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Description of HarcApp

HarcApp is an application created to help in the collection, bring the scout spirit closer, inspire to better classes, help to share knowledge, techniques and skills. Will tell you how to sing a song in any key, answer all questions from the Law and Vows category, methods and methodologies, history of scouting, degrees, fitness, function, structure, help encrypt the message, sketch each patrol character, prepare camping for scouts according to scout rules the kitchen!


Version history HarcApp
New in HarcApp 2.3.1
+ Dodano nowych patronów,
- Poprawiono błąd dodawania nowych piosenek do aplikacji.
New in HarcApp 2.2.0
+ Dodano informacje dotyczące koronawirusa,
+ Dodano możliwość tworzenia własnych albumów w module "Śpiewnik".
New in HarcApp 2.0.8
+ Dodano nowe piosenki,
- Poprawiono błędy w metodykach.
New in HarcApp 2.0.7
+ Dodano zapamiętywanie położenia listy spisu treści w module "Śpiewnik".
New in HarcApp 2.0.5
- Poprawiono błąd znikających chwytów przy zmianie tonacji w module "Śpiewnik".
- Poprawiono błąd podglądu dodawanej piosenki w module "Śpiewnik".
New in HarcApp 2.0.4
+ Dodano nowe piosenki,
- Poprawiono błąd wyszukiwania znaków patrolowych,
- Poprawiono błąd niezmieniających się obrazków chwytów przy transpozycji chwytów piosenki w module "Śpiewnik".
New in HarcApp 2.0.1
+ Aplikacja została przepisana przy użyciu wieloplatformowego narzędzia "Flutter" umożliwiającej jej wydanie na Androida oraz iOS przy wykorzystaniu jednego kodu źródłowego.
New in HarcApp 1.13.1
- Poprawiono błędy w module "Okrzyki".
New in HarcApp 1.12.5
- Poprawiono ładowanie tła grafik w module "Strefa ducha" na starszych urządzeniach.
New in HarcApp 1.11.6
+ Added the ability to import and export songs from and to the phone's memory,
+ The songs available for download are described in more detail,
- Improved the error of changing the screen orientation in the table of contents of the "Songbook" module,
- The error of non-chronological dates in the "History" module has been corrected,
- Typos corrected.
New in HarcApp 1.11.4
+ The date of the first teams in Lviv was added in the "Scouting History" module,
- Removed song removal error.
New in HarcApp 1.10.2
- Fixed an error related to entering the period to the number of portions in the "Scout Kitchen" module,
- Bug in the "Scouting History" module has been corrected.
New in HarcApp 1.10.1
- Corrected the error of overfilling the number of portions in the "Scout Kitchen" module,
- Fixed the error of multiple display of ukulele holds in the "Songbook" module,
- The visual error in the "HIB" module has been corrected,
- The error in the "Encoder" module has been corrected.
New in HarcApp 1.9.2
+ Advent!
+ Module "Method and methodology" has been changed to "Instructor zone" and completed with the instructor's code,
+ A link to the source code of the application has been added,
- Errors in the Polish-German dictionary have been fixed (thanks to Maximilian Steinhoff),
- Corrected the error of opening the "Songbook" module on devices with the system version lower than 5.0,
- Current documents in the ZHP in the "Documents" module have been updated.
New in HarcApp 1.9.0
+ Independent!
+ Added scouting rules of spelling in the "Scout Schedule" module,
+ Information about the Pola application has been added,
+ The "HIB" module of the ZHP Research Panel has been added,
- Fixed a typo in the "Fitness" module.
New in HarcApp 1.8.13
+ Added the ability to share songs between phones using QR-codes,
+ Added the ability to choose the function of the return button in the application,
+ Added the ability to change the order in which the modules are displayed,
+ Added a lock for enlarging song lyrics when this results in a mismatch to the grips,
+ A link to the "https://dokumenty.zhp.pl" page has been added,
- HALiZ instruction has been updated,
- The module "Scouts on the Web" has been moved to the "About Scouts" module,
- Spelling mistakes corrected.
New in HarcApp 1.8.11
+ Christmas! + Added a new # Carols tag.
New in HarcApp 1.8.10
- Scout cross display error corrected.
New in HarcApp 1.8.9
- Typos corrected, - Fixed a bug in the Table of Song Contents.
New in HarcApp 1.8.7
+ Added the ability to search for tagged songs by pressing the tag under the song, + New #Patriotic tag added, - New ZHP statute, - Spelling error corrected, - The song downloading interface has been improved, - Application loading has been slightly accelerated, - Downloading new songs has been accelerated - Errors in the "Efficiency" module have been corrected, - Typos in the dictionary and skills improved - The ability to transfer songs between phones has been suspended.
New in HarcApp 1.8.4
- Fixed song display on Android 4.x.
New in HarcApp 1.8.2
+ A new, simplified system for creating your own songs, + Downloading songs much faster - Fixed the error of restoring all songs every time the application started, - Fixed bug in the "holds" module.
New in HarcApp 1.8.0
+ German language has been added to the scout dictionary + Added ukulele grips + Traveling code added + Scout symbolism has been added + ZHP drill has been added + Added informations about fire and wood + Added in the ZHP Documents a command pattern and rules for drill and scout ceremonies.
New in HarcApp 1.7.4
+ Scouting dictionary added - The error of displaying efficiency requirements has been corrected - Key error in GA DE RY PO LU KI
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