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Description of eSeaGo

The “eSeaGo” provides a simple and convenient solution for displaying the chart information for the Hong Kong waters free of charge. Through the “eSeaGo”, users can quickly and easily download the “eSeaGo” data provided by the Hydrographic Office, Marine Department and display it in offline mode. The “eSeaGo” also provides positioning function with the aim to facilitate sailing and enhance safe navigation. The “eSeaGo” is not a navigation software. It is not a substitute for any navigational equipment that may be required under applicable regulations or law.

The main features of “eSeaGo” include:

1. Download up-to-date “eSeaGo” chart information for offline display.
2. Up-to-date “eSeaGo” chart information available notification.
3. “Portrait” or “Landscape” display orientation.
4. Positioning quality information display.
5. Speed information display.
6. True bearing and remaining distance from the mobile device the user-defined route.
7. Custom layers, route points and point of interest.
8. User positioning tracking function and export the track into the Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file format.
9. Bookmark functions.
10. Share recorded track image with "eSeaGo" chart to third-party social networking mobile applications.
11. Select between Lands Department base map and OpenStreetMap for online display.
12. User defined speed value for estimated time of arrival calculation.
13. Power saving mode.
14. Provide links to useful websites.
15. Display typhoon shelter passage areas under offline condition.
16. Import KML file as custom layers and point of interest.

1. “eSeaGo” requires Internet connection. You may be charged for Internet connection and data usage charges made through the use of “eSeaGo”, according to the applicable rates charged by your respective third party Internet and data usage service provider as may be from time to time.
2. The positioning information obtained by the mobile device may differ from its actual position and may be inaccurate. Reliance upon or use of such position information shall be at User’s risk.

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