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Description of Crypt4All Lite (AES)

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This application is used for encrypting and decrypting files with 256 bit AES algorithm. You can use it to encrypt files before putting them on online locations (cloud storage, Google Drive, Skydrive, Box, Dropbox, Gmail, etc.) or to store encrypted sensitive files on your Android phone so that they are unreadable to those who don't know your password.

This application is accompanied by clients for different operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and operating systems that can run Java. Source code of AES Crypt algorithm and client software is available at AES Crypt (http://www.aescrypt.com).

• 256 bit AES encryption format (AES Crypt version 2)
• File encryption and decryption
• Secure erase of original files after encryption or decryption
• Internal file browser for selecting, deleting and renaming files, setting output directory, setting key file
• Send/share functionality (Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox, Gmail, Bluetooth etc.)
• Encrypt your files before putting them in the cloud storage (Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox etc.)
• Password can be in Unicode (you can select password like "密碼 パスワード пароль كلمة السر" )
• Password can be up to 100 characters (minimum 6 and recommended at least 12 characters or more)
• Encrypted files have .aes extension which clients on other operating systems recognize
• Select where files will go after encryption/decryption (ie. sync folders)
• Key file support (file which contains password up to 1024 characters in length for encryption/decryption)

Notice: Speed of encryption or decryption depends a lot on speed of internal memory/SD card!

Supported client software (http://www.aescrypt.com/download.html)
• Windows 32&64 bit
• Mac OS
• Linux
• Cross-platform Java

Available languages
• Arabic (العربية)
• Chinese (中文 - 繁體, 简体)
• English
• French
• German
• Italian
• Japanese (日本語)
• Korean (한국어)
• Polish
• Portuguese (Brazil)
• Russian (Pусский)
• Slovenian
• Spanish

If you want to contribute a new language translation or make existing translation better, please send email.

Version history Crypt4All Lite (AES)
New in Crypt4All Lite 1.5.12
Version 1.5.12

• Bugfix
New in Crypt4All Lite 1.5.11
Version 1.5.11

• Removed donate links to comply with Google Play rules
• Added native support for encryption/decryption on 64-bit systems
• Permissions handling
New in Crypt4All Lite 1.5.10
Version 1.5.10

• Kannada translation (Karthik K - {khkarthik@gmail.com})
New in Crypt4All Lite 1.5.9
Version 1.5.9• Russian translation
New in Crypt4All Lite 1.5.8
Version 1.5.8• Korean translation (坂本 由利)
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