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Description of Citadel Team

With Citadel Team, start calls and send messages instantly and with no charge, create groups with all your colleagues, share documents, videos and high-quality photos with complete confidentiality.
Your communications are protected by advanced encryption technologies and are never accessible from our servers.

Create your account for free in just 3 steps.

- An optimized collaboration: Start exchanging in groups organized by project, team or community of interest. Share any type of files, even those 8 times larger than the limit supported by your emails.

- High quality dialogues: Launch audio calls and conferences with your customers, suppliers and employees.

- Stay safe wherever you are: Access all your content both from your computer and from your mobile phone.

- A powerful search function: Find all the information you need, even the oldest ones.

- The Citadel Team service is hosted in France in compliance with the laws that protect your privacy.

And that's just the beginning: We have many other improvements coming to help you be more efficient at work every day!

Version history Citadel Team
New in Citadel Team 4.1.0
- Redesign of the button to create and join conversations
- See the list of members of each company represented in a conversation

- The messages displayed in the event of a call setup error have been improved

- Invitation in a conversation always visible despite the acceptance
New in Citadel Team 4.0.0
- Now use the secure phone feature without the need of an activation code (depending on your plan)
- You are now able to call a user directly from the new phone icon available in chats
- You can now send a text message to a user that can not answer your call

- Muting "has join/has leave" messages is now independently configured for each room
New in Citadel Team 3.8.0
Features :
- New experience to create an account
- UI simplification for users with less than 35 conversations

Improvements :
- For more confidentiality, the content of a received message is no longer shown in the notification
- Favorite rooms now appear on top of the "All" tab
- Easily differentiate different types of files shared

Fix :
- Unability to save an attachment on your phone
New in Citadel Team 3.6.1
Improvements :
- UI displayed to the caller when callee is occupied has been improved
- Popup for user authentication after a period of inactivity has been improved

Fix :
- Messy messages
- Spaces appearing in between messages
- Over-consumption of data
- Many freezes and "wait or kill" popups have been fixed
New in Citadel Team 3.5.0
Fix :
- Crash when entering conversation
- Network error when asking for a phone activation code
New in Citadel Team 3.4.1
Fix :
- Unable to open, save or share certain types of attachments
New in Citadel Team 3.3.0
Features :
- Mention all participants in a chat by using "@all"
- Add a message to your picture when sharing

Improvements :
- Phone call and conference quality and stability have been improved
- Incoming phone call are now better managed when the App has been quit or killed
- Contact search for calling has been improved
- Caller's name is faster displayed
- New UIs for URL preview, picture preview, mention of user and block of code

Fixes :
- Compatibility with Android P
- Fixed crashes
New in Citadel Team 3.2.0
Many things in this release:
- Swipe to switch between tabs in the Messages section
- Switch between full screen photos and hide informations
- A badge on the phone tab now alert you if the phone service isn't activated
- Contact search has been improved for better performances and accuracy
- “Open” choice in files menu now works well
- The autoplay of Animated gif is fixed
- We have fixed some crashes and have improved the stability
- Many UI/UX points have been fixed and improved
New in Citadel Team 3.1.0
This update improves the contacts management for some users and changes the terms of use validation mechanism.
New in Citadel Team 3.0.0
The new Citadel Team release is now available!
We reworked the access screen, added a "contact" tab and a "All your rooms and chats" upper tab. And you can customize all of it from the settings.
Choose to send this recommendation by SMS or another way and your contacts will be able to chat with you in one click
Enjoy calls with several contacts. Just click on the "+" button in call and select new contacts to add

And a lot of bugfixes & improvements
New in Citadel Team 2.5.1
Minor evolutions linked to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
New in Citadel Team 2.5.0
In this version:
- The impossibility to call back an user from the history has been fixed
- Local contacts with several email addresses are now supported
- Address book and start call menu now display categorized users by default
- The typing area now use the same font as the conversation flow
- Recent files are now displayed on the file search screen
- User’s avatar have been added to call history
- We have improved the security of Citadel TEAM
And many other minor things !
New in Citadel Team 2.4.0
We are still improving Citadel Team!
- You can now change the room/direct chat type of a conversation in its header menu
- The « configure new room » screen and contacts displaying in search have been enhanced
- We fixed the issue of new chats tagged as rooms
- We also corrected a limitation on the number of visible public rooms
- Various UI & UX fixes and improvements

Please send us your feedback in the dedicated room or using support@citadel.team
New in Citadel Team 2.3.0
In this version:- The Pin code loop query, when entering a room, has been fixed- The secured calling service will not start anymore if you don’t activate the function- The ability to call or chat with a contact using their mail is back- Call failure causes are displayed- Crashes and lost synchronization cases have been fixed- The room creation’s path has evolved- Several graphic improvements- Security improvement
New in Citadel Team 2.2.0
Many patches in the program of this version:- Optimization of the refresh and the sorting of "unread" rooms and chats- Improvements of the sharing process towards the application- Correction of a problem when mentioning users- And many othersWe have also made few adjustments on the interface.Don't hesitate to send your feedbacks in the dedicated rooms or by sending a mail to support@citadel.team
New in Citadel Team 2.1.0
Here is the first update for the Citadel Team V2 app!See what we have put in this one :- Notification badge on the app icon is fixed- All link previews should be ok now- Inviting contacts with their email works again- Share your location: Gmaps preview are back- Carriage return are now correctly posted- Quote creation has been improved- Days splitter is back in conversation threads- We have fixed some crashsAnd many other small things!
New in Citadel Team 2.0.0
The Citadel Team application gets a new look!Discover our new interface thought for a faster access to your contents:- Direct access to your favorite chats and unread messages- Navigation through tabs for a greater comfort in use- Specific views for your rooms and chats- Operational integration of our secure phone service- And a lot more…See you soon on Citadel Team!
New in Citadel Team 1.3.1
We fixed some issues with the PIN/Fingerprint control mechanism
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