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Description of Gem4me

Limitless communication is now closer and more accessible than ever with Gem4me. This messenger allows you to make free audio and video calls all over the globe. No need to make extra pay. Our work is all transparent. With this application, you can share photos, send voice messages, create public chats. High speed video playback encourages high-quality streaming.

Contact list integration: Gem4me app swiftly imports contacts for further communication. All your contacts just one click away. Send an invitation QR code to friends to create convenient anonymous chat, or use the usual invitation to a phone number so that a person can surely join you.
But if you prefer desktop to communicate, then you will only need your phone once to receive the login confirmation code on it.

Group chats: your family is always close, and work issues are under control. We have included the regular messenger features and added extra tools for instant corporate interaction. Communication has never been so effective.

Add any sticker, emoji or photo, change themes’ color and font color to ginger your conversations. You can even have a nice ringtone if you want. There is a bunch of ways to express fun. It’s up to you to choose.

Push notifications encourage you to keep up with the news.

Deleting and editing messages: typos in a message are no longer a problem. Gem4me allows you to edit already sent messages.

Sending photos, videos and files: showcase your adventures.

Keep any kind of files and documents for your convenience.

Public and private channels: by creating a channel, you can share news with subscribers, post stories and make new friends this way. It’s high time to try yourself as a blogger! Create engaging content and get donations from your followers.

The application is optimized for all Android phones and tablets!
The application is constantly being improved by developers, so the toolkit and features are expanding.

MarketSpace: The online store integrated into the app will allow you to shop hassle-freely.

Do you need clothes for yourself or your kids? Or some gadget? Gem4me will boast a wide selection of products, a great variety of services and promotions.

Convenient filters and settings will make your search easier.

No worries about safety. We control everything so that you can get your goods comfortably.

Audio and video communication will become even greater and more accessible. Do you have long-distance relationships, buddies in other cities, or do you just want a quiet face-to-face talk? Forget about boredom as with Gem4me you can call your closest ones anytime and anywhere.

Group conferences will enable to optimize remote work similarly to Zoom, Go to meeting, Google Hangouts, Skype.

A Gem4me conference is a surefire tool to keep your team productive. No need to visiting office every day. Business will become even more mobile. You will be able to upload all the necessary files and save them right in the app archives. An office in your pocket is totally free.

Chat bots: all bots will be collected in one directory to facilitate managing process.

Intrigued to discover this gazillion of features? Simply download the app. Enjoy communication without borders with Gem4me!

