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Screenshots of Clash of Kings
Description of Clash of Kings

⭐Historical civilizations, a tribute to classic⭐
From the ancient Viking warriors of the northern land to the deadly riders of the middle east desert, Clash of Kings offers players 5 unique civilizations inspired by the mighty historical empires once conquered the continents - Viking, Yamato, Crescent, Huaxia, and Dragon-Born, each of which has its own unique features and designs to explore.

⭐Reign the empire and build your legacy⭐
Upgrade your castle, build an elite army, research advanced technology, forge powerful alliances, and rule the kingdom!

⭐Command and Conquer⭐
Various types of units ranging from cavalry to cannon, more than 50 commanders with different traits and abilities, even magnificent dragons and mysterious pets, all at your call. Explore your own tactics and strategies with tons of freedom. Join a variety of battlefields with your allies, conquer kingdoms and fend off enemies.

♥Clash of Kings Features♥
√Clash of Kings is an RTS game with splendid graphics that will bring you an immersive experience of a medieval-style world.
√Clash of Kings is the pioneer of the vertical-screen war gameplay, which lets you experience real-time battles with easy controls.
√In Clash of Kings you get to move to different kingdoms to form new alliances and enjoy the multi-level cross-server battle royals.

Connect with Clash of Kings!
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clash.Of.Kings.Game
• Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/102750039774058615160
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClashOfKingsCOK
• YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/clashofkingsmmogame

Do you have any questions? Send email to cok@elex.com to contact us, or contact the Customer Service by tapping on the Billboard of your castle.
Privacy Policy :https://cok.elex-tech.com/privacy.html

Version history Clash of Kings
New in Clash of Kings 9.05.0

1. Empire Domination S2 officially starts
Start date: September 12
Season rounds: 20 rounds
Official division: 1-2155
Preparatory Division: 2156 and following kingdoms that have been open for more than 50 days.
New content: Clash buff, Clash division, Unexpected Order, Kingdom Banner, Force Ranking Optimization, Force Rally Optimization, etc.
2. Ada world opens from Kingdom1- 2161.
3. Contract Summoning - added new magic pets to Stone of Dawn card pool: Holy Pegasus, Magic Cat.
New in Clash of Kings 9.04.0

1. Knight Hall - Cultural Examination Stage questions updated.
2. Added Tactic Book garrison setting for Fast Switch.
3. Added slide down search function to decoration interface (same as backpack).
4. Added one-key dispatch function for the dock of Eternal Night City.
5. Optimized multi-language display problem for some features.
6. The Kingdom Transfer Event Display opens, you can check the popular kingdoms and kingdom quota in advance in the game.
New in Clash of Kings 9.03.0

1.Ada World opens soon
- Ada World is a new independent gameplay in the game, lords need to explore the fog to unlock a larger scope of the world, kill monsters on the map, upgrade and obtain more powerful equipment and advance to the centre of the map, then kill Aruz together!
- Ada World entry registration will open on August 21st. After registration, lords will be ranked according to their basic combat power, and the top 300 in each kingdom will be qualified to enter Ada World.
New in Clash of Kings 9.02.0
Updated content:
1. Protector Dragon Setting
2. Atlantis Civilization
3. Interface Art Optimization
4. Closure and Conversion of Pinnacle Arena
5. Ascension function adjustment notice
Event Preview:
1. Anniversary Theme Event - Bakery Master
Event time: August 3 - August 16
2. Hero Growth Trial
Event time: Open on August 2
3. Dragon Soul Blessing
Event Time: Opens on August 7
New in Clash of Kings 9.01.0

Event Preview:
1. Returning Exclusive Server Invitation
Event Time: July 20
Event Introduction: By 0:00 on June 27th, Lords who have not logged in for more than 30 days and whose castle level is ≥26 will receive an invitation to return to the returning exclusive server, and enter the server to enjoy 3 return privileges, and this event will only open in Kingdom 1-2150.
2. Dreamland Carnival
Event time: July 20th - August 11th
1. Fixed some experience issues
New in Clash of Kings 9.00.0

Event Preview
1. Anniversary themed event opens
2. Kingdom Wishing Tree
Event time: Open on July 8
Event description: Consume specified items daily and get 5%-100% back on the next day.
1. Tactic Book - Book of Shadow online
2. Alliance store upgrade
3. Added preview function for Decoration Manual
4. Added acquisition jumping feature for some items.
Classic Server
1. CoK Legend Cards - Kingdom Elite
New in Clash of Kings 8.29.0

Stamp Store is online, enter through the store, you can use Dunhuang Stamp and Atlantis Stamp to exchange goods.
New in Clash of Kings 8.28.0

1. Lower the difficulty of BOSS Akuro.
2. Raise the enchantment level of all the following new castle skins to level 100.
Event preview:
1. Dunhuang theme event:
Event time: Open on June 8
Event description: New check-in Time Rift opens.
2. Ready for the fight
June 8 - June 15
During the event period, lords can get points through soldier training and item donations, and even permanent nameplate&skin rewards.
New in Clash of Kings 8.23.0

Update content
1. Dragon skill update
- Celestial Jade Dragon Skill is online, using NightSky Dragon Skill and Celestial Jade-Dragon Flame to upgrade NightSky Dragon Skill to Celestial Jade Dragon Skill and enjoy more attribute improvement.
- Dragon crystals and Dragon Flame - Arcane Tomes in the dragon store daily exchangeable quantity is greatly increased.
- The above adjustments will be online on April 3.

Event preview:
1. Dragon Soul Blessing
Event time: April 3 to April 9
New in Clash of Kings 8.21.0

Update content
1. Golden Amulet - Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge online
-There is no random attribute for the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge, you can unlock one fixed attribute each time you raise it to the specified star level, and you need to consume the Essence of Creativity and Faith Essence to raise the star level.
-Once the fixed attribute of Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge is unlocked, you can consume Crystal of Ignorance to further improve the value of the fixed attribute.
New in Clash of Kings 8.20.0

1. Empire Domination S1
-S1: 2023.02.14 -2023.07.11
-Reward adjustment: new lord bust and new season rewards are waiting for you.
-New cannonball gameplay, make the battle more changeable.
-New war declaration and display feature on big map.
-Adjusted the revolt rules, the revolt requires the king and the people to work together to make the revolt successful.
2. Book of Clash revision
3. Dragon skill: NightSky-Natural Blessing(All) online
New in Clash of Kings 8.19.0

Update content
1. S10 Dragon Campaign Champion Field group stage registration has opened, the first round of group stage will be held on January 14, 2023.
2. Adjusted some store contents.

Upcoming events:
1. Spring Festival Album
January 12 - February 1
2. Blessing of the Five Dragons
January 12, 0:00 - January 21, 12:00
3. New Year's Eve Dinner
January 13 - January 23
4. Sage's Blessing
Open on January 12
New in Clash of Kings 8.18.0

Update content.
1. Star level and skill development of heroes Mo Tianxuan and Tiwash are now available.
2. New Alliance Technology - Alliance Super Mine: Increase the resource limit of Alliance Super Mine.

Event preview
1. Hero growth trial I
Event time: January 5 - February 3

2. Hero Growth Trial II

3. Kingdom wishing tree
New in Clash of Kings 8.15.0

8.15 Updates
Event preview
Sea Master returns, Atlantis reappears.
Journey to Atlantis starts, theme event starts one after another, learn more about Atlantis through check-in event, participate in the event to win rich rewards.
1. Sea treasure
November 24 - December 7

2.Treasure Hunt Diary
November 24 - December 24

3. Global Sale
November 23- November 30

1. You can check the number of items you have in the selection interface now when opening the optional chest.
New in Clash of Kings 8.13.0

1. Support batch opening of dragon skill chests, up to 500/once. (Only available for version 8.13 and above)
2. Optimized Dragon Tower reward display to make it easier to read.
3. Fire Eagle Lord - Born of Fire skill is no longer effective in the Shadow Island.
4. Added 【Perfect ATK/DEF/HP Gem Optional Chest】 to the welfare store and Luxury Store in the Gift from Princess event

Event preview
1. Pumpkin Contest
October 27-November 9
New in Clash of Kings 8.10.0

8.10 Updates
1. Added new chapter for Book of Glory - Chapter of Civilization, which can provide a lot of civilization fortress/civilization popularity related buffs.
2. Added some equipment-related items for exchange in the Unstable Store (e.g.: support equipment: HP, ancient, oracle, royal set/basic or Advanced Obsidian/equipment blueprint, etc.).
New in Clash of Kings 8.08.0

8.08 Updates
1. Legendary Infantry Commander hero Rogers is online. Rogers hero trial event opens. Join the "Rogers time-limited recruitment" to have a chance to get recruitment cards.
2. Legendary Siege Engine Commander hero Cassidier arrives. Cassidier hero trial event is online. Join the "Cassidier time-limited recruitment" to have a chance to get recruitment cards.
New in Clash of Kings 8.06.0

8.06 Update Announcement
1. S Sage Tower Chapters - Book of Autumn: Chapter of Late Autumn and Falling Leaves. Research requires consumption of the new item "Higan bana", which can be obtained via "Shadow Dragon" and "Fire Dragon" boss.
2. 3 new Dunhuang-themed Gems, max level 50, can be inlaid on rings to boost Attack/Defence/HP of all units respectively.
3. Mysterious Sea Optimization.
New in Clash of Kings 8.03.0

8.03 Update Announcement
1. Throne Decoration
Throne decoration event is online. The king can change the throne image through the throne decoration function.
2. Hero Recruitment Card Pool Adjustment
3. Dragon Cave Store
4. Monthly Pack Adjustment
New in Clash of Kings 8.01.0

8.01 Update Announcement
1. Closed the exclusive King's Return event for returning players, it will be reopened in the near future, please stay tuned.
2. Increased all level token rewards for Lord's Trial, don't miss out on Golden Dragon Flame Breath(All) and Dragon Ordeal(all).
3. Changed the consumption of healing in the Marine Healing Well in the Book of Seas to Healing Consumption in Seas, and changed the capacity of Marine Healing Well to Hospital Capacity in Seas.
New in Clash of Kings 7.39.0

Event Preview.
1. Black Star Hero Trial Event

2. S5 Cok World Cup All-Server Unrestricted Test Tournament

3. Beauty&Knight

4. Shadow Lord Edgar Event

1. Level 55 legendary hero Black Star is now online. Black Star provides all soldiers boosts and is good at offensive combat.
2. The corresponding hero recruitment "Black Star time-limited recruitment" onlines, use the proof of anniversary and you will have a chance to get the new hero recruitment card.
New in Clash of Kings 7.35.0

7.35 Update
Event preview:
1. Fire Eagle Chest
2. Blessing of the Moon
3. Blessing of ancestors event
4. Multiple gifts
1. Civilization Crystal Envoy Hill awakening, amulets and new magic pets (including Legion skills) are now available.
2. Lord Trial event rewards adjustment.
3. Added new 2022 "Easter" CoK Legend cards, which can bring basic HP and soldier crit rate bonus to the lord.
New in Clash of Kings 7.34.0

