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Description of Foodpia Tycoon

Dear CEO, Welcome!
here is cute and beautiful space just for you.
That's where it's "Foodpia Tycoon"!

[Game Features]
- 21 beautiful cities.
- 10 special restaurants that grows in 8 steps.
- 80 charming chefs.
- 60 delicious food recipes.
- 60 specialty products each cities.

- Acquisition of revenue by selling food automatically.
- Earn profit by touching screen at party time.
- Open a new branch and earn a fame for profit increase.
- Revenue increase effect by acquiring specialty through city exploration.

1. Data is deleted when the application is deleted or you change your smart phone.
2. Includes video ads and in-app products.
3. It allows you to request information about your Google account to save game data in Google cloud and for achievement.
4. It can access external storage to store or retrieve gameplay information.

Homepage: http://www.stormxgames.com
E-mail: support@stormxgames.com

Version history Foodpia Tycoon
New in Foodpia 1.3.21
[New update] ver. 1.3.21
- Improved app stability.
New in Foodpia 1.3.20
[New update] ver. 1.3.20
- Improved app stability.
New in Foodpia 1.3.19
[New Update]ver. 1.3.19!
- Improved app performance.
- Improved Google game service related functions.
New in Foodpia 1.3.16
[New update]ver 1.3.16!
Full-screen mode support in latest smartphone!
New in Foodpia 1.3.13
[New update]ver 1.3.13!

1. prepared the 2nd anniversary gift for all CEOs. Thank you for loving Foodpia Tycoon.
2. Added the item to recruit 4~6 star chefs using the number of times you got 3~5 star max level chef.
3. The maximum level of all chefs has been increased to 35.
New in Foodpia 1.3.9
[New update] ver 1.3.9
- Improved app stability.
New in Foodpia 1.3.8
[New update] ver 1.3.8
- The 'Level Effect' of these Business has been added to the 6000 level.
King’s burger
Pizza Masters
Cube Bakery
All Business (average of all Business levels)

- The 'Achievement' of these Business has been added to the 6000 level.
King’s burger
Pizza Masters
Cube Bakery
All Business (average of all Business levels)
New in Foodpia 1.3.7
[New update] ver 1.3.7
Now, once a day, We give you a chef ticket.
We will notice you when a chef ticket arrives at around 6:00 pm!
New in Foodpia 1.3.5
[New update] ver 1.3.5
- Improved app stability.
- We have adjusted the reward for the 1st anniversary gift: 2 chef recruitment tickets increased, gold and fame reduced.
New in Foodpia 1.3.4
[New Update] ver 1.3.4

- Fixed the situation that the chef's slot that was opened to reached level did not open.

- Have done an app stabilization.
New in Foodpia 1.3.3
[New Update!!] ver 1.3.3

<1st anniversary Gift & chef contents expansion>

- We give a 1st anniversary gift to all CEO! Access to the game and earn a lot gift!

- A new chef employment page has been added. The slots on the new page will open according to the specialties level of "city exploration".

- All chefs can now grow up to 30 levels.

- The rubies which you earn when recruiting max level 3 to 6-star chef increase from before.
New in Foodpia 1.3.2
[New Update!!] ver 1.3.2- 3 ~ 6 star chef's maximum level rewards increased.- The maximum number of Lucky Boxes that can be acquired per day has increased from 80 to 92.- Now you can touch up to 1000 times at party time.
New in Foodpia 1.3.1
[New Update!!] ver 1.3.1- You can see the result immediately by touching the treasure box in the city exploration result scene.- After exploration, you can "once again" right away. When you explore once again, the exploration begins immediately with the chefs you previously selected.- You'll only see availabe ads count tooltip when there are three ads wathcing chance remaining.
New in Foodpia 1.3.0
-- 1.3.0 version Update<Improved video ads system!>1. Every time you see a video ad, you can see the remaining count what you could watch ads today.(It is total 40 times a day)2. Video ads that you watch on "TV Ads" content are not counted in today's ads view count.(So you can see more ads)3. Fixed an issue who some CEO did not view ads sometimes.4. Fixed a problem where the advertisement function was not normal in a slow network.
New in Foodpia 1.2.9
- Version 1.2.9 Update!Improvements to video ads: Video ad feature now works a much better!
New in Foodpia 1.2.8
--1.2.8 version Update!Hot fix for Video Ad : Fixed a problem that occasionally did not receive the benefit after watching the video ad.
New in Foodpia 1.2.7
-- New Updates! (ver 1.2.7)1. New recipes: 30 New food recipes!- Collect delicious recipes to increase speed and reduce level-up costs!2. New Feature: Chef Auto Select Function on Exploration- If you activate the function, The chef with the highest score is automatically selected when you explore the city.3. New Pack: Daily Ticket Pack- If you buy it, You get 2 Skip tickets per day forever!4. New Pack: Double Box Pack- If you buy it, You get lucky boxes double when you get it.
New in Foodpia 1.2.6
--1.2.6 version update!1. Meet chefs of higher star!- Now you can get 4 star chefs at the Gold recruiting.- Now you can get 5 star chefs at the 100 ruby recruiting.- Now new 6 star chefs will appear at the 500 ruby recruiting.2. The best chef legions come!Twenty 6 star chefs came to Foodpia!Be the best with powerful chefs!3. Modify Quest Rules: If all recipe levels are at their maximum, the goal of acquiring new recipe pieces will be completed automatically.
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