Version history Gem4me
New in Gem4me 6.46.22358
* New sorting rules for draft messages
* Push notifications for reactions in group and p2p chats
* Bug fixes
New in Gem4me 6.45.22261
Bug fixes
New in Gem4me 6.43.21799
Bug fixes
New in Gem4me 6.42.21598
* Display new errors for SMS code requests
* Pin messages in p2p chat
* Change message highlights
* Correct system messages colours
* Mentions and push notifications in comments
* Updated UI for own profile and user profile screen
* Bug fixes
New in Gem4me 6.38.20713
Minor bug fixes for authorization
New in Gem4me 6.37.20470
Ukrainian language support
New in Gem4me 6.36.20190
Minor bug fixes
New in Gem4me 6.36.20155
* Mentions in channels
* Mentions in the description of group chats and channels
* Deep-links to posts in channels
* Bug fixes
New in Gem4me 6.35.19878
- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings
- Privacy settings for p2p calls
- Updated MS loading screen
- The ability to watch channel content without a subscription
- Bug fixes
New in Gem4me 6.34.19731
* Fix "Ops, something wen wrong error" error message after login
* Improvements in search messages logic
New in Gem4me 6.34.19697
* Integration with youtube player
* Enhanced MS loading speeds
* Bug fixes
New in Gem4me 6.33.19585
Fix phone heating and performance
New in Gem4me 6.32.19438
- Bug fix for missing input in chats
New in Gem4me 6.31.19279
* Scheduled messages
* New ban logic
* Mark as unread for chats and channels
* Translate messages in chats
* Intro for new users
* Call quality indicator
* Bug fixes
New in Gem4me 6.30.19021
* Sync drafts between the platforms and draft articles
* Customizable permissions in group chats
* Increase the number of pinned messages to 25
* The ability for any admin and chat owner to turn on their microphone during a conference without confirmation of the initiator
New in Gem4me 6.29.18846
* The "Owner" role in channels and group chats
* Channel and group chat ownership transfer function
* Animated stickers to empty chats
* Call list
* Bug fixes and improvements
New in Gem4me 6.27.18380
Bug fixies and stabilization
New in Gem4me 6.27.18272
* New animations in the empty chats
* Possibility to add the caption in albums
* New animation in the search of messages
New in Gem4me 6.26.18071
* Articles
* Icons for channel categories in catalog
* Navigation bar improvements
* Onboarding for articles
* Bug fixies
New in Gem4me 6.25.17696
* Congratulations in chats
* Bug fixies
New in Gem4me 6.24.17659
* Onboarding for new users
* Search in the list of participants and subscribers
* The possibility to add stickers from chat by tapping on the sticker
* Notification about new users from the phone book
* The possibility to edit caption for albums and media messages
* Bug fixies and improvements
New in Gem4me 6.22.17109
Bugfixies for voice messages, media downloading and search
New in Gem4me 6.22.17058
* Possibility to switch off call notifications in chat
* Channel Catalog
* Updated UI of the list of channels
* Bug fixes and improvements
New in Gem4me 6.21.16637
* New private links for group chats and private channels
* Custom links for public channels
* Bug fixies and improvements
New in Gem4me 6.20.16413
* “Finish for all” functionality for all administrators in chat
* Search in chats
* Views counter for messages in channels
* Bug fixies and improvements
New in Gem4me 6.19.16229
* Increase the limit of users on group calls and conferences up to 1000
* Link preview
* Horizontal mode for calls
* Ability to listen to voice messages before sending
New in Gem4me 6.18.15898
Bugfixies and improvements
New in Gem4me 6.17.15706
* Animated stickers
* Channel categories
* Easy validation for channel names
* Inviting calls from your contacts list and removing the user from the call
* Automatic speaker switching when listening to a voice message
* Displaying, sending and playing audio files
* Bug fixes and improvements
New in Gem4me 6.16.15475
* Forward messages to multiple chats
* Sharing files and media from gem4me to other applications
* Privacy setting for invitation to group chats and channels and a more simplified chat invitation mechanism
* Navigation using swipes
New in Gem4me 6.15.15229
Bugfix and improvements
New in Gem4me 6.14.14979
Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 6.13.14702
Hot fix for users from New Zealand and markdown in chats
New in Gem4me 6.12.14528
Bug fixies for empty chats
New in Gem4me 6.12.14503
- Improved voice messages quality
- UI Improvements for calls
- Finish for all function for call initiator
- Added Bot-translator
- Added text size setting
- Bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 6.11.14369
- Added audio-messages
- Added control buttons for Welcome-Bot
- Added 'Dark mode' for Marketspace
- Added ability to reply by swipe
- Added Push-notification controls (Mark as read and Reply)
- Added ability to select text from the message
- 'Share app' button is moved to the more obvious place
- Improved Call controls (icons now are more obvious and hidden during call after tap)
- Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 6.10.14157
- Added group video-calls
- Chat/Channel admins now can delete other's users messages
- Added new call statuses: 'Declined' and 'Busy'
- Added Direct Share functionality
- Updated 'online status' functionality
- Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 6.9.13901
- Added Bot Catalog and Welcome Bot
- Updated 'Saved Messages' chat
- UX improvements for push-notifications
- Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 6.7.13609
- Added sticker preview
- Sticker panel is now expandable
- Added additional logging
- Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 6.6.13350
Voice calls for group chats!
New in Gem4me 6.6.13159
- Changed message bubble size
- All supported languages are now displayed on the Language screen
- Additional notification when copying link to the group chat/channel
- Ability to open .apk files inside the messenger
- Mention list and notification improvements
- Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 6.5.13031
- Now you're able to save images received in GEM4ME
- Added ability to join group chat/channel via link
- Links in the group chat/channel description are now clickable
- Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 6.4.12636
Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 6.4.12598
Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 5.8.9615
- Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 5.7.9474
-Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me 5.7.9436
-Minor bug-fixes
New in Gem4me
New in Gem4me 5.3.8467
- Multiple select functional realization v1.0;
- Realization ability swipe photo/video in chat and chat gallery;
- Increase size of displayed images in chat and chat gallery;
- Copy functional v1.3;
- Bugfix.
New in Gem4me 5.2.8184
Further stability tweaks to make your communications as better as possible
New in Gem4me 5.2.8162
- "Pin message" functional realization v1.2;
- Objects serialization release;
- Performance problem fix;
- Major bugfix.
New in Gem4me
Minor bugfix.
New in Gem4me 5.0.7627
- Pin/unpin chat realization;
- User can delete failed messages;
- Push notifications refactor;
- Keyboard display optimization;
- Code refactor;
- Bugfix.
New in Gem4me 4.11
- New messages indicators v1.0;
- Contacts synchronization refactoring;
- BugFix.
New in Gem4me 4.9
- Forward functional realization v1.0;
- Blocked users functional realization v1.2;
- Share contact functional realization v1.1;
- New input menu implementation;
- Bugfix.
New in Gem4me 4.8
- Blocked users v 1.1
- Share contact v 1.0
- Global refactor
- Bugfix
New in Gem4me 4.5
- Chat gallery functional optimization;
- MarketSpaceBot update functional;
- User info display update logic;
- Bugfix.
New in Gem4me 4.3
- Quoting a message functional realization;
- Add/remove as chat admin functional realization;
- Elastic search functional refactor;
- BugFix.
New in Gem4me 4.1
- Address phone book refactoring;
- Links on video fix;
- Link to Instagram update;
- Refactor Push-notifications logic;
- Status of the contact which installed the application by invitation fix;
- User can't add more than 50 participants in a group for one time add logic;
- Push-notification sound realization;
- Bugfix.
New in Gem4me 4.0
- Optimization and productivity improvement;
- Minor bugfix.
New in Gem4me 3.7
- Users invited to chats appear in Pending list;
- Link to the Privacy policy update;
- After app compose/expand keyboard isn't hidden anymore;
- Fixes for Gem4me app installed on Android 4.3;
- App size refactor.
New in Gem4me 3.6
- All links open in web view;
- After call advertisement fix;
- Мinor bugfix.
New in Gem4me 3.5
- Participants can invite other user in group chats;
- Market image displays widen by width;
- Images in widgets are displayed by width;
- Minor BugFix.
New in Gem4me 3.3.2
New in Gem4me 3.3
New Invitation mechanism to groups/publics
Some crash fixes
Some push fixes
New in Gem4me 3.2
Global push refactoring:
-correct push structure
-pushes come when app is running, but another chat is opened
-system pushes who left/joined public don't come
-system pushes who turned on/off notifications don't come
Preview of sent/received picture is not cut
Bug fixing for file upload
UI changes in chat list
New in Gem4me 2.9
Nicknames as mandatory field in profileNicknames are shown for all users that are not in your contact bookLast seen status for p2p chatsStickers are sent without message bordersOnly admins can view list of participants in public chatsLabel with new message amount on app icon (only for devices supported such functionality)New default background for all chatsFixes for picture sending (horizontal and vertical mode)Text wrapping around the timeMinor fixes
New in Gem4me 2.8
-Possibility to cancel file sending/receiving during loading-File name and size display-Possibility to send video from Gallery-Changes in chat UI-Bug fixing with files, pictures, videos loading-Auto message sending when Internet appears after connection lost-Chat surfing optimization
New in Gem4me 2.6
Mute microphone during callSpeakerphoneChanges for adding contacts to chatsMinor bug fixing
New in Gem4me 2.5
Bug fixing for push notifications
New in Gem4me 2.4
Conference calls in group chats with 64 participants
New in Gem4me 2.2
Bug fixing when confirm SMS codeFacebook SDK
New in Gem4me 2.1
Possibility to change language directly in appPossibility to share your public to any social networkSome UI changesBug fixing
New in Gem4me 2.0
Added localizations when request call with code for registration
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