7.34 Update
Event Preview
1. Pilaf
2. Ramadan Fanous
3. Ramadan Store
4. Hero Growth Trials - Saladin, Richard the Lionheart
5. Ready for the fight
1. Updated Ramadan theme user interface and login image.
2. Added soldier puncture and tough attributes in the lord's profile.
3. Adjusted daily sign-up rewards for April.
New in Clash of Kings 7.33.0

Event Preview:
Global Sale
Event Period: March 25 - March 31
During the event period, Lords can purchase limited items at a great price. The items will be refreshed three times a day, please note that the Global Sale event does not stack with other recharge events.
Magic pet - Naga Demon Queen legion skill opens.
New in Clash of Kings 7.32.0

7.32 Update
Event Preview:
1. Blessing of Sages: Best chance to enhance the Sage's Tower.
2. CoK Monopoly: Cast dice, move forward on grid and earn rewards, come and try this new event!
3. Time-limited hero recruitment "Rose Storm": Obtain fashion fragments of golden hero Judith and Cleopatra, as well as high-quality female hero recruitment cards.
4. Multiple Gifts: Select any 3 items and flip to unlock multiple rewards.
New in Clash of Kings 7.31.0

7.31 Update
Event Preview
1. Mystery Box Event
Event Description: During the event, players can purchase mystery box tickets to open the mystery box, you can obtain a random skin each time you open the box, and there is a chance to win rare skins!
2. Civilization Crystal Envoy Hill growth trial
Quick report! Mystery merchant found dragon's treasure on the way! The price of some items in the Exclusive Store has been reduced, be sure to check it out!
New in Clash of Kings 7.30.0

1. New battlefield - Battle of Shadow Island opens!
2. Night Angel equipment online
Lords can perform special reformation for Archangel equipment in Blacksmith - Forge - Special Reformation interface.
3. Fixed the Griffin Knight skill damage display problem
New in Clash of Kings 7.29.0

7.29 Update Announcement
Event Preview:
Global Sale Event
1. Xun Yu, Judith hero awakening opens.
2. Magic pet "Three-headed dragon" legion skill opens.
3. New battlefield "Battle of Shadow Island" is tested in some servers.
4. Inner city building location optimization, some building locations will be changed after the version update.
5. Added resistance mechanism for Alliance cannons after being bombed frequently.
New in Clash of Kings 7.27.0

Event Preview:
Holiday Red Envelope
Event Description: During the event period players can send item red envelope in the alliance and everyone will get the item reward together. You can use gold to refresh the quality of red envelopes.
Updated content:
1. Cleopatra and Thorn Flower hero awakening opens
2. Magic pet peacock and Ogre Crusher legion skill opens
3. Magic pet 【Xi】 opens for preview (you can collect the corresponding fragments during the Spring Festival)
New in Clash of Kings 7.25.0

7.25 Update Announcement
1. Added new gem hero - Gem Witch.
2. Time-Limited Amulet Prize Pool opens from January 12-26, 2022.
3. S9 Dragon Campaign official tournament opens!
4. Pinnacle Overlord War registration opens on January 13 with updated rules.
d. The attribute bonus of Blessing Tower increased from 30% to 60%!
5. Optimized hero purification page, and fixed the problem that the 4th attribute of Exploiter can not be unlocked.
New in Clash of Kings 7.24.0

7.24 Update Announcement
Important Updates I
1. Golden legendary hero King Arthur awakening opens!
2. Equipment system: added Archer Commander set equipment.
3. The strongest kingdom new revision will have its conquest combat day this Saturday.
4. Hero awakening trial optimization: In the awakening trial, allies' reinforcements will no longer be involved in the battle.
Event preview II
1. Winter Chest
2. General bargain king
3. Optional Chest
4. Kingdom wishing tree
5. Great Rebate
New in Clash of Kings 7.23.0

7.23 Update Announcement
I Key content:
1, Golden legendary hero King Arthur hero awakening opens!
2, December 27 S9 dragon campaign officially opened for registration, the dragon ranking was also online.
3, Magic pet ranking online - during the event players can earn corresponding points for ranking by completing the specified behavior.
4. 4 new Christmas-themed cards are added to the CoK Legend.
II Event Preview.
1. Balloon Blast
2. Shadow Dragon Hestal
New in Clash of Kings 7.21.0

7.21 Update Announcement
1. Kingdom transfer opens on December 15.
2. December 16, the Christmas-themed Flip event will be opened with multiple gifts!
3. December 17, the Blessing of Ancestor event opens, adding new Blessing of Achievement quests this period.
4. December 17, DC opening event - dragon's summoning event opens.
5. Fiery Wing Demon is here.
6. Hero awakening trial of new difficulty opens successively.
7. Dio's exclusive card pool, Dio's amulet and amulet rebuild feature.
New in Clash of Kings 7.20.0

7.20 Update Announcement
I Important updates:
1. 12.8 end of year offering, hero awakening expansion global public test. (requires version 7.18 or above)
2. Added two new powerful defensive dragon words, Seventh order Dragon Word "Rock" and Ninth order Dragon Word "Invincible".
4. Open hero awakening for three heroes: Dio, Queen of War, Creator. After awakening, heroes can get gorgeous fashion.
5. Magic pet legion skills - new magic pet legion skills function.
New in Clash of Kings 7.19.0

7.19 Update Announcement
I Important content
1. S9 dragon campaign test match opens 11.30-12.19, server 1-2126 can participate, a new journey is about to start.
2. Pick your Favorite Packs opens on December 1 - Gift Carnival, pick your favorite gifts.
II Event Preview.
1. Thunder Summoning
December 2 - December 15
During the event period, killing monsters and making wishes to have a chance to obtain the summoning treasure key.
2. Roll the dice
Event time: December 2 - December 15
New in Clash of Kings 7.18.0

7.18 Update Announcement
I. Important content:
1. During Thanksgiving Day, players can obtain 1 free Magic Pet-Turkey Chef.
2. Turkey Chef and Turkey Chef shards can be obtained through drawing with the Stone of Dawn and the Stone of Tribe.
3. Added Thanksgiving theme skin - Thanksgiving Turkey Castle.
4. Black Friday themed sale event will start soon on 11.24.
II. Event preview.
1. November 24, Thanksgiving Day rebate, Melting Furnace store opened for a limited time.
New in Clash of Kings 7.17.0

7.17 Update Announcement
1. Gold with Treasure - treasure plate upgrade.
2. Theme Decoration - Zhao Yun, Divine Wing Archer, Tessis and other theme decoration super resale is here.
3. 【Ambitious Cavalry】 Hero growth trials open, complete the specified trials during the event to obtain a large number of rewards.
4. Players can obtain a great deal of item rebates by researching occult technology and completing daily, period and achievement quests.
New in Clash of Kings 7.16.0

7.16 update announcement
1. Pinnacle Overlord War Official Tournament
2. Alliance Tournament (CAT) all-server test opens, register and fight on behalf of the alliance, the attributes will be recorded at the time of registration, including buff items and hero skills, etc.
3. Added infantry commander set equipment, good performance in the countering enhancement of infantry to enemy troops and the countering reduction by enemy infantry.
4. Little Princess VIP member store opens!
New in Clash of Kings 7.14.0

7.14 Update Announcement
I. Important updates
1. Iron Hand Hero Growth Trial
Event time: October 27-November 2
[Iron Hand] Hero Growth Trial opens, during the event period, complete the specified trial to obtain a large number of rewards.
2. Legendary hero Dio enters the hero recruitment Song of Legend card pool.
3. Night Market rewards update on October 27.
4. Alliance Board function closes on October 26.
II. Upcoming Events:
1. Pumpkin Contest
New in Clash of Kings 7.13.0

7.13 Update Announcement
I. Important updates:
1. Ancestral Spirit technology-related
Blessing of Ancestor event opened, added new achievement quests to "Blessing of Achievement"
Adding small red dots prompt when legendary promotion is available.
Added the chapter of expansion to the Sage's Tower
2. New magical creature - Naga demon queen
3. The pinnacle overlord war starts this week -fight as alliance
II. Halloween event opens
1. Candy carnival
2. Treasure Forest
New in Clash of Kings 7.11.0

7.11 Update Announcement
1. Magic Pets: Optimized the operation experience of "Magic Forest" related functions and added the magic pet ranking.
2. Hero recruitment event opens for a limited time, there is a chance to obtain the golden cavalry hero Judith.
3. Judith hero trial opens, complete all the trial quests to obtain Judith hero fashion "Rose Princess".
4. The decoration customization time-limited free event opens.
5. Cultural carnival opens with super benefits.
New in Clash of Kings 7.09.0

7.09 Update Announcement
1. Mysterious Chests
Players can participate in the event and have a chance to get the key!
2.Dawn Battle
Players can get pirate clues through the dock to get the reward!
1. Crescent Slaughter in Ancestral Soul, level cap of 4 technologies is raised from level 5 to level 7.
2. Soldier advancement is now expanded to 250 levels.
3. Kingdom wishing tree
Consume specified items daily and obtain 5%-100% rebate on the following day.
New in Clash of Kings 7.08.0

7.08 Update Announcement
September 2, the Dragon's Cave ushered in a new giant dragon - Shadow Dragon
By attacking the Shadow Dragon Hestal, you can obtain Shadow Dragonglass, and collect a certain number of Shadow Dragonglass to activate the Shadow Dragon. Shadow Dragon can provide rare attributes such as all units attack, infantry basic HP, and reduce the crit rate of enemy archer!
New in Clash of Kings 7.07.0

7.07 Update Announcement
1. New version of the platinum coin wheel opens soon, the benefits are fully upgraded!
2. Sage's Tower welcomes the Book of Autumn, you can upgrade in the Sage's Tower
3. Cleopatra multiple content arrives at the same time!
Cleopatra exclusive card pool time-limited recruitment!
4. Zhao Yun exclusive token forging event opens soon.
5. Soldier mechanism optimization
Optimized the Smite Storm for the level 14 Mangonel .
New in Clash of Kings 7.06.0

7.06 Update Announcement
1. Shadow Dragon Event
From August 19, killing monsters has a chance to trigger the Shadow Dragon BOSS.
2. Spirit of Ancestors new content.
New content will be added to the killing technologies corresponding to the five civilizations in the Spirit of Ancestors.
Update the level cap and expansion level of the following buildings
Ancient Dragon Tower
Research Workshop
Civilization Fortress
Sage's Tower
New in Clash of Kings 7.04.0

7.04 Version Update Announcement
Official Server
Event name: General Bargain King
Event time: 8.4-8.11
During the event period, you can set up your own booth in the world for other people to bargain, and finally sell the item at the bargained price, up to 50% of the price can be bargained.
New in Clash of Kings 7.03.0

