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Description of Comunio

Manage your team from your mobile!

comunio, the online football manager game, lets you take control of your own football team. The game is based on the real world results of your favorite football league, including

- premier league
- 1. Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga
- Primera Division and Segunda Division
and more!

Play against your friends, family and co-workers in your own mini-league and show them who has the most knowledge about football.

Some games can be played outside the football world: Formula 1 and Wintersports.

Version history Comunio
New in Comunio 1.11.52
- fix missing substitute players in live score view
New in Comunio 1.11.48
- preparation for season restart
- fix possible crash on android 4 devices
New in Comunio 1.11.46
- fix missing players on match reports, corrected display of own goals
- bugfixes
New in Comunio 1.11.43
- hotfix for re-login only working after app is closed
- smaller bugfixes
New in Comunio 1.11.38
- hotfix for quick price select
- reduced memory usage
- improved buyout feature
- bug fixes
New in Comunio 1.11.36
- fix reloading of player images
- other translations and fixes
New in Comunio 1.11.35
- Fix a crash on Android 5 Lollipop
- Fix for admin settings and watchlist
- smaller improvements
New in Comunio 1.11.34
- IMPORTANT: fix for "wrong password error", if you get this error, please remove account from device and re-login.
New in Comunio 1.11.31
- hotfix for jellybean phones
New in Comunio 1.11.27
- General fixes
New in Comunio 1.11.26
- fix crash when entering cup creation
- other improvements and fixes
New in Comunio 1.11.20
- add more information in detailed player view
New in Comunio 1.11.14
- fixed login for La Liga 2
- fixed image loading for La Liga
- translations
New in Comunio 1.11.12
- fixed crash on certain tablets
- updated translations
New in Comunio 1.11.9
- fixes problems with new lineups after position changes
- fixes problems and enhances archived cups
New in Comunio 1.11.5
- fix problem reverting lineup
- fix problem with Android 4.4 devices
- fix changing lineup
- performance and memory optimizations
- better presentation on small devices and tablets
- create a new cup in the app (community admins only, currently limited to plus/pro players)
- new news partner for Werder Bremen (Bundesliga only)
New in Comunio 1.10.32
- fix application hanging after accepting an offer
- fix possible crash introduced with new fast select
- fix german translation not showing on fast select
New in Comunio 1.10.29
- hotfix for login problems on Android 9.0
New in Comunio 1.10.26
internal updates, cleaned up layouts
New in Comunio 1.10.23
- add player points history in "detailed player view" (press "details button", plus/pro or statistics package owners)
- add more news for bundesliga
- fix Community Cup menu item showing even if Cup is not yet available for the league
- fix crash on Community Cup screen when switching groups
- fix occasional black screen
- fix exchange offer "accept" dialog not showing the correct players
New in Comunio 1.10.20
- fix image display for Süper Lig
- move community news feed
- updating internals, bug fixing
New in Comunio 1.10.18
- changes to detailed player layouts
- new news feeds for Spain
New in Comunio 1.10.15
- reload standings
- fix special characters in hotnews (Bundesliga)
- smaller fixes
New in Comunio 1.10.12
- updated turkish localization, thanks Yusuf
New in Comunio 1.10.11
- market filters for computer/player
- past offers are highlighted with color (green: accepted, processed, red: declined, grey: canceled)
- player id displayed in menue
- bugfix for account registration
New in Comunio 1.10.9
- from news screen: open player/manager profiles in the app (selected leagues)
- reload button for selected screens to check for new offers or news
- transfer market displayed similar to desktop version (full market, offers to you, your offers)
- fix for transfermarket not displaying certain previous transfers
- fix for special characters causing problems on login names and news entries
New in Comunio 1.9.29
- hotfix display of dates
New in Comunio 1.9.28
- fix accepting of exchange offers (pro)
- maintanance, smaller fixes
New in Comunio 1.9.27
- total score leaderboard shows last game day points instead of livepoints- press back button twice to exit app
New in Comunio 1.9.24
stability fixesfix outdated data showing after long inactivityre-added football news in .de
New in Comunio 1.9.20
- hotfix for setting substitute players- translations
New in Comunio 1.9.18
- translation fixes- several bug fixes
New in Comunio 1.9.17
new lineup option for pro players. fix crash in leaderboard on tablets.
New in Comunio 1.9.16
update 3rd party libs
New in Comunio 1.9.15
- fix last points not showing correctly for some players- new links to expected lineups
New in Comunio 1.9.12
1.8.25- fixes to leaderboard, error messages in transfermarket and notifications1.8.24- update 3rdparty libs1.8.23- fix crash in landscape mode1.8.22- fix possible error in watchlist- add switch to order leaderboard1.8.21- merge total score and last day to one leaderboard- fix layouts and possible crash on tablets1.8.20- prediction game results available at leaderboards- modernized navigation menue
New in Comunio 1.9.10
- fix news posting for basic players- fix login problems- fix reported crashes
New in Comunio 1.9.5
- select next season candidates from lineup menu
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