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Description of driveTIME

We understand that managing a fleet has all kinds of moving parts. Hours of service compliance is just one facet of managing a fleet. HOS shouldn’t be one of the daunting tasks you face as a manager. Making one change from paper logs to e-logs through driveTIME will eliminate your worries and ensure compliance in realtime.

* Fatigue Management
* Out of Compliance Warnings
* DVIR Inspections
* Fleet Management Dashboard

driveTIME is easy to use with minimal training required. Contact us today via email at sales@cartasite.com or at 1-888-312-1617.

Version history driveTIME
New in driveTIME 1.0.2005.200528
Addition of Cycle field in the Certified Driver’s Daily Log PDF; DVIR screen: Addition of Elapsed Time at the bottom of the DVIR screen when doing an inspection; DVIR PDF: Removal of Start Time and Date from the DVIR and displaying the End Time and Date as “Certified”; Addition of 10 hours Off Duty Violation when using Canada cycle
New in driveTIME 1.0.2003.200324
Implementation of the new Certified Drivers Daily Log PDF format when using Canada cycle; DVIR PDF - Addition of License Plate State/Province; Main Dashboard changes on the Current Status dialog - Graying out the Location field if the app obtained a valid GPS location and graying out odometer field if the app obtained an Odometer from the VBUS
New in driveTIME 1.0.1923.200127
Bug fixes; Addition of Engine Synchronization Data Diagnostic when an odometer discrepancy is detected when the connection is re-established
New in driveTIME 1.0.1921.191216
Bug fixes; Compliance updates; Hiding of the Switch Equipment option when logging in to the app with DVIR product only; Updates to the Driver Multiple Session dialog
New in driveTIME 1.0.1915.191023
Bug fixes: issue where sync is failing after performing more than 10 DVIRs; issue on the Time Remaining screen where duty events recorded under Agricultural exception are being counted as part of the Shift, app crash issues
New in driveTIME 1.0.1915.190925
Addition of “Disable” button on the Personal Use and Yard Moves notification bar, Tapping the Disable button will clear Personal Use and Yard Moves; VIN Mismatch Improvements - Addition of Connect Anyway, Switch Vehicle, and Cancel buttons within the VIN Mismatch dialog; Addition of a note field and requiring a note when a driver attempts to reject an Unidentified Driving event
New in driveTIME 1.0.1911.190828
Recording of an Unidentified Driving Event when an odometer discrepancy is detected once VBUS connection is re-established; Addition of Serbian Language; Displaying the vehicle’s VIN in the VIN Mismatch dialog; Not overriding the VIN of a vehicle if a VIN Mismatch is detected; Addition of Remark when a co-driver logs out; Prompting ‘Post-trip’ dialog reminding the driver to perform a post-trip DVIR if he/she attempts to log out without performing a Post-Trip DVIR
New in driveTIME 1.0.1905.190529.minor
Requiring note field when changing Status to Personal Use or Yard Moves; Vehicles/Trailers Management screen: Now allows up to 20 characters on the name field when creating/editing a vehicle equipment type; Showing only the ‘VBUS Connected/Disconnected’ Remark events when the ‘Show all events” option is TOGGLED ON in the Edit Logs screen and Hiding the remark events in both the Roadside Inspection screen and Certified Drivers Daily Log PDF report
New in driveTIME 1.0.1824.190228
No longer displaying inactive equipment; Bug fixes for Alberta cycle and for grid chart not handling daylight savings time correctly
New in driveTIME 1.0.1824.190131
Added support for Cargo Securement while in Canada; DVIR screen: Moving the “Pass all” button to the right side of the DVIR Form name, Making the Finish button visible at all times with DVIR areas scrollable through out; Certified Driver’s Daily Log PDF & Roadside Inspection screen: Displaying “Notes” column when using Canadian ruleset regardless of regulation mode
New in driveTIME 1.0.1824.190107
Bug fixes; 10 hours Sleeper option to the list of Break Timer options when in USA; Skip device selection for manual connection when there is only one VBUS type available; Recording of an auto Driving event next to the added manual Driving event when a driver set himself to auto driving in ELD mode; License Plate within the DVIR PDF report header for DVIR performed both in Canada & USA
New in driveTIME 1.0.1816.181129
Displaying a static notification on the screen below the app header to inform the driver when they are using Personal Use or Yard Moves; For ELD, addition of a link below the "Data Transfer" button for "ELD Data Transfer Sheet" which will display a digital version of the "Data Transfer Instruction Sheet" document; Making web service data transfer error messages more descriptive; Ability to select language from the Login screen