Version 7.03 Update Announcement
1. Bloody Rose
July 29-August 11
During the Bloody Rose event, cut down the thorns to draw a huge amount of rewards!
2. Rose of Love
July 29-August 18
Players can participate in events such as wishing and collecting resources to get items related to making the Rose of Love.
Players can spend gold to unlock the advanced rewards of the Rose of Love.
Kingdom Wishing Tree
Spend specified items daily and get 5%-100% back on the next day.
New in Clash of Kings 7.01.0

1. Eternal Night City Officially Online
-New hero "Dio" and the corresponding hero growth trials online, Dio is the Archer primary, Infantry auxiliary hero.
-Hero Recruitment new card pool "7th Anniversary time-limited recruitment" opens for a limited time.
Players can use the item "Proof of Anniversary" to recruit.
The new Eternal Night Soldiers will be summoned through the Hall of Discipline, and will be strengthened through the Dark Night Chapel in Eternal Night City.
New in Clash of Kings 7.00.0

Anniversary events
1. Lords can go to the dock and donate supplies to get points.
2. July 8: The throne is on fire, there is an evil dragon, gather and fight.
July 9: Map triggers the mystery man dialogue to start the open door event!
3. July 5: Poster countdown appears.
July 8: Through the event portal daily login to get rewards.
4. July 11: The Anniversary Carnival opens!
5. Artifact Resonance
July 8: Use melody items to modulate the rhythm of each artifact.
New in Clash of Kings 6.44.0

1. Dawn Battle
Event Time: July 1 - 14
During the event, players can get pirate clue through the dock. Use pirate clue to immediately defeat pirates to get rewards!
2. Anniversary Treasure Chest
Event Time: July 1 - 14
During the event, players participate in active events and have a chance to get the key. Use the key to open the anniversary treasure chest to get generous rewards!
Click the festival event icon on the right to participate in the event.
New in Clash of Kings 6.42.0

6.42 Update Announcement
Event Preview
1. Gift from Goddess
The Goddess of Love will appear on the world map at 0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00 every day.
2. Treasure Forest
Obtain the Advanced Horn through daily events.
3.Ready for the Fight:
Win the all-server ranking attribute skin.
4. Decoration Chest: Draw Divine Power Ma Chao permanent castle skin.
Adjustment optimization
1. Optimized the Siege Engine siege damage attribute combat settlement rules.
New in Clash of Kings 6.41.0

Version 6.41 Update Announcement
Update Content
1. Added new college technology
2. The new hero "Judith" and the corresponding hero growth trials online
3. Event card pool "Bloody Rose" open for a limited time.
4. Hero amulet - launched King Arthur exclusive amulet.
Adjustment and optimization:
1. Optimized the Hero Palace, players can see the hero name and other information more intuitive.
New in Clash of Kings 6.40.0

6.40 Updates
I. Event Preview
1. Bloody Rose
Event Time: June 03 - June 16
During the Bloody Roses event, slash the thorns to draw rich rewards!
2. Endless Trial
By raising heroes and hero-related attributes, you can perform endless level trials and win massive rewards.
3. New phase of Blessing of the Ancestors
II. Content optimization
1. The flower ranking level cap is improved from 10 to 20, and the list attributes have been increased.
2. CoK Legend launches new Legendary Hero Cards
New in Clash of Kings 6.39.0

6.39 Update Announcement
1. Hero Recruitment Order Event
May 26 - June 1
Recruitment event opens again, use recruitment cards up to the specified number of times to get a chance to obtain infantry commander hero recruitment card
2. Rose of Love Event
May 27 - June 16
1) The higher the level of the Rose of Love, the more rewards you can receive.

New Feature :
After reaching Castle level 30, you can create exclusive Amulets for each hero through the Hero Palace.
New in Clash of Kings 6.37.0

1. Roll! Dice
May 13 - May 26
During the event period, win rewards by throwing dice, you can obtain the round reward for completing 1 round.
2. Thunder Summoning
During the event period, participate in the event, kill the monsters and make wishes to have a chance to obtain the summoning key.
3. Dragon Boat Race
Dragon boat festival!
The Auction Center listing fee free offer ends, the service fee will be charged according to the listing time and listing price subsequently.
New in Clash of Kings 6.36.0

Update Announcement (Version 6.36)
1. Thief Attack Event
April 29th - May 5th
Mysterious thieves come to attack.
2. Eid al-Fitr Dessert
May 6th - May 12th
Desserts will appear on the world map at 0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00 every day
3. Road to Legend
Event Time: May 6th - May 12th
Players will accumulate points of the Legendary Caravan together.

4. Recruitment Order Event
April 28th - May 4th
The Ambitious Cavalry arrives the recruitment event opens again.
New in Clash of Kings 6.35.0

Update Announcement (Version 6.35)
Event name: Hero Recruitment Event
Event Period: 2021-04-21 to 2021-04-27
Event Name: Ramadan Carnival
Event time 2021-04-23 to 2021-04-30
New Valuable Pack for Monthly Fund
Event time 2021-04-21 to 2021-04-23
New in Clash of Kings 6.33.0

Event Preview
1. Light up the Ramadan Lamp
2. Fire Eagle Chest
Event rules: During the event period, players participate in active events and have a chance to get the key. Use the key to open the Fire Eagle Chest, you can get generous rewards!
Click the holiday event icon on the right to participate in the event.
Adjustment and optimization preview
1. Add Challenge Road achievement quests and stamps to the Wall of Honor.
New in Clash of Kings 6.32.0

Event Preview
1. Hero Re-entry
The battle-hardened heroes have returned, and now lords need to complete a series of tasks to win rewards and show their strength to the world.
Adjustments and optimizations
1. Added Unit Defense-related research to the College technology: "Military"
2. Extended the shortcut on the main interface of the fast switch system, now you can quickly switch between even more configurations.
New in Clash of Kings 6.28.0

Event Preview
Roll the Dice
Adjustment and optimization preview
1. Optimized the inability to use the Thanksgiving Assault when clicking on it before it enters CD time.
2. Added the search bar function in the backpack, pull down to display the search bar.
3. Optimized the function of the Mining Pickaxe can be used in the backpack.
4. Added refresh function in the Sky Land, you can consume sky crystals to refresh the lucky hero and lucky dragon.
New in Clash of Kings 6.27.0

Event Preview
Bloody Rose
During the Bloody Roses event, cut down the thorns to get massive rewards!
Dawn Battle
Adjustment and optimization
1. The marching interface fast switch is adjusted to the new version function.
2. When forging equipment, you can quickly jump to the material synthesis function.
3. Gem inlay interface adjusted to the full list form.
New in Clash of Kings 6.26.0

Event Preview
1. Grab New Year Goods
2. New Year's Eve Shopping Contest
3. Festival Red Envelope
4. Cavalry Hero Recruitment Event
Use the specified number of Normal/Advanced Recruitment Cards to get Scimitar Cavalry Ambitious Cavalry fragments.
Adjustment and Optimization preview
1. Adjusted the novice period bonus content.
2. Updated the new artifact "Freyr's God Ship" and the artifact event.
New in Clash of Kings 6.25.0

Event Preview
1. Knights of Hearts
2. Gift from Goddess
3. Top 10 Popular Kingdoms
4. Hero Recruitment order
Function adjustment and optimization preview
1. Added plunder mode when attacking resource fields in the sea, plunder can only target the resource fields occupied by other players.
2. Fixed the inaccurate notification of the configuration of the marching dragon during the conquest.
3. Added Manual function for gems.
New in Clash of Kings 6.23.0

Event Preview
1.Treasure Hunter
Players participate in events to get event items! Collect and consume the specified number of event items to successfully win the reward of the day. Event items can be used to trade with others!
2. Dragon Campaign Official Tournament begins
Registration period: January 4 - January 11
Adjustment: The points for killing enemies in Dragon Battlefield will be adjusted from 1 point for killing 100,000 enemies to 1 point for killing 300,000 enemies.
New in Clash of Kings 6.22.0

Function Adjustment and Optimization Preview
1. Added mail deletion function in the Auction Center.
2. Adjusted the upper limit of the Auction Center Array Collection to 5 times, and increased the Weekly Card purchase for an additional 10 times.
3. Combat experience optimization, the battle of disparity in strength, the forces of the weaker side will collapse and the round will end early.
4. Expanded the types of sets in Equipment filtering.
New in Clash of Kings 6.21.0

Event Preview
1. Balloon Blast
Event period: December 25, 2020 - January 08, 2021
During the event period, participate in active events or use gold to get mini-game items, use mini-game items to play the game to get generous rewards!
2. Shiny Christmas Tree
Function adjustment and optimization
1. Optimized the operation of Quick Skill Interface.
2. Optimized the operation interface of Alliance Materials.
3. Added the counting function for Dragonglass Master Purification.
New in Clash of Kings 6.20.0

Event Preview
1.Christmas Theme
Christmas theme is approaching, several festive events are opening, invite your friends to join!
During the event period, players participate in active events and have a chance to get keys. Use the key to open the winter treasure chest to get rich rewards!
Click the holiday event icon on the right to participate in the event.
2. Hero re-appearance
3. Hero recruitment probability boost event
New in Clash of Kings 6.19.0

Event Previews
1. Roll over! Dice
Roll over! Dice event is online with lots of rewards!
2. Hero recruitment event probability up
The probability of drawing Pandarus is doubled.
Feature alignment and optimization
1. Dragon interface optimization: Add dragon position reference, characteristic skills and soldiers reference.
2. Add price setting limit for feathers when listing in the auction center, can't set the price beyond the limit.
New in Clash of Kings 6.18.0

Event Previews
1. Roll over! Dice
Roll over! Dice event is online with lots of rewards!
2. Hero recruitment event probability up
The probability of drawing Pandarus is doubled.
Feature alignment and optimization
1. Dragon interface optimization: Add dragon position reference, characteristic skills and soldiers reference.
2. Add price setting limit for feathers when listing in the auction center, can't set the price beyond the limit.
New in Clash of Kings 6.17.0

Event Previews
1. Dawn battle
2.Dragon S8 optimization adjustment, all servers test match starts, version 6.15 or above can participate.
3.Hero arrives
From November 25, the Hero Recruitment Card Pool has been updated: Imperial Shield, Tiger Warrior, Pandarus, Piros, and Iron Guard have been added to the Advanced Recruitment Pool!
Hero Recruiting Probability Up Event: From November 25 to December 1, the probability of getting the Imperial Shield is doubled!
New in Clash of Kings 6.15.0

Function optimization and adjustment
1. Adjusted the content of the Land of Trials gameplay.
2. Optimized the equipment replacement interface and added screening function.
3. Alchemy Workshop now supports batch production.
4. New lucky heroes are added to Sky Land.
5. Immediate completion function added to the Relay Race event.
6. Simplify the message prompt after completing daily quests.
7. Optimized the preview effect of the night market rewards.
New in Clash of Kings 6.14.0

