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Description of Dashtoon: Comics & Manga

We at Dashtoon are curating the best stories across the globe and visualising them into comics and graphic novels. Discover dazzling universes, soaring beyond superheroes and clichés! A realm awaits. It’s as if Manga creators and American directors teamed up to craft spellbinding comics. Brace yourself for mind-blowing diversity!

Binge-read top-trending series, each transporting you to unique realms beyond imagination. Uncover mysteries, experience wonder, and find the story you love, waiting just a click away.
Whether you crave love tales, heart-pounding adventures, or the thrill of the in-between, every manga enthusiast will find their uninterrupted narrative fix, with a new episode per comic every week.

Venture into the vibrant world of globalised manga and manhwa, filled with captivating plots and stunning graphics. Newbie or seasoned reader, Dashtoon satisfies your quest for adventure, curiosity, passion, and more.

Experience the joy of endless binge-reading. We globalize manga and manhwa, making them fun and accessible. So, sit back, relax, and let our comics transport you to a universe of boundless discovery.

You're one click away from unearthing the next Naruto, One Piece, or Pokemon sensation! Join us on our quest to unleash the next groundbreaking Anime franchise upon the world!

Version history Dashtoon: Comics & Manga
New in Dashtoon 2.6.1
Bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.6.0
Change UI components for home screen
New in Dashtoon 2.5.99
Changed UI to expand shows on home screen
New in Dashtoon 2.5.98
Bug fixes and performance improvement
New in Dashtoon 2.5.97
Unmuted Ads
New in Dashtoon 2.5.95
Reduced app loading time
New in Dashtoon 2.5.94
Bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.93
Bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.92
Bug Fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.91
Bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.90
Fix api call failures
New in Dashtoon 2.5.89
- Fixed referral bugs
New in Dashtoon 2.5.88
Bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.87
- Added episode unlock retry to tackle failures
- Fix for app crashes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.86
Performance improvement
New in Dashtoon 2.5.84
Bug fixes and performance improvements
New in Dashtoon 2.5.83
Bug fixes and performance improvements
New in Dashtoon 2.5.81
Episode unlock bug fix
New in Dashtoon 2.5.79
Fixed UI
Auto unlock full rollout
New in Dashtoon 2.5.78
Bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.77
Bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.76
Bug Fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.75
New feature: Notification Center
New in Dashtoon 2.5.74
Fix recommendation
New in Dashtoon 2.5.73
User can edit their name.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.72
Bug fixes & performance improvements
New in Dashtoon 2.5.71
Bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.70
Bug fixes and ux improvements
New in Dashtoon 2.5.69
Fixed bugs and UX improvements
New in Dashtoon 2.5.68
- Bug fixes and improvements
New in Dashtoon 2.5.67
- Fixed bugs
- Comments tagging fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.66
Fixed share show messaging
New in Dashtoon 2.5.65
- Referral flow fix
- Bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.64
Deep link fix
New in Dashtoon 2.5.63
- Bug fixes
- User reviews in show details page
New in Dashtoon 2.5.62
FB group incentive on home screen
New in Dashtoon 2.5.61
Fixed Login UI
New in Dashtoon 2.5.60
Shorts bug fix
New in Dashtoon 2.5.59
Starter pack promotional changes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.55
- Performance improvement
- Bug fixes
- Interactive messages in character chat
New in Dashtoon 2.5.53
Bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.52
Added user app rating feature
fixed ui issues
bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.49
Bug fixes and UI enhancements.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.47
Reader screen bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.46
Bug fixes
GDPR Consent
New in Dashtoon 2.5.45
Show finale bonus
New in Dashtoon 2.5.44
Episode unlock bug fix
New in Dashtoon 2.5.42
Bug fixes and performance improvement.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.38
Add christmas deal
New in Dashtoon 2.5.37
Fix episode open bug
New in Dashtoon 2.5.36
- Unlock episodes with Ads
- Fixed share show rewards.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.35
- Recommendation modules in library
- Reduced app size
- Show count down timer for next episode release date
- bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.34
Add complete profile to earn dashcash
New in Dashtoon 2.5.33
- Fix Black Screen On App Startup
- Fix Notification Access Bug
New in Dashtoon 2.5.32
- new shows on onboarding
- new reader screen loader
- bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.31
- Phone number login fix
- Home page loading ux improvement
- Earn dashcash bug fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.30
- New ways to earn Dashcash
- Next episode release date
New in Dashtoon 2.5.29
Fix bugs in video player and events.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.28
Crosswalk modules at episode lock screen and show details page.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.27
Bug fixes in store page.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.26
Store Page UI Improvements:
Enhanced the Store Page User Interface for a more user-friendly experience.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed a backend issue related to an invalid header.
Corrected inaccurate comments in the show detail feature.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.25
Bug fixes in unlocking episode and login
New in Dashtoon 2.5.23
Improved Onboarding UX.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.22
- Bug fixes around image loading.
- Daily pass popups
New in Dashtoon 2.5.20
Phone Number Login: Easily log in with your phone number for added convenience.

Bug Fixes: We've resolved payment errors for a smoother experience.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.19
- Added autoscroll to the currently reading episode.
- Enabled direct push to reader screen, even on locked episodes.
- Added a retry feature to images.
- Improved the smoothness of the early access slider.
- Fixed the issue where the chat message feedback bottom sheet was not being dismissed.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.18
Introducing the "Early Access Pass" – your key to early access to new episodes.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.17
New Home Modules: We're introducing new home modules for enhanced customization and functionality.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.16
Dashverse promotion
New in Dashtoon 2.5.15
Improved UI: We've revamped the interface, adding a new navigation bar for easy access to new shows.
Performance Boost: Experience faster and smoother navigation in Dashverse.
Enhanced Recommendations: Enjoy even better content suggestions tailored to your preferences.
Video Recommendations: Explore a wider range of videos alongside traditional recommendations.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.14
- Reduced app load time.
- Fixed bugs.
- Improved UI.
New in Dashtoon 2.5.11
Bug Fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.5.9
Bug Fixes
New in Dashtoon 2.4.3
Bug fixes and performance improvements
New in Dashtoon 2.4.1
1. Enhanced Error Handling: Heroes have debugged to ensure smoother navigation. Error messages now clearer than ever.
2. Low Internet Connectivity Messages: Now get speedy updates about slow or unstable internet conditions.
Update now for a seamless reading experience. Enjoy!
New in Dashtoon 2.2.0
Bug Fixes and UI Improvements
New in Dashtoon 2.0.29
Bug Fixes and UI improvements.
New in Dashtoon 2.0.27
Bug fixes and UI Improvements.
New in Dashtoon 2.0.24
Bug fixes
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