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Description of EVP Recorder

EVP Recorder

AppyDroid EVP Recorder with over 890,000 downloads worldwide has come a long way since it's initial release in 2014,

This app has been developed continuously for 5 years by some of the leading EVP Researchers all over the world. With now 59 releases over 5 years period bringing some of the best Experimental features of any EVP Based Application on the market place.

Some of the Experimental features have taken years of development and onsite testing in the field, Developed and improved over time with the vast input from global research and team investigators. The App has become an iconic symbol of a global effort to improve the EVP Research and effort, Dedicated to the average user wanting to research this profound science for there own pleasure.

Without this global support user base, this App will merely be just your average recorder,
So would like to personally thank the userbase who have continued to support us over the past half-decade. We strive to improve and enhance features with the feedback given by our many users.

Thanks for choosing AppyDroid Development.

Now one of the most Advanced EVP Recorders you can Own for FREE!!

For usage and overview check out our video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZpI81EfmaA

AppyDroid Development, Leading the way in I.T.C Research and Development.

Version history EVP Recorder
New in EVP_Recorder 6.2
Experimental Scry Mirror mode Added. Features a Random Particle Smoke Generator.

Help screen Added.
Cleaned Assets. Now a smaller package size.

Note you may have to Manually Allow permissions in Application settings
on your device. Such as failed or storage Denied! Or recording denied/Failed is due to permissions not being set.
More Help if you contact developer we can assist in guiding you through these settings.
New in EVP_Recorder 5.9
New release for 2020
Brand new UI Tweaks,
Larger and easier to use buttons.
Modified support for recording so should now eliminate Recording failure errors.
Modified Finder mode Algorithm.
modified Listener mode range now expanded.
Removed Intro music to avoid Looping issues experienced by some users.
General UI tweaks and improvements.
New in EVP_Recorder 5.8
New Intro track Added. Supplied by "Enabled Life"Few bug fixesNew website launched to get manuals and other information. See link in App
New in EVP_Recorder 5.7
Update includes. V5.7General UI Bug fixesEMF Absolute field meter addedEMF Assist added to finder mode, Now accurately alerts to higher value EMF FieldsListener mode record trigger fixed, Stops looping recordings unless Hz level is still in range.Improved finder mode algorithmAdded social media page buttons for easy access to help and support.
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