New content online:
New technology research opens, enabling you to increase troop HP, troop training speed and hospital capacity during Kingdom conquest.
Event Preview.
Greedy Kid.
Description:During the event, collect lollipops. Players can use the lollipop to get rewards from the treasure chest monster.
Hero recruitment
Chariot Master, Iron Hand recruitment event is open again, use the recruitment card to a certain number of times to get the corresponding hero shards
New in Clash of Kings 6.13.0
Event Preview:
Pumpkin Battle
During the event, a large number of gift boxes will appear on the map, players can get rewards by marching to them.
Function optimizations and adjustments.
1. Added the unit restraint map in every major barracks.
2. Added enhanced star rank display in dragon skill interface to facilitate replacement.
3.Adjusted the swap request in the knight system, will automatically agree when time is up.
New in Clash of Kings 6.11.0
Event Preview:
1. Bloody Rose
During the event, cut thorns to draw massive rewards!
2. Firework Show
3. Dawn Battle

Functional optimization and adjustment:
1.Add equipment smelting function.
2. God of Recruitment points reward is adjusted to Zhao Yun and King Arthur shard optional chest.
3. Added one-key open function for the Array Gift Box and Fire Dragon's treasure
New in Clash of Kings 6.10.0
Function optimization and adjustment.
1. Add screenshot sharing function, you can share game screenshots more easily.
2. New trade goods are added to the Platinum Trading Center: Feather of Heaven treasure chest.
3. Escorting Optimization: If a caravan robbery team withdraws their troops, the caravan will be returned to the original owner.
4. Increase the escorting blessing times limit.
5. King Arthur shards have been added to the Recruitment God target points reward.
New in Clash of Kings 6.09.0
Event Preview
1. Rose of Love
2. Prosperous Wealth
Function optimization and adjustment.
1) The Sky Land are opening in succession.
2. Archangel soldiers will be online soon.
(1) Unlock conditions: In the " Sage's Tower" building, analyze the related occult .
(2) Training conditions: Collect "Feathers of Heaven" in the Sky Land, and train them in the " Discipline Hall" building. Please note the Discipline Hall must be level 30.
New in Clash of Kings 6.08.0
Event Preview:
1. Roll! Dice.
2. Inescapable
Alliance Rapid Monster Killing Event is open for a limited time! Kill monsters during the event period and raise your rank to get the individual and alliance point rewards and ranking rewards!
Function optimization and adjustment:
1) In the Kingdom Hero event, the ranking reward skin is changed from cannot be gifted to can be gifted.
New in Clash of Kings 6.07.0
Event Preview:
1. Hero recruitment orders.
Function optimization and adjustment
1. New hero King Arthur online.
2. The God of Recruitment rewards update, starting from September, special rewards are changed from Zhao Yun to King Arthur.
3. Platinum Trading Center optimization.
1) Mail list optimization, it is no longer easy to open emails by mistake when sliding.
2) Only when the bidding price is more than 30% of the fixed price, can the item be put on the shelves.
New in Clash of Kings 6.06.0
Event Preview:
1. Kingdom Hero Event
2. Draw the Caliburn
3. Angel gifts
4. Double Seventh Beauty Event
Oracle Set Online
The oracle item left by the ancient sages via chanting the rituals, wear the whole set of oracle equipment to get powerful Sage technology buffs and help your Sage Occult level rise quickly!
New in Clash of Kings 6.05.0
Event Preview:
1. Red Envelope Festival
2. Gift Contest
3. Hero Recruitment Order
4. Comrade Rally Order
Function optimization and adjustments
1. Skeletal Frost Dragon online
2. First free trading system "Platinum Trading Center" launched
3. Knight system, appropriately reducing the requirements for passing the assessment
New in Clash of Kings 6.04.0
Event Preview:
1. Anniversary Cake
During the event, players can place an Anniversary Cake on the World map. Use the celebration cream to help to upgrade other players' cakes. The owner of the cake will then receive a rich reward, once the cake has completed upgrading.
2. Inescapable
Alliance rapid monster killing event, opens for a limited time! Killing monsters, racing to reach the top of the personal and alliance leaderboard, to earn rich rewards!
New in Clash of Kings 6.03.0
Event Preview:
1. Dawn Battle
2. Anniversary Gift
3. Anniversary egg
Function optimizations and adjustments.
1、Orange array acquisition, attribute rule adjustment: after obtaining an orange array, it will certainly have an orange attribute.
2、Add array exercise points: you can get 1 point for each array exercise you perform; when the points reach 100, you can open the array points chest and will definitely get a random orange array.
New in Clash of Kings 6.02.0
Event Preview:
1. Challenge of the Wise
2. Thunder Summoning
Function optimization and adjustment
1. Launch of the new dragonglass - Dragonglass of Havoc.
2. Launch of the Dragonglass Advanced / Master Purification function
3. Fixed the abnormal display issue of some devices in the World Domination gameplay.
New in Clash of Kings 6.00.0
Event Preview:
1. Anniversary Journey sharing event
During the event, cumulatively log in and sign in to review your gaming history There will also be an anniversary exclusive castle skin for you to get!
2. Puzzle event
3. Anniversary Balloon
4. Fireworks Celebration
5. Annual comrades recruitment event
Functional optimization and adjustment:
1. Interface style adjustment
2. Alliance statue test
3. New CoK Info subscription function
New in Clash of Kings 5.41.0
Event Preview:
1. Road to Legend
Function optimization and adjustment:
1. The stuck problem when City Buff button is on optimization
2. Offline push settings optimization, add push of canceling the return of troops
3. Battle report function optimization, add the option of hiding low-ratio soldiers with low levels
Fixed Bugs:
1. Fix the alliance name of some civilization fortresses in the alliance territory abnormal display problem
New in Clash of Kings 5.40.0
Event preview:
1. Thief Attack
2. Recruitment Monthly Pass online
3. Ancestral Set
Function optimization and adjustment:
1. Icon localization: modify the Lucky Day icon under Japanese environment to Japanese display
2. Duel Humanization: You can now choose whether to use traps when being dueled in the Fortress
Fixed bugs:
1.Fixed the issue of not sending emails after the Outstanding Warlords event ends
2. Fixed some problems of new array synthesis
New in Clash of Kings 5.39.0
Treasure Forest
Flag Contest
-Go to the Carp Flag on the map to collect rich reward! CoK Legend-carnival related items are also included!
Night Market Open
You can get random treasure map through the Relay Race journey. The treasure map records the coordinates of the treasure, which can be traded and sold in the night market. Go and join the gold rush!
Function optimization and adjustment:
1. Trap will not be triggered in duel
2. Fixed the alliance flag of some countries display bug
New in Clash of Kings 5.38.0
Carnival Egg Event
Players can participate in the Treasure Hunter event, kill Nian Beast and Monsters, and wish to get Easter Eggs.Place an Easter Egg, and you can collect rewards after the countdown ends. Players can help each other to reduce the waiting time

Treasure Hunter Event

Function optimization and adjustment:
1. Added the trap consumption option in the Duel
2. Refined notification contents, the Troops Returned Push can be separately canceled now.
New in Clash of Kings 5.37.0
Event preview:
1、Kill Giant Griffin
2.Thunder Summoning
Function adjustment and optimization:
1.Add cross-server coordinate bookmark function
2. Arena and treasure secret area, you can record the last soldier configuration locally
3. World Cup kingdom information display optimization
4. Add mail notification when the arena is open
New in Clash of Kings 5.36.0
Event Preview
1.Road to Be Legend
Players in this service can accumulate Legendary Caravan points together to reach the goal and unlock treasure chest; after the daily points reach the minimum requirements, you can collect the reward.
2. Wishing Bell
The Morning Bell is ringing, our wills unite like a fortress. Work together and abundant benefits are waiting for you.
Function optimization and adjustment:
1. Quick Report can be shared as pictures
New in Clash of Kings 5.35.0
Event preview:
1. Dawn Battle
You can get Pirate Clue via collecting rewards on the docks and win rich rewards by attacking and defeating pirates.Share clues with your allies and win lots of treasure together!
2. Children's Day Share
Laughing with joy, moving forward together. Share this happiness and collect generous rewards.
Function optimization and adjustment:
1. Monsters optimization
2. One-click acceleration optimization
New in Clash of Kings 5.34.0
1、Inescapable event
Alliance Rapid Monster Kill event start within a limited time. Kill monsters, unlock individual and alliance points rewards and ranking rewards!
2、Post Station View event
Visit the Post Station, get rewards and treasure chests, the ranking treasure chest rewards will be announced the next day!
Function optimization and adjustment:
World Cup Safe Zone Regulation adjustment:
2、World Cup player list lock time adjustment:
3、Gender selection
4. New player area
New in Clash of Kings 5.33.0
Upcoming Events:
1. Ramadan Pilaf Event
2. Treasure Forest
After finish exploring each floor, there's a chance to find treasure on the next floor. After finding treasure, you can draw a reward from the treasure list when reaching the destination.
Optimizations & Adjustments:
1. Join a rally towards the Nian Beast automatically
2. Coordinates bookmark optimization
3. Mail optimization
4. Speedups optimization
New in Clash of Kings 5.32.0
Event Preview:
1. Holiday Gift
Entering the event, players can collect rewards and send letters with gifts to each other each day.
2. Flag Contest
3. Light up Fanous Ramadan
During the event, each player can place a Fanous Ramadan on the world map. Players can use Blessing Light to charge the Fanous Ramadan of others. When one Fanous Ramadan is completely charged, the owner of the Fanous Ramadan will get rich rewards.
4. Magic Lamp Wishing
New in Clash of Kings 5.31.0
Event Preview
1. Ramadan Chest
2. Road to Be a Legend
3. Inescapable Event
4. Blessing of Moon
5. CoK World Cup
A. Thursdays and Sundays are match days. Alliance leader needs to choose a period before the match.
B. Alliance Power ≥7,000,000 is required if an alliance wants to join.
C. On the battlefield of the World Cup, all Lords will use the castle provided by the system to fight.
New in Clash of Kings 5.30.0
Adjustment and Optimizations:
1. Optimized the mail system
--Added a filter function to the Battle Reports
--Optimized the order of the contents on mail page
2. Optimized the coordinates bookmarks
--Adjusted the page of coordinates bookmarks
--Alliance mark was added to the bookmark
3. Optimized the Resource Warehouse
--Increase a notice of daily gathering load
--Fixed the bug that players can continue gathering resources in the warehouses even they reached the upper limit of load
New in Clash of Kings 5.29.0
Event Preview:
1. Mysterious Rabbit
2. Gift of Hope
3. Easter Egg
Optimizations and Adjustments
1. World Cup
-- Dragon's Talent Skills were added into the battlefield
--The Units' Advancements feature was added to the battlefield
--The alliance teleport chances in the battlefield were adjusted to 300; each Lord got 10 Advanced Teleport
--Fixed the bug that Castle might cover the Barrack
--Fixed the bug that castle could not return to the Safe Area
New in Clash of Kings 5.28.0
Event Preview:
1. Attack Super Campsite

2. Thunder Summoning

Optimizations and adjustments:
1. Optimized the orders of the Alliance features on the alliance interface
2. Added the "Pray" button the interface of enhancing soldiers skills in the Prayer Hall
3. Solved the problem that it took too long to open the Battle Report if too many troops joined the rallies for that battle
4. Adjusted the UI style and layout in the castle and world map
New in Clash of Kings 5.27.0
Event Preview:
1. Romantic Gifts
2. Roll The Dice!
3. Inescapable Event
4. Road to Be a Legend
Optimization and Adjustments:
1. The Military Ability feature is completely issued.
2. The new marching page will display power details and battle attributes details.
3. Optimized the layout of blessing hall; displayed the time to reset personal luck
4. Added a display for the number of Lords who have joined a rally into the march queue
New in Clash of Kings 5.26.0
Event Preview
1. Spring Party
It's spring, a season for cherry blossom. Multiple events are opening, invite your friends to enjoy the events!

