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  • Gurbani Searcher
  • Gurbani Searcher
  • Gurbani Searcher
  • Gurbani Searcher
  • Gurbani Searcher
  • Gurbani Searcher
  • Gurbani Searcher
  • Gurbani Searcher
  • Gurbani Searcher
Description of Gurbani Searcher

Gurbani is the Light to illuminate this world; by His Grace, it comes to abide within the mind. ||1||

Attention: Please use "Gurmukhi Keyboard" along with this application for typing-in the queries in Gurmukhi.

Searches Gurbani from SGGS, Vaaran and Kabit Savaiye Bhai Gurdas Ji. It also supports search from Dasam Granth. Recently added support for searching gurmukhi shabad from "Shabad Kosh". It supports fuzzy search and is tolerant to spelling mistakes.

One can add the shabad search results in favorites and can tag them. Organize the favorites, export them for future reference and import them as required. Choose different fonts from the provided list. Can opt to display gurbani in Hindi and enable/disable the english translation and many more.

The application also provides "Live Kirtan" from a variety of online content (channel) provider. This feature needs internet connectivity. One can listen to divine kirtans at the convenience of hand-held device any where, any time.

The application also provides Sikh Jantri (both original nanakshai and the one published by SGPC). The reminders for important events are poped as notification. One can modify the event definition or create his/her own events as desired.

Please use Gurmukhi Keyboard to work with application. The keyboard will automatically toggle to Gurmukhi mode.
Important: Please use second Query option i.e. Append Trailing wildcard(*) if you face performance issues and append a wildcard at the beginning if search string is in the middle.

Following features are supported
- Gurbani Search on SGGS, Vaaran, Kabit Savaiye, Bhai Gurdas Ji, Dasam Granth.
- Sunder Gutka, Nitnem, Granth, jaapji shaib, Jap shaib, anand shaib. Rehras Shaib
- Jantri or Sikh Calendar
- Live Kirtan Radio
- Shabad Kosh, Mahan Kosh, Gurbani Kosh.