New in driveTIME 1.0.1816.180926
Option to include or ignore ‘Short Haul’ exceptions; Pending Edit Request dialog: Displaying pending edit request(s) for a day that is beyond 8 days, Log certifications for days beyond 8 days needs to be performed by the driver using the driver portal; Data Transfer dialog: Ability to select subset of vehicles for data transfer where a driver can select the specific vehicle(s) to be included in the ELD output file
New in driveTIME 1.0.1816.180904
Bug fixes; DVIR screen: Addition of "Uncheck All" button on the DVIR inspection form
New in driveTIME 1.0.1805.180731
Addition of Reject button for the UnIdentified Driving events within the Pending Edit Request; Including the Start of Day Odometer remark event for mileage calculation; Changes to the Carrier information DOT number where the user can input alphanumeric instead of restricting it to a number; Allowing for driver re-authentication on Roadside Inspection screen with a newly changed password, Several bug fixes
New in driveTIME 1.0.1805.14219
Bug fixes to resolve app crash issues
New in driveTIME 1.0.1805.14101
Bug fixes including: Canada violations being changed to USA violations once the device was restarted; Roadside inspection: miles today value being rounded down; Driver log drawer: total distance value in the driver log drawer is not the same value as the driver's total mileage; Not sending alert notification when trailer DVIR was not being performed
New in driveTIME 1.0.1805.13533
Selecting/Switching a vehicle will automatically attempt a VBUS connection with the VBUS device that is associated with the vehicle; Displaying a ‘Vehicle Mismatch’ dialog when switching to a different vehicle associated with a different VBUS device; Addition of 1 minute buffer for break time violation; Redesign of the driving status selection feature along with a new Change Status dialog - this includes removing the old checkboxes for Yard Moves and Personal Use
New in driveTIME 1.0.1803.13249
Bug fixes: Cycle Reset not recomputing properly; Change to not include diagnostics and malfunctions in the certified log PDF
New in driveTIME 1.0.1803.13169
Bug Fixes: Fix for sleeper berth calculations; Cycle reset calculation ignoring sleeper berth time; App crashes on roadside inspection when attempting to email logs; App crash while accepting edits from the portal; Mileage calculations are off when drivers do slip-seating (two drivers, one vehicle, same day)
New in driveTIME 1.0.1803.12952
Displaying the lock screen depending on the set Speed Threshold instead of 5mph for AOBRD mode; Driver Exceptions: New exception for 30 minute On Duty break for asphalt companies; Fuel Receipts screen: Allowing decimal places in Gallons and Odometer in Fuel Receipt entries; Edit Logs screen: Hiding of Yard Moves and Personal Conveyance on Grid View editing; Allowing for automatic Driving events to be editable if a disconnect occurs from the VBUS device
New in driveTIME 1.0.1801.12024
New numeric field for “Odometer Offset” in the Manage Vehicles screen > Create/Modify Equipment dialog; Logs screen changed logic to display driver log entries (now calculated with odometer offset); Bug Fix: Issue with BLE devices not being scannable after disconnection
New in driveTIME 1.0.1801.11819
Bug fixes: Graph on logs screen and certified log show three lines for one period of time; Unable to login with no network connection with the 1801 release; Issue with app crashing; Issue with vehicle using VBUS Device as GPS Receiver but when an event is created the recorded receiver is Either Device
New in driveTIME 1.0.1801.11540
Defect Fixes: Not displaying the dashed and dotted lines when using Personal Use and Yard Moves events; Missing defect severity option for failed items on the DVIR screen; Auto On Duty ND events should be editable regardless if it is in AOBRD or ELD mode; Pre-trip DVIR alert notifications being sent when in Unidentified Driving; Displaying only the failed DVIR items after certifying the DVIR;14 hour shift violation is wrong for split sleeper
New in driveTIME 1.0.1723.11314
Adding of GPS Source to the VBUS debug screen; bug fix for issue with lock screen being displayed inconsistently
New in driveTIME 1.0.1723.10043
Bug fixes: Receiving Missing Engine Hours data diagnostic when equipment is set to use manual engine hours; Edit Logs screen; Alignment issue on the events history list; Manual engine hours not incrementing on first login after fresh install; VBUS icon is still in reconnecting state even if the VBUS connection has been stopped immediately; Pending Edit Request: accepting an event is not being saved successfully.