2. Spring in the Air
During the event, each player can place a Cherry Blossom Tree on the world map.

Optimized and adjusted functions:
1. Fixed the bug that some players' rewards and points earned in a battle were not matched
2. Optimized the redirection page of using Stamina items when attacking monsters
New in Clash of Kings 5.25.0
Event Preview
1. Wishing Bell
Event time: 12th March - 17th March
After ringing the bell, the Wishing Bell will get the power of wishing, and the player can get a copy of rewards.
Adjusted and optimized functions
1. In the battle report of DC playoff, fixed the displaying bug related to "Playoff All Soldier Units' Damage Taken (Reduction)"
2. Crazy Fire Dragon, the World BOSS, will certainly appear
3. Added the gender feature; Lords' gender will be displayed in the Flower Ranking
New in Clash of Kings 5.24.0
Event Preview:
1. Love Confession
2. Delicious cake
3. Gift contest
Optimization and adjustment on the functions:
1. Playoffs of Dragon Campaign:
2. Optimized the gathering stage of Mineral Vein
3. Fixed the bug that players could not delete all the Battle reports
4. Added the number of rally members to the queue
5. Optimized the order of equipment in the Storage Box; added a new order, Evolution level
New in Clash of Kings 5.23.0
Event Preview:
1. The event of killing Monster Captain
2. Inescapable Event
3. Updated the monsters
The Yeti will disappear soon and the Giant Griffin is coming. Players can rally to kill them.
4. Recruit! Helpful Support Heroes
5. Issued official Position: Archer Commander
Function adjustment and optimizations:
1. Fixed the bug in the Battle Report Filtering function
2. Added a notification when your T13 soldiers are becoming weak
New in Clash of Kings 5.22.0
Event preview:
1. Gifts from the Goddess
2. Beloved Chest
3. Eliminate the Virus
4. Recruit! Helpful Support Heroes
5. Personal Luck Event Opens Again
6. Resource Warehouse
Added a new item – Resource Warehouse. Players can place a warehouse that contains 100M resources via tapping on the ground of world map. Once the warehouse opens, all Lords in the Kingdom can carry resources from this warehouse. Carrying resources won't cause any battle.
Adjustment and optimization on functions
New in Clash of Kings 5.21.0
1. Treasure Hunter
2. The Rose of Love
3. Valentine's Day Gift
4. Issued new Hero – Yulin Iron Guard and Light Shield
5. The theme of UI was changed to Valentine's Day
Function optimization and adjustment
1. If your castle is attacked by a Lord who has used a Duel skill/item, Born of Fire, one of Fire Eagle's skills, will not take effect. Born of Fire's effective number of times won't be consumed either.
New in Clash of Kings 5.20.0
1. Event Preview
- Rose of Love
Event time: 13th Feb. – 26th Feb
-Decorated with lanterns
Event time: 5th Feb. – 11th Feb.
2. Optimization in the Mineral Vein: Store Energy for Portal
1) When the Portal of your Kingdom reaches the max Defense, if you keep garrisoning it, you can replenish its "Protective Energy";
2) If Protective Energy reaches its max number, you have successfully defended it. The battle for it will end immediately.
3. The new marching interface is issued
New in Clash of Kings 5.19.0
1. Event preview
—— Gifts Dropping from the Sky
—— Hunting the Yeti
—— Ice Chest
—— Inescapable
2. Battle for the Ruin is coming
Numerous rare treasures have been placed in it. They are desirable and hard to get. The ruin is defended by ancient soldiers, they are strong and immortal. An ancient power will heal them even if they are seriously wounded.
3. Added new technologies for Crescent Civilization
Function Adjustment and Optimization
1. Optimized Marching Line
New in Clash of Kings 5.17.0
Challenge from the wise man
Knowledge is power! Answer questions and earn Gold. The more the participants, the richer the prize pool. The smartest players who make it to the end will win the most prizes!
1. Event duration: 31/12/2019 – 08/01/2020
Function adjustment and optimization
1. Grenade and Gas Cannonball won't be effective on soldiers equipped with armaments.
2. If the Remaining time of the Peace shield is shorter than 10 minutes, the system will send an offline notification.
New in Clash of Kings 5.16.0
Event Preview:
1. Cake War
After every certain period, players can collect the Cake Bomb that has been completed.
2. Christmas Gift
Santa Claus will appear on the world map each day at 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00. Santa Claus will stay for 2 hours after appearing each time. You can get Christmas rewards by visiting him after he appears
Function adjustment and optimization
New in Clash of Kings 5.07.0
Anteprima Evento:
1. Evento di Natale - Gara di Torte
Durata Evento: 19 Dic 2019– 2 Gen. 2020
2. Evento di Natale – Albero di Natale Scintillante
Modifiche e Ottimizzazione Funzioni
L'interfaccia utente a tema di gioco e l'immagine di caricamento vengono cambiate in tema natalizio
BUG Risolti:
Risolto il bug di visualizzazione relativo al potere di potenziamento dell'occulto nella Torre del Saggio
New in Clash of Kings 5.06.0
Event Preview
1. Treasure Hunter
Become the King of Adventure and explore treasure in the world!
2. Light up Jack O'Lantern
Halloween is coming soon, let's light up Jack O'Lantern!
What's New
1. God's Favour
It is said that the God of Luck can help and realize the wishes of the people who are devout and cherish friendship.The Palace has opened and the Favour will begin. Are you the luckiest one?
Optimizations & Adjustments
New in Clash of Kings 5.05.0
Event preview
1.Shadow Legion
It seems that the Shadow Legion hates all civilizations and wants to reverse the world back to the uncivilized ages.
Function preview
1. The function to release players' burdens – Land Support will be issued gradually
2. Upgraded welfare for players
Optimizations and adjustments to the functions
1. Optimized the Royal Arena
2. Optimized the Mysterious Sea
3. Optimized the Armory
4. Other optimizations
New in Clash of Kings 5.04.0
Event Preview
"War Machine" Themed Month
Festival Red Envelope
Alliance Red Envelope Carnival, mass Legendary Red Envelopes!
Challenge from the wise man
Knowledge is power! Answer questions to join the division of 5 million Gold, the more the participants, the larger the prize pool. Persevere to the end, and you will win the big prize!
Adjustment and optimization of functions
1.Mysterious Sea
2.Royal Arena
3.Optimized the Fast-switch of equipment
4.Other optimizations
Fixed bug
New in Clash of Kings 5.03.0
Function Preview
1. Issued new feature——Land Support
2. Greatly increased the rewards of Mineral Vein
3. Release the burdens of Mysterious Sea
4. The benefit for new servers - Outstanding Warlords
5. Benefit for all players-watch videos to collect rewards
Optimization and adjustment of functions:
New in Clash of Kings 4.46.0
Optimization and adjustment of functions:
1. Optimized the Gold Fountain
2. Optimized the points rule of Mineral Vein:
3. Optimized Dragon Vessel Battlefield
4. Optimized the Mysterious Sea
5. Optimized World Boss
6. Optimized the royal Arena
New in Clash of Kings 4.45.0
Event Preview:
1.「CoK 5th Anniversary」 Event
—— Anniversary Journey:
—— Gold Fountain:
2. New naval warfare feature——「Mysterious Seas」
Optimizations and adjustments of the functions:
1. Optimized the Royal Arena
2. Fixed the display error when Lord reached max level
New in Clash of Kings 4.44.0
1. Issued New Dragon Word
Added new Eighth Order Dragon Word—Terrify and Smite
Optimization and adjustment of the functions:
1. Optimization on Nian Beast
2. Optimized the adaptation of the iPhone-xs interface
3. Optimized the Dragon Vessel Battlefield
4. Optimized the Mineral Vein
5. Other optimizations
New in Clash of Kings 4.42.0
1. 「Heroes Back」 Themed event—— Kingdom Expeditionary
2. New Game Play 「Royal Arena」
3. The new event: 「Anniversary Check In」 will be issued!
4. New Dragon-glass is coming
Function optimization and adjustment:
1. World BOSS
2. Optimized Nian Beast Rally
3. Optimized the performance of World Map
New in Clash of Kings 4.39.0
Updated the contents of the daily pack and First Recharge Reward
Optimized and adjusted the rewards contents for daily pack and first recharge;
Function optimization and adjustment:
Soldier Talent Enhancement
Adjustments on New Conquest Rules
New in Clash of Kings 4.38.0
Watch video to recruit heroes
Skin bond
Collect and lighten different skins under the same bond to get bond attributes.
The more skins of the same bond are collected, the higher the attributes obtained.
The attributes obtained via different bond will take effect at the same time.
Dragon Soul Treasure
New in Clash of Kings 4.37.0
Updated seventh Order Dragon Word: Wind Hunter
eighth order Dragon Word: Ornament and Defend Frontiers
Alliance help request:In the Embassy, a player can tap the button: Ask for help, to send a help request to other allies quickly. And other allies can reinforce the player via the Alliance Battle.
New in Clash of Kings 4.36.0
·The Dragon Themed Month Began
·The new Dragon, Godzilla is coming
·Updated the Evolution Extra Attributes for the Brutal Gladiator Set
·Added technologies in the College
·Notice when Bid is exceeded in the Auction
·Fixed the issue that the rewards of playoffs are not displayed correctly
New in Clash of Kings 4.34.0
Fast Switch has been updated
- Added a button of changing fast switch mode in the Lord Interface. The default fast switch mode won't contain the settings about hero. This mode will simplify fast switch
Fixed some known bugs
Fixed the error that the Battle Report disappeared sometimes
New in Clash of Kings 4.33.0
「Hold the Barrier」, the Civilization Fortress garrison points event will be issued!
- During the event, players can get points rewards by sending soldiers to garrison the Civilization Fortress. The longer the garrison time, the better the points reward.
New in Clash of Kings 4.30.0
Event Preview
「Overlord Come」 themed events
Wars spread across the land. The Overlord War is about to begin, are you the Overlord who dominates the whole land?
Show this exciting and impressive war to more people.
New in Clash of Kings 4.29.0
Overlord Battlefield:
Event Duration: 10th April -29th April
Join the event: During the event, participate in the Overlord war to win participation rewards! The winner of Overlord Battlefield will win rich rewards and enjoy the 「Overlord Authority」 privileges.
New in Clash of Kings 4.28.0
Function optimizations and adjustments:
- Optimized the server login to avoid lagging
- Optimized the interactive experience of the Array