-Surinder Pal Singh

Version history Gurbani Searcher
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.1.5
-Fixed permission issue while saving recording, sharing bani and doing backups.
-Fixed "OK" button during savings recording.
-Fixed typos in translations in SGGS.
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.1.3
1. Added Sehaj Paath mode for subscribed users.
2. Added Stats for Sehaj Paath for subscribed users.
3. Fixed a crash in Favorites view while opening the view at last favorite.
4. Updated the calendar dates for year 2021.
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.1.2
Fixed permission error in storage in Android 10+ for
1. Sharing Searched Shabad.
2. Saving Recordings
3. Taking backup on disk.
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.1.1
-Fixed typos in SGGS punjabi translations as reported by users.
-Fixed shape font ligatures (like ek onkar etc).
-Fixed line break to break at word boundary in autoscroll view.
-Added native support for Android 10.0 (API 29)
-Fixed issues in billing library for subscribers.
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.1.0
-Fixed typos in Sri Dasam Granth
-Fixed typos in SGGS punjabi translations as reported by users.
-Added support for auto data backup. Please check out settings and once checked, it will create the backup in gurbanisearcher/backup directory.
-Corrected Calender Events listing from selected month.
-Changed icons to comply with Google YouTube privacy policy.
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.0.9
-Fixed typos in SGGS teeka and translations.
-Fixed typos in Sri Dasam Granth.
-Added Showcase tutorial for people who are unable to find the Contextual Settings for Translations and other settings.
-Updated the Radio Channel Url for "Anand Ishwer Darbar Nanaksar Thath".
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.0.8
-Did corrections in Aarti.
-Fixed a crash in dashboard, if user tries to push past last screen.
-Corrected permissions for back-up data.
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.0.7
-Fixed the mistakes in Sunder Gutka. Apologies for inadvertent mistakes.
-Fixed the typos in Dasam Granth.
-Fixed a bug in software, to import from back-up.
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.0.6
-Corrected typos in Dasam Granth.
-Corrected banis in Sunder Gutka.
-Enhanced search to use Proximity Query within the line context.
-Enhanced Search to use quotes in the query.
-Corrected the use of '?' and '*' in AutoQuery Format.
-Enhanced the keyboard to include additional characters like \u2033 etc.
-Fixed the library, which was causing GS to be reported by AVast as potential threat.
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.0.4
-Added support for Punjabi Teeka and Translation to be visible simultaneously.
-Upgraded support for wildcards in search. Now, '/', '*' and '~' is supported.
-Word search is upgraded to search multiple words in a shabad.
-Reduced the size of application a bit.
-Enhanced Keyboard with additional keys and hint text in the main layout.
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.0.3
-Fixed problem with Jantri for devices having OS < Nougat.
-Added last missing paudi in Chaupai Sahib bani.
-Fixed a crash in 13.0.2 while installing on certain devices viz Huawei, Honor and some samsung phones.
-Fixed defect in settings related to toggle of translation to Hindi.
-Disabled punjabi translation, when the selected language is Hindi.
-Increase the Inline search results to 20 by default.
-Increased the Main Search results to 200 by default.
New in Gurbani Searcher 13.0.2
This is a MAJOR UPGRADE of Sri Dasam Granth DB. All the favorites related to Sri Dasam Granth will be lost.
-Updated Jantri for 2020.
-Added independent translation control for each bani in Sunder Gutka and Compiled Hymns.
-Upgraded Sri Dasam Granth DB to make it easily searchable.
-Added Punjabi Translations for Sri Dasam Granth ( Subscribed Users Only )
-Added support to download the index/DB from cloud (Subscribed Users Only)
-Added mechanism to update the stale application.
New in Gurbani Searcher 12.0.5
-Fixed search problem inside Sunder Gutka bani.
-Fixed crash in AlarmService.
-Relaxed the permissions (Contacts and Storage) and moved it to the appropriate place.
-Fixed Subscription defect for few subscribers.
New in Gurbani Searcher 12.0.4
-Fixed Crash For Subscribed Users.
-Fixed Today's Hukumnama Search in GS.
New in Gurbani Searcher 12.0.3
-Fixed random interstitial ads pop-up during start-up.
-Fixed duel keyboard pop-up at the time of search in android version 9 and above.
-Fixed typos in banis.
New in Gurbani Searcher 12.0.2
-Fixed a crash after exit as reported by many users.
-Corrected typos in Punjabi Translations.
-Corrected rendering of half-Yaya and other Glyphs.
New in Gurbani Searcher 12.0.1
Fixed the ClassCastException occurring in Android 9.0 based devices.
Fixed crash in SunderGutka in TapView
Fixed Typos in translations in SGGS, DasamGranth and SunderGutka (Baavan Akhree)
New in Gurbani Searcher 12.0.0
-Added "Upcoming Events in main dashboard (Subscriptions)
-Added Daily Hukumnama (Subscriptions)
-Fixed app defects reported by end users.
-Updated Jantri till Dec, 2019
-Fixed Favorites List to remember the state when a shabad is loaded from favorites and user navigates back.
-Fixed to remember dashboard state after a feature is picked.
New in Gurbani Searcher 11.0.7
-Fixed problem related to Jantri notification on OS 8.0 and 9.0
-Fixed crash on main activity.
New in Gurbani Searcher 11.0.6
Repackaged the application in compliance with Google policy on permissions.
Fixed the bugs reported by Users
New in Gurbani Searcher 11.0.4
Fixed many random crashes on Android Pie.
New in Gurbani Searcher 11.0.3
Release 11.0.3
Removed Permission "Telephone" in compliance with Google requirements. This takes away "Auto Call Reject" functionality.
Fixed issue faced by some users in Oreo and Pie in AutoScrollView.
Fixed crash in Kirtan Player.
Native Support on OS version 28, Pie.
New in Gurbani Searcher 11.0.2
Release 11.0.2
Fixed crash during Billing

Release 11.0.0
Added support to disable Ads via subscription.
Disabled upfront permissions for subscribed users.
Made start-up performant for Subscribed users.
Added Native Support for Oreo based devices.
Added compliance for GDPR for European users.
Fixed a bug with settings which caused settings to be lost.
Fixed Jantri Alerts.
Fixed Typos in SGGS, Dasam Granth
Fixed many Crashes.
New in Gurbani Searcher 10.0.5
1. Updated Jantri for 2018-19
2. Fixed crash during share bani.
3. Fixed crash during back button while one is in Sunder Gutka.
4. Fixed typos in Dasam Granth.
New in Gurbani Searcher 10.0.4
-Fixed Red Dot in Banis in Sunder Gutka.-Fixed TransactionTooLargeException crash in Sunder Gutka
New in Gurbani Searcher 10.0.3
-Fixed typos in Kabit by Bhai Gurdas Ji.-Added Full Reharas Sahib and Chopai Sahib.-Fixed defects and crashes
New in Gurbani Searcher 10.0.1
-Added Ardas in Sunder Gutka.-Corrections in Dasam Granth, Sunder Gutka.-Bug Fixes.
New in Gurbani Searcher 9.9.12
v9.9.12- Fixed the crash reported by many users in Compiled Hymns and Dictionary.
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