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Description of Chat Master: Santa Claus Story

πŸŽ„ Many funny life scenarios about Santa Claus are waiting for you to choose what happens next, just by touching an answer and becoming a prank master. Enjoy your Christmas!

πŸŽ… Do you want to chat with Santa Claus this Christmas holiday? Prank him through a texting story to become a prank chat master and create many happy moments? - Yes or no?

Chat with Santa Claus is one of the most humorous yes no games ever. To finish the texting story missions of these prank text games, you need to choose the correct answers to complete the current texting story level of chat for two. Some yes or no answers are not very acceptable for real situations which means you have no choice. In these yes or no prank text games, can you choose reasonable answers of text games to prank Santa Claus, chat with his wife or invite Santa Claus to your house? Yes or no? This texting story lets you be a prank master. Enjoy the prank text, texting story and chat for two games in a funny way! 🀣

Besides, these text games, where you choose what to reply to Santa Claus, are followed by one or two interesting quick mini games which keep your brain sharp and active. You will have an opportunity to laugh out loud by playing attractive text games, chat for two or prank text games and release heavy stress with your beloved friends and family. Real-life texting story, yes no game will give you a sense of Santa Claus' warmth in chat for two situations. Having various interesting prank texts, you can not only find fun to pass your bored time, but also improve your chat for two skills thanks to this yes no game. You will become a real chat master with Chat Master: Santa Claus Story. πŸŽ…β„

If you want to become a prank master of the world and enjoy funny chat for two situations, yes or no quizzes with fake prank text games, what are you waiting for? Download this Santa Claus prank master game now to have quality time and these chat for two levels make your mind relax with friends for a new year and meaningful Christmas holidays πŸŽ…. Don’t forget to tell us what you think about the prank chat master, texting story of this yes no game by leaving a comment below. Your feedback is meaningful support that helps us to develop high-quality prank text. Thank you for downloading this yes no game. Good luck, and Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

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