Made the following optimization according to players feedback:
Optimized the Dragon Tower experience
- Shorten the animation time of Dragon Tower
New in Clash of Kings 4.27.0
Sacrifice of the Civilization Wonder
- Optimized the operation of continuous sacrifice in the Civilization Wonder

Optimized traps
- Optimized the trap interface, and the current effective attributes value will be displayed
- Added items that increase the upper limit of building traps
New in Clash of Kings 4.26.0
Function optimization and adjustment
Mineral Vein Chest
- The Mineral Vein chest rewards for individual points have been changed from being collected by Lords to mail rewards.
New in Clash of Kings 4.25.0
Rewards for upgrading the Monthly Pack
- After purchasing a Monthly/Weekly pack, you can obtain Monthly Pack energy and a token each day
- Monthly Pack Exp is used for upgrading the Monthly Pack level. After the Monthly/Weekly Pack as expired, the Monthly Pack Exp won't be reset
New in Clash of Kings 4.24.0
Optimize and adjust function:
Optimize the display in the interfaces
- Add max display when troop’s talent reach the max level in the「Prayer Hall」
- The ranking of the「Treasure Rift」 will display Lords’ Kingdom number
- Optimized the order in the daily rewards interface
New in Clash of Kings 4.23.0
The second slot has been unlocked in the Magic House
- The second wearing slot has been launched in the Magic House - Magic Book - Wear. You can use items to improving the slot's quality

Opening the Strongest Kingdom
- The Strongest Kingdom event opened in Kingdoms 2031 to 2042
New in Clash of Kings 4.22.0
「Book of Balance」 has been launched
- The new Occult: 「Book of Balance」 has been launched in the Sage's Tower. Analyze the Occult to improve attributes of the corresponding units.

Optimization and adjustment
Entrance to web events
- Added an entrance to the web event center in the Mail page
New in Clash of Kings 4.19.0
Adjustment and optimization
King's Reinforcement
- After you failed to defend your castle, King Balder will send troop to bring you huge amount of supplies urgently to make some compensation for your loss.
New in Clash of Kings 4.18.0
Tower of Exile
- New entrance: a new entrance to the Tower of Exile has been added in Hospital

Travelling Merchant
- Optimized the purchasing animation of the Travelling Merchant

- Reduced the frequency of rolling system message for Auction
New in Clash of Kings 4.17.0
Adjustment and optimization
- Optimization of the Alliance Recharge Carnival
1. Optimized the display interface of the Alliance Recharge Carnival, the rewards will be displayed clearer
2. Adjust the rewards content and amount for each stage
New in Clash of Kings 4.16.0
Optimization and Adjustment
- Optimized the effect of Wonder
- Dragon-glass will be activated automatically at the first time when it was recharged
- The recommendation notice of the Strongest Kingdom will be displayed in Event Center during stages except the Conquest stage
New in Clash of Kings 4.15.0
Dragon interface of the new version
- The dragon interface has been changed. The operations and displays in the interface related to dragon have been optimized

Treasure Rift
- Adjusted the discount goods of the Rift Store

Obtaining Items
- Increased the approaches to obtaining Magic Shard V
New in Clash of Kings 4.14.0
Christmas Hero:
The Christmas Hero is coming with her mysterious gifts. You can obtain hero recruitment cards, rare alliance treasure and the Christmas gift box from her.
- Christmas hero: you can obtain her in both Common Recruitment and Advanced Recruitment
New in Clash of Kings 4.13.0
Optimization and adjustment
Optimization and adjustment to the Treasure Rift
- Added daily purchase limit and reset time to the Rift Store
- The magnate ranking of Treasure Rift has been launched
Effect of Engraving
- Effect of successfully engraving will be displayed
New in Clash of Kings 4.12.0
The new version fast switch
- The updated fast switch will be launched. Lords with VIP5 and above will obtain 3 slots for free
- The Lords who have previously purchased can collect compensation in the mail.

Slaughter Battlefield
- Newly added guide video for the Slaughter Battlefield
New in Clash of Kings 4.11.0
New Events:
The joint event between Clash of Kings and Metal Slug has been launched.
The character: Marchrius Rossi from Metal Slug will arrive in the CoK lands via the teleport gate. He brings the news that legions of another world are going to invade CoK’s lands. Lords, get ready for the battles
New in Clash of Kings 4.10.0
S6 Dragon Campaign is about to be launched, please stay tuned
The joint events between Clash of Kings and Metal Slug is coming. It is a mysterious journey about the steam machine, please stay tuned
Prayer Hall
- Added tips to guide player how to unlock the locked soldiers
New in Clash of Kings 4.08.0
- Changed the appearance of the hero: Thorn Flower
- Changed the appearance of the farm in the world map
- Changed the appearance of the Campsite
- Changed the background picture of the hero interface
New in Clash of Kings 4.07.0
Halloween Events
- Access: the Pumpkin inside the castle and the Pumpkin icon on the right side of main interface.
- Quiz: Do you want to know more about Halloween? Come to have a quiz. Join the quiz to obtain rewards such as Dragon Grapheme Stone, Civilization Crystal and speedup items.
New in Clash of Kings 4.06.0
Optimization and adjustment
Magic House
- Optimized the description of wearing Magic Skill, the skill that is worn will be displayed as activated
- Fixed the BUG that the upgrading of Magic Skill is displayed as adding star
- Added an effect after a Magic Skill is activated
New in Clash of Kings 4.05.0
Optimization and Adjustment
Mineral Vein
The Super Rally mode in the mineral Vein will be launched
- In the Mineral Vein Battlefield, a Super Rally option will be added to attack the Sacred Portal. When the Super Rally mode is available, Lords can start a Super Rally to attack the Sacred Portal
New in Clash of Kings 4.04.0
Magic College
In the magical land, Ice interweaves with fire, light tangles with darkness. Who can make full use of these powerful magical elements?
- [Magic Book] and [Magic House] will be added to the College
New in Clash of Kings 4.03.0
Decoration Enchanting
- Only permanent skins can be enchanted.
Will be available soon
Optimization of the skill interface
- We redesigned the skill interface again. A Save tab will be added and players can use all saved skills by one-key use. This can save players many operations.
New in Clash of Kings 4.02.0
Summit Attributes ranking
- All soldier unit attack, defense, HP attribute rankings have been added to the Ranking interface
- The highest soldier units' attribute of Lords' attribute
- Every 28 days, attribute rankings will be evaluated and rewards will be sent.
New in Clash of Kings 4.00.0
New Added:
The Gold Fountain has launched
- You can obtain the Gold Fountain Shards pack by wishing and killing monsters.
- Lords can send Gold Fountain Shards to each other for free, at most 5 times per day.
- Collect a whole set of shards to join the division of 500,000,000 gold!
New in Clash of Kings 3.48.0
Optimization and adjustment:
Screenshot share adjustment;
- The rewards for daily first sharing have been changed to huge amount of Lord EXP, please go have a try (after use the screenshot of your cellphone, wait for a few seconds and you can see the Screenshot share function in the lower left corner)
New in Clash of Kings 3.47.0
Campsite adjustment:
- Lv. 1, Lv. 3, Lv. 5 and Lv. 7 campsite will produce a small amount of Promotion Stone
- The soldiers wounded rate when attacking the campsites has been reduced to 10%
New in Clash of Kings 3.45.0
Alliance Hospital optimization:
- Reduced the amount of honor needed for healing wounded soldiers in the Alliance Hospital
New in Clash of Kings 3.44.0
Screenshot sharing function:
- After using the screenshot function of your mobile phone, a Thumbnail of the picture will appear on the left side of game’s interface. Tap it to share the screenshot to social networks, you can receive rewards for the first sharing per day.
New in Clash of Kings 3.42.0
Added new functions:
New Lv. 12 units now available!
Unlock requirements:
Unlock by researching the corresponding science of the Ancestral Spirit after your castle reaches Prestige 5
New in Clash of Kings 3.41.0
Ancient Dragon Tower:
-Added floors 65-80 in the Dragon trials. New XII units will appear in the new floors. My Lords, go and challenge the Dragon Tower and win abundant Dragon treasure!
New in Clash of Kings 3.38.0
Strongest Infantry Combat Hero is coming soon
-The hero has Infantry exclusive single talent and powerful Infantry skills. Get ready to recruit!
New in Clash of Kings 3.36.0
Sage's Tower:
Added new Analyzing content into the Book of Eternal Life
New in Clash of Kings 3.35.0
Mineral Vein Optimization
- All kingdoms will be put in the same matching pool.