New in driveTIME 1.0.1723.9940
Changes to ELD Identifier and ELD Registration ID implementation; AOBRD/ELD Regulation mode can now be specified by drivers in the Manage Vehicles screen; Data Transfer via Bluetooth needs Bluetooth Tethering instead of direct transfer; Displaying 14 previous logs and current log in the Drivers Logs Drawer for Canada Cycles; Hiding State Border Crossing remarks in the Roadside Inspection screen
New in driveTIME 1.0.1719.7334
Addition of Add Trailer button within the Select/Switch Equipment button to hook/unhook multiple trailers; Addition of 'License Plate' options list within the Create/Edit Equipment dialog; Displaying data diagnostics indicator 'D' that flashes in yellow and white color; Addition of 'Driver Sales Person' exception; DVIR – Changing the Inspection Type selection from bullet options to drop-down options list; DVIR Screen displays the last 30 days’ worth of DVIRs for a particular piece of equipment.
New in driveTIME 1.0.1719.7250
Addition of Add Trailer button within the Select/Switch Equipment button to hook/unhook multiple trailers; Addition of 'License Plate' options list within the Create/Edit Equipment dialog; Displaying data diagnostics indicator 'D' that flashes in yellow and white color; Addition of 'Driver Sales Person' exception; DVIR – Changing the Inspection Type selection from bullet options to drop-down options list; DVIR Screen displays the last 30 days’ worth of DVIRs for a particular piece of equipment.
New in driveTIME 1.0.1717.7927
VBUS connection (using Connect button) now takes up to 1 minute to prevent recording of inaccurate diagnostic errors; Addition of a Remark when completing DVIRs which states: 'Completion of <DVIRtype> for <EquipmentName>' to events history list; Addition of Remark event with note ‘Pre-trip DVIR not performed.’; New exceptions: 'HazMat In-attendance Break' and 'High Rail'; Addition of cycles: Wisconsin 70hr7days, Wisconsin 80hr8days; Auto-populate odometer when adding a fuel receipt
New in driveTIME 1.0.1715.7705
Drivers are now able to edit Carrier Information within the app Settings area if the "Allow driver editing of carrier information" option is enabled in the portal (from the Carrier Information page located under Account Properties); Addition of Michigan60hr7Days and Michigan70hr8days cycles along with the MichiganSeasonalConstruction exemption; Roadside Inspection screen prompts Driver Authentication dialog upon exiting the Roadside Inspection screen
New in driveTIME 1.0.1712.7443
VBUS 'connecting' icon: Now displaying a radio tower with an 'X' through it when VBUS is disconnected; Displays power malfunction when mobile device is not charging and battery is less than 15%; Add Help and Support screen for creating Fuel Receipt; Add exception for oversize loads. No 30 minute break required; Separating "Fuel Receipts" from Documents screen; Separating "Fuel Receipts" from Documents screen; Add new exemption: 30-minute rest break provision in 49 CFR 395.3(a)(3)(ii)
New in driveTIME 1.0.1710.7277
Driver Histories: Creation of Intermediate Events at the beginning of the day when drivers continues driving up to the following day, Storing of a note when a diagnostics or malfunctions event is created; Document Screen: Fuel Receipts – Adding of fields relevant for IFTA when submitting fuel receipts, Adding new Exception in the list ‘395.1(n); Utility service vehicles: Switch/Assigned Equipment Dialog, Adding a condition to show Manage button when driver has a permission to manage equipment
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