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Screenshots of Draw Rider 2
Description of Draw Rider 2

Welcome to Draw Rider 2 - fun arcade racing games in which both time trips and special missions are waiting for you.

Story Mode:
The main character is a guy called Max. Find out his incredible story that begins with a regular bike ride.

Challenge Mode:
The goal is simple - to survive and get to the finish line. This is not so easy to do: deadly traps and obstacles await you everywhere.

Level Editor:
Be creative! Built-in level editor is the main feature of Draw Rider 2. Feel yourself an architect and draw a unique track.

Play on the crazy tracks of other players. Compete, rate and set records!

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Version history Draw Rider 2
New in Draw Rider 2 2.1
After a long development, we are pleased to present a new update to the game Chameleon v2.1.

- Added new levels
- Added new sounds in the editor
- Added merge objects and grouping, while holding the finger
- Added creation of objects and standard objects
- Added new character skins (more than 100 options)
- Changed text
- Fixed selection of objects
- Fixed copying object to another depth
- Fixed loading levels in Online
- Many other minor changes.
New in Draw Rider 2 1.9
- Added Max voice (Many thanks to Domenick DeFrank)
- At all levels, added sounds and made various improvements.
- Added character strike sounds
- Added 3 levels
- Added reverse gear
- Added bmx jump
- Sounds in the game stop when the game is paused
- Modified by Emily
- Blood changed
- Fixed traces of blood
- Fixed a problem with the display of control buttons in the game and the editor
- Fixed shutdown of music in settings
- Other fixes and changes
New in Draw Rider 2 1.8.1
- Improved game speed
- Many different changes and fixes
New in Draw Rider 2 1.8
- Added the ability to climb a bike
- Changed the main menu
- Added new level
- Many changes at levels
- Many bugs and bugs fixed
- Soon there will be many new levels, thanks everyone for the support.
New in Draw Rider 2 1.5
New great update of the game!

The story tells about a character named Max
New character
New missions
New levels
For completing missions you get DR coins
Collecting stars you unlock new levels.
Customization of the character and vehicle

Levels in history and challenges
New main menu
Finish only works on character
Bicycle physics
Physics walk character
More than 100 different fixes and changes.
New in Draw Rider 2 1.4
- New main menu
- Added new levels in challenge mode
- Changed the level in history. New levels will be available in the game release.
- New music (now playing in the game)
- Improved character walking
- Changed bike physics
- Fixed problems with sounds
- Fixed problems with login to the game
- Fixed many bugs in the editor
- Thank you all for your support, we really appreciate it
New in Draw Rider 2 1.31
- Changed character control
- Improved destruction of the character
- Added new levels
- Improved optimization of the game
- Many other minor changes and fixes
- Thanks for your support!
New in Draw Rider 2 1.1
We are glad to present a major update of the game!

Story Mode
Challenge mode
Turning off lighting on the object
New music

Physics of the character
Main menu
Manage the character after the finish
Now you can not push away from a transparent object
The photo does not show the switches and lights
New in Draw Rider 2 1.0
- The text tool has been added to the editor- Changed the behavior of the bicycle- Changed camera- Changed character- Changed the choice of levels in the history mode- Added option to hide the trigger on the switch- Fixed object removal when drawing- We changed little bit here and there, that the game was even better!
New in Draw Rider 2 0.9
- New logo- New game icon- Fixed polygon removal when drawing- Fixed saving the grid size in the editor- Changed the menu in history mode- Fixed a starry sky
New in Draw Rider 2 0.8
- Fixed bug when jumping BMX- The character is now crawling and grabbing objects- Character falls from the bike with a strong impact- Improved blood- Blood remains on BMX- In the editor added missions (soon more different missions in the story mode)- Fixed bug of sound of wheels when paused- Fixed adding an object when changing the depth- Fixed object selection if another object was locked- Fixed polygon selection when drawing
New in Draw Rider 2 0.71
- New tool: camera switch- Added saving of better time at the level- Other minor changes and bug fixes
New in Draw Rider 2 0.7
- Added switches- New levels- Changed the camera in the game- Now the speed of the game does not affect the physics of the character- Changed the settings in the main menu- New menu in the editor- Fixed object antialiasing- Many bug fixes in the editor
New in Draw Rider 2 0.3
- Added lighting!- Added some sounds!- More meat!- Improved performance!- When you enter mail, you can put the symbol _- Fixed many other bugs- About all bugs please write to our mail gamingstudio17@gmail.com
New in Draw Rider 2 0.1.8
New characterChanged drawing lines in the editorDouble-click on the object go to the object layerMany minor changes in the editorFixed a character jumpFixed sticking buttonsOther minor changes and fixes
New in Draw Rider 2 0.1.7
- Now works correctly the choice of the depth of the layer- Slider depth layer selects the active layer- Fixed deleting and copying objects- Fixed the background blur in the editor- Fixed rotation of objects- Fixed other bugs in the editor- Other minor changes and fixes
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