Dragon Campaign Playoffs
- Rewards have been greatly upgraded, S5 castle skins and nameplate are awaiting you.
New in Clash of Kings 3.33.0
Auction Optimization:
- Added Auction achievement rewards;
- Items will be auctioned according to classification;
- Added auction points to the strongest Kingdom event;
Above optimization is available for version 3.32.0 and above
New in Clash of Kings 3.32.0
"New Gameplay! Treasure Rift is Coming in May
Easy to participate! Non-loss PVP! Test of the Treasure Rift will open soon!
New in Clash of Kings 3.31.0
"New Gameplay! Treasure Rift is Coming in May
Easy to participate! Non-loss PVP! Test of the Treasure Rift will open soon!
New in Clash of Kings 3.30.0
"Balanced Supreme Legion:
-Paladin can take more damage in a battle.
-Increased the dodge odds, increased Griffin Knight’s damage to Archer.
-Enhanced Del Fire’s survival ability.
-Increased Gronde Siege’s attack, increased its damage to Cavalry and the chance of ignoring the enemy's dodge odds."
New in Clash of Kings 3.29.0
"New gameplay: Firearms Camps is available!
-You can unlock the building: Firearms Camp at the Torrent Valley when your castle reaches Lv.30.
-Upgrade this building to unlock more types of cannonballs.
-You can use cannonballs to hit other players, even the ones under the protection of a peace shield."
New in Clash of Kings 3.28.0
"New Feature: Firearms Camps is available!
-You can unlock the building: Firearms Camp at the Torrent Valley.
-Upgrade this building to unlock more types of cannonballs.
-You can use cannonballs to hit other players, even the ones under the protection of a peace shield."
New in Clash of Kings 3.25.0
"Auction:-A push message will be sent to you when the auction opens and rare items appear.-Added an entry to the Daily Quests - blue book on the main UI.-When the auction opens, a bubble tip will pop up on the traveli"
New in Clash of Kings 3.24.0
"Hero Recruitment StartsNew hero recruitment function including common recruitment and advanced recruitment is available in the hero palace. You can get a complete hero and hero recruitment card through recruitment"
New in Clash of Kings 3.23.0
"The strongest kingdom points optimizationAdd a variety of ways to get points in the process of soldiers training , researching technology, castle construction and monster killing."
New in Clash of Kings 3.22.0
"Dragon Campaign Optimization-Fixed a bug that the Knight Hall was not allowed to be attacked. Added the battle record function to the Knight Hall.-Modified the appearance and size of the buildings."
New in Clash of Kings 3.21.0
"Advance Notice of New Functions:-Hero Recruitment System will be released soon.You can access through the pop up button on the Hero Palace. There is a chance for you to get heroes as well as tons of Hero Recruitment Cards by using items. Moreover, there are 5 brand new heroes awaiting you."
New in Clash of Kings 3.20.0
"Added Formation Recommendation:-You can enable the function when starting a rally.-After enabling this function, the starter’s formation will be pushed to participators."
New in Clash of Kings 3.19.0
"This unit has high Accuracy and super explosive force which can make it play out-standing performance in battles!Unit Skill: Advanced Pike, Sharpness, Critical Hit and Dragon in the Wild!"
New in Clash of Kings 3.18.0
"DC Optimization-The Knight Hall won’t automatically send out Dark Knight after being occupied any more. Some soldiers will appear in the Knight Hall periodically. You can acquire points by killing the garrisoned soldiers."
New in Clash of Kings 3.17.0
"Brand new Lv.11 Cavalry - Slaughter Cavalry is ready for battle! This unit has strong survivability, and they are good at combat!-Unit’s Skill: Advanced Charge, Dodge, Critical Hit and Random Shot!"
New in Clash of Kings 3.16.0
"Event:Welcome the New Year-Collect New Year Painting to get rich reward. Find Surprise Gift Box on the world map. The carnival won’t stop!-Event time: 2017/12/28 - 2018/01/04-Will be held simultaneously with the Christmas Event."
New in Clash of Kings 3.15.0
3.15updateThe most powerful hero for city development: Creator - Bartholdi will be available soon. He can be upgraded to maximum Star Level 3. His activate skills will free your resources needed for building. His talent can reduce the Food and Wood needed for development. No need to worry about resource insufficiency anymore!-Hero Palace level limit is increased from 20 to 21-The Prison level limit is increased from 15 to 19
New in Clash of Kings 3.14.0
"Optimization-Increase overall loading speed.-Optimized combat calculation process, which will allow you to receive battle reports faster.-Optimized the Cavalry Charge effect.-Optimized water visual effects for the Huaxia and the Yamato."
New in Clash of Kings 3.13.0
"Dark Knight Event Optimization-Fully improved the rewards and increased the difficulty. More risks, more rewards!Dragon Word - Intelligent Activation is coming soon-You will no longer be trapped in fusing and disassembling Dragon Grapheme Stones. Activate the target Dragon Word with one-key!"
New in Clash of Kings 3.12.0
New expansion - Huaxia has officially opened. You can experience this historic civilization by switching the civilization.
New in Clash of Kings 3.11.0
"The Greatly awaited - Chinese Civilization will be available soon- Features of the Chinese Civilization: Sea of people!All units attack up!March Size up!Rally Attack up!- Chinese Civilization Exclusive Hero: Blacksmith Master - Mo YeForging Speed up!Material production speed up!"
New in Clash of Kings 3.10.0
"Overlord War will be available soon!- The first Overlord War will start in the Cold Winter Overlord Palace. The Overlord will not only acquire Overlord Privileges but also acquire unique Overlord Equipment!- Please pay close attention to in-game mails and Kingdom News to get more details."
New in Clash of Kings 3.9.0
"New gameplay - Civilization Fortress:- The Civilization Fortress function can be opened when your castle reaches Lv.10.- You can place the Civilization Fortress on the world map in your kingdom.- The Civilization Fortress produces Civilization Crystal, which can be used to upgrade Ancestral Spirit."
New in Clash of Kings 3.5.0
"Upcoming New Gameplay:- New equipment will be available soon.- The brand new equipment system will greatly help you enhance your power!- We will balance the game further by broadening the way of acquiring Materials."
New in Clash of Kings 3.4.0
"Event: 3 Year Anniversary Carnival - Fourth Wave!- Anniversary Red Envelope: when any lord purchases a pack, the system will deliver a Red Envelope to the Kingdom Chat. The more expensive the pack, the bigger the Red Envelope!"
New in Clash of Kings 3.3.0
"Event: 3 Year Anniversary Carnival - Third Wave!During the event:- Every 2 hours (system time), the world boss: Furious Monster will be summoned on the world map! It is invulnerable, and can resist any physical attack. Only the Bright Firework can deal damage to it!"
New in Clash of Kings 3.2.0
Event: 3 Year Anniversary Carnival - Second Wave!
New in Clash of Kings 3.1.0
"Event: 3 Year Anniversary Carnival - First Wave!Time flies, Clash of Kings is 3 years old.We have prepared various events for you, please enter the game and enjoy the big party!You can get a variety of rewards during the carnival, including the 3rd Anniversary Cake Castle Skin!"
New in Clash of Kings 2.57.0
"New Dragon Words: Prosperity, Counterattack, and Armed AdministrationThe new dragon words correspond to popularity development, defense attack and training soldiers."
New in Clash of Kings 2.56.0
"Newly Added:- Brand new Civilization Popularity Science, Lords can research new Science to gain greater bonuses!Korea Liberation Day:- During the event, you can gain "Fans" from gathering in the world, inside your Castle, and also from making wishes. Use the "Fans" to gain great rewards."
New in Clash of Kings 2.55.0
"New Version - Rise of the Civilization Officially Released!- Three Brand New Civilizations: Viking, Yamato and Dragon-born will be released. Each civilization will retain unique themes and rich game-play features. They will also have unique Dragons, Buildings and Heroes."
New in Clash of Kings 2.54.0
"New Version ""Rise of the Civilization"" is coming!-3 Brand New Civilizations: Viking, Yamato and Dragon-born will be released. Each Civilization will retain unique themes and rich game-play systems. They will also have unique Dragons, Buildings and Heroes."
New in Clash of Kings 2.53.0
"Event:Trial Field has opened, Lords can join the Trail Field to gain rich rewardsOthers:-Updated Alliance Pack. Prestige Badge, Research Stone, Magic Stone, etc have been added into the Pack-Adjusted and optimized the Weekly and Monthly Pass"
New in Clash of Kings 2.52.0
"New Monthly Pack onlineNew Queen’s SetNew Prestige SetEvent- The Loyal Souls are back in the world, please bring them home, my lord!"
New in Clash of Kings 2.51.0
"Take the Bastille event- During the event, several Bastille will appear in the world. You can take the Bastille to liberate it, and then win huge rewards.Newly added- Added Lv.21 to Lv.25 Dragon Grapheme Stone, the lords can combine these Dragon Grapheme Stone and get new Dragon Words."
New in Clash of Kings 2.50.0
"Running of the Bulls event opens!- During the Running of the Bulls event, you can obtain Lost Horns by gathering resources, and then use them to receive lots of rewards."
New in Clash of Kings 2.48.0
"More equipment set gameplay- Added Reform feature to the Equipment Set pieces, now you can build exclusive equipment set.- Added Fearless Equipment Set, fully improved ability of development, construction and training."
New in Clash of Kings 2.47.0
"Ancient Battlefield Rating Optimization-Ancient Battlefield now will be divided into Lv.1, Lv.2, and Lv.3.Items Use Optimization-You can use multiple Lv.1 Soldiers Recruitment items at once"
New in Clash of Kings 2.46.0
"Mineral Vein event re-openedOptimizations based on player feedback- Optimized the kingdom pairing rule of the Strongest Kingdom event"
New in Clash of Kings 2.45.0
"Happy Children’s Day event- During the event, you will receive Lollipops when gathering in the world and wishing in the city. Use the lollipop to obtain massive rewards! You will also have a chance to get a limited Children’s Day castle decoration!"
New in Clash of Kings 2.44.0
Get our Google Play Ramadan Offer: 70% Off! Don't miss the great deal!"New Hero: Supply Specialist- The New Hero - Supply Specialist is online, you can recruit him in the Hero Palace for your service!- More exclusive skills are waiting for you to explore!- Player needs to update the game to 2.43.0 and above versions to see the new hero – Supply Specialist."
New in Clash of Kings 2.39.0
"New DLC: A Feast for Kings!We will open exciting new game content, Prestige 6 will be online. The Supreme Legion will join the battlefield; Also, several new buildings will be unlocked: Prayer Hall, Discipline Hall, Shelter; and new books in the Sage's Tower.Optimization:- The Loyal Exiles event will be open constantly from now on. When the Tower of Exile opens, you will be able to recall 20% of the exiles for free."
New in Clash of Kings 2.38.0
"- In celebration of the new game content “A Feast for Kings”, we adjusted the rewards for the following event:- Strongest Kingdom: Increase the resources and speedup items significantly.- Dragon Campaign: Increase the resources, speedup, and Prestige Badge rewards significantly.- Battle for the Throne: Increase the resources, speedup, and Prestige Badge rewards significantly.- Mineral Vein: Added the Prestige Badge in the personal ranking rewards.New DLC: A Feast for Kings"
New in Clash of Kings 2.37.0
Google Play’s Songkran Sale 2017Strongest Kingdom Optimization- Now you can check the event rankings and schedule in the Ranking Rewards interface.
New in Clash of Kings 2.36.0
