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Description of Firefox Lockwise

Securely track your Firefox passwords & access them anywhere
Quickly open any website from the app to get into your accounts

Use your fingerprint or PIN to lock the app and keep your passwords private
Secure your information with an automatic timer which locks the app
Tap to copy your username and password to get into apps and websites
Set the browser you want to open your website URLs
Created by Mozilla, voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy

Version history Firefox Lockwise
New in Firefox Lockwise 4.0.3
Fixes a 'null' toast on autofill failure on Android 11
New in Firefox Lockwise 4.0.1
Add the ability for users to control their tracked telemetry (linked through legacy telemetry client id) and prevent any further telemetry from being tracked for their account when they opt out.

Changes since last build:

- Add the legacy telemetry client id to the deletion request ping (#1195)
New in Firefox Lockwise 4.0.0
Add the ability to manually create an entry. Improve error messaging for the user. Autofill footer now adjusts to dark mode.

Changes since last build:

- Update release process docs (#1143)
- Toast placement for copy, create, delete (#1166)

All changes since version 3.3.0:

- Import l10n: add EN-GB, UK, RU, ZH-RTW, CS (#1119)
- Manual create (#1093)
- Fixup autofill footer in dark mode. (#1115)
- Fixup edit regressions introduced during edit/create refactor (#1133)
New in Firefox Lockwise 3.3.0
Stability and UI cleanup.

All changes since version 3.2.0:

- Bump the required Android Components version to 19.0.1 (#1070)
- Update ui tests (#1083)
- Fix interrupts causing the app to go to the item list. (#1075)
- UX cleanup part deux (#1071)
- Introduce Glean SDK (#1085)
- Metadata cleanups for datastore and autofill. (#1102)
- Localization updates (#1110)
New in Firefox Lockwise 3.0.1
## 3.0.1 (Build 5214)

Improve threading and log in keyboard experience.

All changes since version 3.0.0:

- Soft pan layout when keyboard is opened on webview (#929)
- Update syncCredentials on the correct thread after their generation (#1012, #1013)
New in Firefox Lockwise 2.0.0
2.0.0 (Build 4831)

Refine telemetry for sync and fix crashes.

All changes since version 1.1.3:

Telemetry for sync (#835)
- String updates for localization (#852)
- Update app services, android components, and megazord configuration (#865)
- Update Readme with l10n process (#872)
- Fix obvious NPE sync crash (#884)
- Create infrastructure for feature flags (#882)
- Add telemetry probes to syncIfRequired trigger syncs (#887)
New in Firefox Lockwise 1.1.3
We fixed more bugs to help sync for some users, as well as some UI updates to standardize localized views.

All changes since version 1.1.2:

- Import strings from android-l10n (#809)
- Adjust spinner dropdown size to fit longer words (l10n) (#812)
- Ellipsize text in item list (#811)
- Reset support when syncing (#826)
- Add dot to sentence (#837)
- Telemetry for sync (#835)
- Update metrics docs to reflect telemetry sync changes (#841)
New in Firefox Lockwise 1.1.2
We fixed a handful of bugs and improved the overall security and stability of the app including signing in and syncing.
New in Firefox Lockwise 1.1.1
We fixed a handful of bugs and improved the overall security and stability of the app including signing in and syncing.
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