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Screenshots of Fun Habit
  • Fun Habit - Habit Tracker, Goals, Tasks, ToDo
  • Fun Habit - Habit Tracker, Goals, Tasks, ToDo
  • Fun Habit - Habit Tracker, Goals, Tasks, ToDo
  • Fun Habit - Habit Tracker, Goals, Tasks, ToDo
  • Fun Habit - Habit Tracker, Goals, Tasks, ToDo
Description of Fun Habit - Habit Tracker, Goals, Tasks, ToDo

Interesting habit building software

Featured function introduction:
Users can obtain gold coins by completing their own custom tasks, which can be used to purchase the desired goods.

For example:

1.Create a habit: running. Bonus: 10

2.Create a wish: eat ice cream. Price: 50

3.By running 5 times, you can get enough gold coins to eat ice cream

Through the completion of positive and healthy habit tasks, there is no psychological burden in entertainment.

In order to achieve the desire, we will work harder to complete the habit task and realize the positive health cycle of life.

Function introduction

⭐️Powerful and flexible custom task frequency setting

1. Loop mode:

You can set the target number of times per day / week / custom / unlimited cycle, and specify which days of the week to do it.

The situation is as follows:

① Exercise three times a day

② Run 1 km every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

③ Play tennis x times every n days

2. Single mode:

A single habit task. You can create custom tasks that are executed only once

⭐️Simple and beautiful UI design

You can choose from the layout of habit items in the form of squares and bars

Hand painted style icon, simple and beautiful, good mood, record good habits and daily life

⭐️Date reminder

Single / multiple reminders can be created for each habit to meet the needs of a variety of daily habits

⭐️Rich charts

Three kinds of data charts, detailed habit tracking, statistics to meet daily habits and goals
A variety of data analysis charts, including:
1."Habit" check-in times statistics chart
2.Gold coin revenue and expenditure statistics
3.Calendar chart

4. You can view the complete history of habits and wishes

⭐️Desktop widget

Provide a variety of desktop widgets, convenient for users to clock in and record their daily habits

⭐️Backup and restore

Provide data backup, no longer afraid of data loss

⭐️Other interesting features

You can set a fine for your habit, and it will be deducted if you fail.
You can also set the target number of punch cards to observe the completion of the "habit" more intuitively.

Habit Tracker, Self-Care, Daily Planner,it's all here

From now on set a small goal and start your journey of habit development!

App icon by https://icons8.com/

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