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Description of chatWORLD

WORLD enables you to:
- chat using different Personas
- share photos and send voice messages
- join PUBLIC Topics and express your opinion
- create new Topics
- create invitations that allow Guests to access a Topic from any browser on any device

Functionality is being added every day ... this is only the beginning. Join us on our journey to a better enabled WORLD!

chatWORLD, myWORLD and WORLDwallet are all developed by : Enabled WORLD Ltd

By using WORLD you agree to NOT send content that:
- promotes violence or terrorism,
- exploits children sexually, or promotes self-harm,- is pornographic, or constitutes non-consensual nudity,
- is abusive, hateful, defamatory, or threatening of others based on race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease including “trolling’ or cyber bullying),
- promotes illegal goods or illegal actions,
- reveals the personal information of others (e.g. home phone number, name or address),
- is political in nature,
- is spam (unsolicited advertising), including chain letters and pyramid schemes,
- impersonates another person,
- is protected by copyright, or trademark,
- is synthetic or manipulated media or “fake news”

For further details see

Note: If this policy is rejected, you will still
be able to view messages, but will not be able
to post messaages.

Version history chatWORLD
New in WORLD 1.3.2
Whisper mode - respond privately to individuals in a group topic by tapping on their name.
New in WORLD 1.3.0
Improved warnings when deleting Personas
Interface improvements while searching for Personas/Topics
New in WORLD 1.2.46
User Generated Content (UGC) policy must be accepted before being able to post messages or create topics.
Users may follow topics without accepting UGC, but cannot post.
Users may report messages that contravene the UGC by long-pressing on the "menu" item in the message bubble.
Non-compliance may lead to message removal.
Continued non-compliance may lead to suspension of the offending user.
Message delivery is more robust.
Improved Mute functionality.
New in WORLD 1.2.37
Significant improvement to backward compatibility with Android 4.x
Better connectivity and power consumption in idle mode.
New in WORLD 1.2.35
Various layout enhancements
New in WORLD 1.2.30
Changes to "search" interface.
Improved listing of known contacts.
New in WORLD 1.2.26
Improved search functionality: personas and topics in a single search.
Ability to mute individual topics (just long-click on the topic for the menu item).
Identifying known contacts on WORLD.
New in WORLD 1.2.21
Long-click on image in message saves it to the phone's album.
New in WORLD 1.2.18
Improved menu flow and message layout.
New in WORLD 1.2.14
Everyone loves larger icons, right?
New in WORLD 1.2.12
Topic wallpapers now show up as topic icons as well.
New in WORLD 1.2.5
Adding some visual sugar ... Persona images are now sent with each message.
New in WORLD 1.1.6
Audio clips produced in the app can now be played on the PWA client.
New in WORLD 1.1.4
Fixing crash in Android 9.
Links in messages are active.
Contacts phones are matched up to Personas, automatically creating private topics.
Limited support for geospatially filtered topics.
Topics can then be searched for locally or globally, where local finds topics in the user's latest mobile country as well as topics that are flagged as "global" (default is local).
New in WORLD 1.1.1
This release adds geospatially filtered topics.
New topics are flagged with the creator's latest mobile country.
Topics can then be searched for locally or globally, where local finds topics in the user's latest mobile country as well as topics that are flagged as "global" (default is local).
Topics flagged with other country names will not be displayed unless search is "global".
New in WORLD 1.1.0
Version 1.1.0
Significant changes to the user interface and general functionality since 0.50.15
Audio clips supported.
Country detected from SIM cards for local topics.
(Phone and audio permissions required)
New in WORLD 0.50.15
Images even bigger than before
Demo of web page inclusion
Addressing some stability issues
New in WORLD 0.50.12
Some cool stuff:
Larger thumbnails (for us old people)
Sharable wallpaper per topic
New in WORLD 0.50.9
Various minor fixes since 0.50.4
New in WORLD 0.50.4
No more "lost" messages
Icon showing server confirmation
- hourglass inndicates waiting for confirmation
- world indicates server has received the messsage
New in WORLD 0.50.1
v0.50.1- App size reduced dramatically.- Data efficient small pictures (short-click for gallery, long-click for camera).- Photos require permissions CAMERA and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.- A few osmetic layout changes.
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