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  • Dig the Gemstone
  • Dig the Gemstone
  • Dig the Gemstone
  • Dig the Gemstone
  • Dig the Gemstone
Description of Dig the Gemstone

The miners under the coal kiln worked hard, and suddenly a corner of the coal kiln collapsed one day, and it turned out to be priceless Gemstone inside. There is a thick layer of rock around the Gemstone. If you want to get the precious Gemstone, you need to dig up the outer rock layer. The miners are working hard.

Touch the Gemstone with your finger and keep rubbing, and the friction will direct the miner to start mining. Because the rock layer is too thick and the progress of digging layer by layer is limited, we can use props, and use props to quickly dig through. And there are many places to get props, so you can get more props quickly. Regardless of manual friction or use of props, the ultimate goal is to get the Gemstone in the rock formation. Digging the rock formations will eventually get rich Gemstone rewards.

>Simple operation, quick start, immediately open the treasure mine.
> Clear goals, step by step, step by step like Gemstone.
> Item bonus, each item has powerful functions and obvious effects.
>Clear work, multiple methods of controlling miners are waiting for you to unlock.
>Friends help, invite your friends to share the joy of obtaining Gemstone.
>Dig the Gemstone invites you to get more Gemstone and receive more benefits.

Version history Dig the Gemstone
New in Dig the Gemstone 1.0.7
The version is updated and the content is optimized.
New in Dig the Gemstone 1.0.5
Optimized version to enhance stability.
New in Dig the Gemstone 1.0.4
Version optimization!
New in Dig the Gemstone 1.0.2
Fix some known bugs.
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