The Border Mineral Vein Attack event- During the event, the Fairy Anjana will appear in the city and bring rewards to player every 5 minutes! Players can get a maximum of 50 rewards per day.Alliance Group Buying- The alliance members can purchase the group buying packs at a low price!New research technologies:Preparation technology &Enhancement technology
New in Clash of Kings 2.35.0
Brand New Dragon Words- Recently, some Mages from the Black Bone Legion hiding in the Lokenhill forest joined our army; thus, ending their life of exile. As a gift, they brought back some extremely powerful Dragon Words to the Palace of Dragon Words!- New Dragon Words contains: Scavenger, Dragon Knight, Bless, All In, Resourcefulness, Blood bath and City Strike.Feature preview:New Kingdom Conquest: the Strongest Kingdom
New in Clash of Kings 2.34.0
Hero Purification Optimization- You will get 2 free chances of Hero Purification; which can be used on any hero. The free purification time will reset every day, and cannot be added to the next day.Device Account Feature- You can find this feature in the account switching interface, and use it to switch accounts easily.Others- Optimized the appearance of the Griffin on the world map.
New in Clash of Kings 2.33.0
The Dragon’s max level has been increased to lvl.35- Blue Dragon and Red Dragon max level increased to lvl.35Contract Dragon Word event opened- It will be marked as Contract Dragon Word, there is only one Contract Dragon Word in each category.-Event time: 08/03 to 15/03, after the event you will not be able to activate the Contract Dragon Words.
New in Clash of Kings 2.32.0
New Dragon SkillsNew Grow Guide- You can now check the “Power Guide” at the Tavern to help you improve your power more efficiently.New Hero: Merchant- Recruit the Merchant at the Hero PalaceGirl's Day event- Get Sushi or Juicy grilled meat from gathering resources in the world during the event
New in Clash of Kings 2.31.0
Cantabrian's choice- During the event, the Fairy Anjana will appear in the city and bring rewards to player every 5 minutes! Players can get a maximum of 50 rewards per day.Alliance Group Buying- The alliance members can purchase the group buying packs at a low price!Sage's TechnologyTroop Balance AdjustmentGold Speedup OptimizationOthers- To keep the fairness of the Duel Skill, Heroes and Dragons will not be able to join the Duel fight.
New in Clash of Kings 2.30.0
Valentine’s day Event-Killing wild monsters will give you a chance to see the True Love Gift Box, visit the True Love Gift Box to get Flower Buckets and other rewards-Bulgarian Roses can be used on yourself or other Lords, when the Bulgarian Roses reach a certain number the appearance of your Castle will changeHero optimizationOther-When the Duel skill id activated you’ll be unable to capture heroes
New in Clash of Kings 2.29.0
Brand new Red Dragon online, skill effect:Blue Dragon Crystal Exchange event- You can exchange any extra Blue Dragon Crystals for dragon related items\Others- The gold cost for finishing up the training queue will be increased slightly after system time 02:00 09/02/2017- Reduced the building power of the Militar y Tent, Hospital, Mithril Mine, Iron Mine, Sawmill and Farm below lv.28.
New in Clash of Kings 2.28.0
Gift from the AlchemistKeys for the Zongzi PackageOthers- The gold cost for finishing up the training queue will be increased slightly after system time 02:00 17/01/2017
New in Clash of Kings 2.27.0
Laba FestivalKing’s ReinforcementNew Special Resource Plots EventYou can randomly check 10 Special Resource Plots in the world map (Above 2.26.0)OthersReduced the difficulty of first 6 levels of Hero Trials, adjusted the wounded percentage from 80% to 50%Change the user limit for Red Envelopes, now you need lv.20 castle to use the Red Envelopes
New in Clash of Kings 2.25.1
Get Your Google Play Flash Deal Offer Now!- From Speedups to Prestige Badges, from $0.99 to $99.99, 48 hours available!Ice Troll Invasion (need V.2.24.0 or above)Dragon Optimization- You can continue to feed the dragon by tap on the Feed button for a while- Add Magic Stone acquire access: Magic Stone Synthesis, The Docks- New sticker online!
New in Clash of Kings 2.25.0
Winter Wonderland EventSong of the BardDragon Campaign Play-off Spectator ModeRyan (Prince) Skill description error modificationThe actual effect of the “Brave Infantry” is Infantry attack +11% instead of infantry damage +10%, now this description has been modified to Brave Infantry: Infantry Attack +11%Hero Optimization1. The heroes can now be garrisoned at the Castle, Embassy, Turret and Fortress.
New in Clash of Kings 2.24.0
Christmas Market Event- During the Event, you will have a chance to obtain Mulled wine from making wishes, and Lebkuchen from gathering in the world.- Optimized the Saga Tower user interfaceAdded the Dragon Skill effect into the Battle Reports.Increased the max level of the Exploiter and HR Officer to lv.45.
New in Clash of Kings 2.22.0
Hero Equipment1. Now the Heroes can put on equipment, the equipment will bring extra bonuses to the heroes.Land of Trials EventTroop Balance Adjustment1. The chance of a Combo Attack made by the Prestige 5 Archers has been reduced slightly.2. The Damage of the Swipe attack from the Prestige 5 Pikeman has been increased.Hero Feature OptimizationExile Tower Optimization
New in Clash of Kings 2.21.0
Sage's Tower Opens1. You can unlock the Sage's Tower when castle reaches level 23Research Workshop Opens1. You can unlock the Research Workshop when castle reaches level 23, the Research Workshop will produce the Research Stones for you!New Dragon WordHero Capture opensPrison and Cemetery opensThanksgiving EventMother's Day Event
New in Clash of Kings 2.20.0
Hero TrialsDragon Skill UpgradingKingdom Conquest MissionMagic Mirror and Magic Cape1. Brand new items: Magic Mirror and Magic CapeBlossom EventDragon Optimization1. Added the Dragon preview, you can check the dragon appearance, skills and acquire access before you get the dragon egg.
New in Clash of Kings 2.19.0
Hero Palace AdjustmentHero Matching2nd Queue Weekly PackNew Dragon TechnologySpecial Resource Plots EventSmall Lucky Chest EventOptimizationDragon CampaignKingdom ConquestOpening requirement for the Torrent Valley dropped to lv.21
New in Clash of Kings 2.18.0
Hero Palace is here!- You can recruit heroes in the Hero Palace, each hero has unique talent and 2 special skills.Bonfire Night!Major Updates- The max level for Princess Novia and Prince Ryan in the castle increased to lv.15!- Their previous skill effect will be stronger after level up!Equipment Set Interface Optimization- Added more helping guide, assist you to build the legendary equipment set easier!
New in Clash of Kings 2.17.1
Happy Halloween!Blue Dragon!Land of Trials EventThere are unknown monsters in the Tavern! They dare challenge you to a one-on-one fight. Defeat them to get treasure chests!Throw Eggs!New City Area: Torrent Valley!New Alliance Cannon Shell - Explosive ShellsKingdom Conquest OptimizationAdded the Nearby News, you can check what the nearby players were doing!
New in Clash of Kings 2.16.1
Ancient Dragon TowerDragon Technology OpensSmall Lucky Chest EventMajor Updates- If you voluntarily break the Peace Shield by war behavior, you cannot use the Pease Shield again in certain period of time.Others- Now you can cancel the active state of the skill of Duel.
New in Clash of Kings 2.15.0
Attribute Equipment Sets- New Attribute Equipment Set, gain powerful buffs when you have collected the full set!VIP Chest- VIP Lords can get exclusive VIP chests now!Major Update- New feature in the House of Brotherhood -- People Nearby, you can find the players around you now!
New in Clash of Kings 2.14.0
Dragon Rise-The Dragon in your castle can defend your city when it reaches lv.10. Each battle will cost your friendship with the dragon.New Shells for Alliance CannonNinja EventOthers-Added the Kingdom News to Kingdom Chat, you will know what’s going on in your kingdom.
New in Clash of Kings 2.13.1
The Lost Magic Stone Event-During this event, you can get Magic Stones from making wishes and gathering resources in the world.Lucky Chest-Traveling Merchant brings mysterious lucky chests and lucky keys.Name Your DragonTower of Exiles OptimizationOthers-Added a upper limit for stamina at 1000.
New in Clash of Kings 2.12.0
Alliance TrapFull-Moon Festival Event-Clash of Kings Game Studio wishes you a happy Full-Moon FestivalOptimized Alliance Buildings-The cannon can bomb all opponent castles within its range, no longer limit by alliance territory (enemy's castle no longer needs to be within your alliance territory)Others-Optimized the flower button and nameplate art
New in Clash of Kings 2.11.0
Special in-game items for Galaxy Note 7 usersGrowth of the Dragon-The mysterious power of the Dragon Race has been aroused! Now your Dragon will grow rapidly and keep leveling up!Prestige Level for the WatchtowerPrestige Level for WallsPrestige Level for Depot-Lords may loot a limited amount of enemies’ safe resources every day.Optimized Kingdom Conquest
New in Clash of Kings 2.10.0
Evil Dragon Comes Again-Evil Dragons will appear in the world.Improved visual experienceImproved the Dragon Bond-Improved the dragon’s appearance. It is cooler than before!Others-Improved the display in Event Center. Those ongoing events will be displayed first.
New in Clash of Kings 2.9.1
Elite Troop technologyBond of the Dragon-Continually communicate with the Dragon, it will eventually become your powerful assistant!Others-Today is the birthday of the old king—Balder. Gather resources in your castle or wish in the wishing well, and you will receive mystery gifts!
New in Clash of Kings 2.8.0
The Tower of Exile-The soldiers that are killed in Kingdom Conquest will become exiles.Flower Function AdjustmentOlympic Games Quiz Event-You have chances to get rewards by guessing the answer to the daily quiz .Others-Improved the matching rules for Dragon Campaign.
New in Clash of Kings 2.7.0
Google Play Summer SalesFrom Aug 11th to Aug 19thSummer Promotion Pack 70% offFlower FunctionMilitary Rank SystemLucky Day Event-If you are one of the lucky Lords you will receive some buffs.Important Update-The Dragon Campaign registration time has been changed from local to system.Others-Everyday you can invest in overseas trade to get gold.
New in Clash of Kings 2.6.2
New DragonglassDecoration System UpdateAuto-search ResourcesImprove Alliance CannonBalance the Units-Slightly decrease Archer attack.Balance the Kingdom Conquest-Balance to the tax time: Decrease from 3 days to 1 day, but increase the tax rate.
New in Clash of Kings 2.5.1
Kingdom Conquest is coming soon-When you go to another kingdom, you can teleport anywhere within that kingdom. In your target kingdom, you can attack their castles, plunder their resources and even occupy their palace-The losing kingdom should pay resource tax to the winners within the next 3 daysHeroes Coming-Heroes can be summoned: Princess Novia and Prince Ryan.-Upgrading heroes will strengthen their skills and also unlock new skills.Medical Technology will be available soon
New in Clash of Kings 2.4.1
New Alliance Building--Cannon-The Cannon is powerful, it can ignore the peace shield and bomb enemy Lords’ castle directlyTree of life is coming soonNew Dragon WordsOthers-7 Days in a row Pack and Fast-growing weekly pack is available
New in Clash of Kings 2.4.0
New Alliance Building--Cannon-The Cannon is powerful, it can ignore the peace shield and bomb enemy Lords’ castle directlyTree of life is coming soonNew Dragon WordsOthers-7 Days in a row Pack and Fast-growing weekly pack is available
New in Clash of Kings 2.3.0
The second Alliance Super Mine is available-Every day you can buy valuable items at a low priceOptimized the alliance buildingsDragon-glass adjustmentOthers-Optimized the operation experience of fusing and disassembling Dragon Grapheme Stone
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