates Android-Components to v118.1.1
* Fixes "proxy server refused connection" bug caused by latest Google Play system update
New in Ceno 2.0.5
This official release:
* Fixes onboarding navigation crash
* Updates translations
* Disables Sentry crash reporting
New in Ceno 2.0.4
This official release:
* Avoids string index error if cached bytes is greater than zero but less than 1KB
* Updates the onboarding UI
* Increases touch area of tab close button
* Removes http, https, or www from urls in address bar
* Updates to AndroidX navigation library
* Refactors Add-ons activity to a fragment
* Ports remaining Ceno Settings to Settings sub-page
* Updates Android-Components to v117.1.0
* Updates translations
* Updates cacert.pem
* Implements Sentry for crash reporting
New in Ceno 2.0.3
This official release:
- Fixes crash observed during shutting down
- Adds alternate icons to customization options
- Removes placeholder tab for home page
- Updates app name to "Ceno"
- Updates cacert.pem to bundle generated on Tue May 30 03:12:04 2023 GMT
- Fixes issue with search text disappearing
- Fixes bug with homescreen shortcuts not opening correctly
- Log file opens in browser when downloading
- Remove Add-on action buttons from toolbar menu and settings options
New in Ceno 2.0.2
This official release:

- Updates Ouinet to v0.21.10
- Updates Android-Components to v111.1.1
- Updates IP addresses of BT bootstrap nodes for certain locales
- Asks permission to show notifications in Android 13 or later
- Adds Ceno settings to main application settings page
- Adds optional toolbar home button
- Adds fade-out animation when clearing or stopping the browser
- Adds status indication to foreground notification
- Adds support for x86_64 and x86 architectures
New in Ceno 2.0.1
This official release:

- Modifies the appearance of the Ceno Sources pop-up
- Updates Android-Components library to v109.2.0
- Updates Ouinet to v0.21.6
- Fixes deletion of entries in address bar while typing
- Changes layout and behavior of navigation buttons in menu
- Minor updates to translations
New in Ceno 2.0.0b1
This beta release:

- Adds full support for the locales; es, fa, fr, ru, and uk
- Adds customization of Clear button
- Adds ability to clear browsing data from settings page
- Makes minor UI adjustments
- Fixes bugs starting and stopping background service
- Updates Ouinet library to v0.21.5
New in Ceno 1.6.1
This minor release:

- Adds automatic selection of country-specific BitTorrent bootstrap servers based on locale of device, choosing from a set of built-in, country-specific servers.

- Updates Ouinet to v0.21.2, updates the OpenSSL library to a recent version, provides a new `omni` AAR compatible with all Android ABIs supported by Ouinet, and includes various bug fixes for handling of cancellation errors, making logs more reliable and informative.
New in Ceno 1.2.1
This minor release incorporates some updates and fixes to several translated strings (esp. for the recently added Ukrainian). It also includes many fixes to avoid network operations from getting stuck for a long time or indefinitely.
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