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Description of Health Sync

Sync your health data from Coros, Diabetes:M, FatSecret (nutrition data), Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, MedM Health, Withings, Oura, Polar, Samsung Health, Strava, Suunto and Huawei Health. You can sync to Diabetes:M, Fitbit, Google Fit, Health Connect, Samsung Health, Schrittmeister, FatSecret (weight only), Runalyze, Smashrun, Strava or Under Armour (MapMyRun etc.). Activity data can also be synced as FIT, TCX or GPX file to Google Drive. Health Sync works automatically and syncs the data in the background.

It will sync data from the time you first use the app. Historical data (all data before the day of installation) can be synced after the free trail period. You can't sync historical data from Polar (Polar doesn't allow this).

Caution: Huawei has announced that apps like Health Sync will be restricted from accessing GPS information from Huawei Health if connected after July 31, 2023. However, as of now, this rule is not being enforced, so your activity GPS data will likely continue to sync.

Samsung decided in 2020 that no partner app can write steps to Samsung Health anymore. Reading steps data and other data, and writing other data works normally.

One week free trial

Health Sync is very easy to use. It offers you a one week free trial period. After the trial period, you can make a one-time purchase or start a six-month subscription to continue using Health Sync. For the Withings sync an additional subscription is required. The additional subscription is required due to recurring additional costs that we incur for this integration.

Just try the app and see if it fits your needs. What data you can sync depends on the source app from which you sync data, and the destination app(s) to which you sync the data.

You can choose different source apps for different types of data. For example: sync activities from Garmin to Samsung Health, and sync sleep from Fitbit to Samsung Health and Google Fit. After the first initialization actions, you can define the different sync directions.

Health Sync can sync your Garmin Connect data to other apps, but it cannot sync data from other apps into the Garmin Connect app. Garmin does not allow this. For more information and available workarounds for syncing activity data or weight data to Garmin Connect, please visit the Health Sync website check the FAQ for information about the sync to Garmin Connect.

Syncing between health data apps sometimes doesn't work as expected. Don't worry, almost all issues can be solved easily. You can check the Help Center menu in Health Sync. And if you can't solve the issue, you can send a Health Sync problem report (the last option in the Help Center menu), or send an email to info@appyhapps.nl You will get support to solve the sync issue.

Version history Health Sync
New in Health Sync
Bug fixes and minor improvements.
New in Health Sync
Added altitude ascent and descent summary data when syncing to Suunto.
Added sync of Garmin sleep nap data.
Fixed an issue with Polar activity names.
Removed slashes in some file names when syncing to Google Drive.
Fixed duplicated steps when syncing historical step count data from Samsung Health.
Added sync of water intake from Samsung Health to Health Connect.
New in Health Sync
Fixed an issue with the sync of water intake from Samsung Health.

Technical update to comply with Suunto API update.
New in Health Sync
Bug fixes and minor improvements.
New in Health Sync
Bug fixes and minor improvements.
New in Health Sync
Now introducing support for themed app icons.

Enhanced body composition sync from Garmin Connect to Health Connect.

We've added the ability to sync respiration summary data from Fitbit to Health Connect.
New in Health Sync
Resolved an issue related to syncing activities with segments from Huawei Health.

Implemented minor enhancements and addressed various bug fixes.
New in Health Sync
Enhanced activity mapping for spinning activities when syncing from Polar and certain other apps.

When transferring 'other workouts' from Samsung Health to Fitbit, the activity is now synchronized as 'workout' in Fitbit.

Various minor enhancements have also been made.
New in Health Sync
With the latest update, tracking segments/sections on your Huawei watch now syncs as laps to Strava seamlessly.

For indoor rowing synced with zero distance to Fitbit, Health Sync now estimates distance based on average heart rate and strokes.

The sync problem with data from Suunto has been resolved.

This update also includes various minor fixes.
New in Health Sync
We improved the sleep data sync from Withings to for example Samsung Health.

We solved an issue with the sync of step count data from Polar Flow.

We increased the duration time range for treadmill and hiking activities in the Activity Filter configuration.
New in Health Sync
The enhanced Activity Filter menu now offers more granular control over the activities you want to sync. You can now separately select walking, running, and biking activities with or without GPS data, providing a more tailored experience. Additionally, you can choose to sync hiking or treadmill activities.

Furthermore, we've streamlined the authorization process with certain connected apps.
New in Health Sync 7.6.5
We fixed an issue with the sync of activity data from Strava to other apps.
Missing power and cadence data when syncing to Suunto has been resolved.
We stabilized the sync of weight data to Huawei Health.
Resting heart rate from Oura and Huawei Health now syncs to Runalyze.
New in Health Sync
You can now sync the average breathing rate during sleep from Oura to Health Connect.

Resting heart rate measured during a sleep period is synced from Oura to Health Connect when you sync heart rate data from Oura to Health Connect.

We fixed an issue with some Android 14 phones where Health Sync did not recognize the presence of Health Connect.

This update prepares for an improvement with the sync of activity data from Strava to other apps.
New in Health Sync
Bug fixes and minor improvements.
New in Health Sync
Samsung Health can now be used with multiple step counting sources.

Blood pressure data from Samsung Health, Google Fit, MedM and Huawei Health can now be synced to Google Drive and Huawei Drive.

Added power data sync with Garmin Connect activities.

Wheelchair pushes from Garmin Connect are synced as step count data.

Increased sync speed of historical data when syncing with Strava.

Minor improvements and bug fixes.
New in Health Sync
Smoother synchronization with Garmin Connect.

Fixed an issue with active time calculations when syncing from Suunto to Samsung Health.

Fixed a licensing issue for Move-Me users.
New in Health Sync
Improved synchronization of Garmin indoor swim activity data to Strava.

Stabilization and minor bug fixes.
New in Health Sync
When syncing activity data to Google Drive, activity data with GPS data is now also synced as a KML file (you can use KML files with Google Maps and Google Earth).
Improved active time when syncing activity data from Garmin.
Minor improvements and bug fixes.
New in Health Sync 7.5.8
Improved Suunto step data synchronization: Step data is now synchronized with timestamps (10 minute periods).

Fixed an issue with syncing swim data to Strava when using a phone configured with the French language.
New in Health Sync 7.5.6
Power data synchronization added to Strava.
Added cycling cadence data synchronization to Strava.
Fixed a timing issue with Fitbit oxygen saturation data.
Minor issues resolved.
New in Health Sync
Fixed missing Oura sleep heart rate data.

Fixed an issue with Oura steps encountered by some users.

Improved Huawei Health Kit integration.
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