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Description of Higgs Domino Island

Higgs Domino Island is a domino game with the best local characteristics in Indonesia!

This is a unique and fun online game with simple yet challenging gameplay, come join us! You can play a variety of games to make your free time even more enjoyable!

1. A charming and modern interface design makes the game atmosphere relaxed and fun.
2. Complete VIP features and enjoy privileges!
3. Decoration System with attractive avatar frames and special effects, increase your charm in the game!
4. Cute game emoticons and interactive features.
5. Great relaxing games: Ludo, Wood, Rooster, Words and many more!

If you have any questions or suggestions about the game, please contact us via email:

Version history Higgs Domino Island
New in Higgs Domino 1.95
1.Game baru"6+Texas"
2.Game baru"Ular Tangga"
3.Game baru"Golden AROWANA"
New in Higgs Domino 1.94
1.Game baru"6+Texas"
2.Game baru"Ular Tangga"
3.Game baru"Golden AROWANA"
New in Higgs Domino 1.93
1.Game baru"Ular Tangga"
2.Game baru"Golden AROWANA"
3.Game baru"Bonus Texas"
New in Higgs Domino 1.92
1.Game baru"Golden AROWANA"
2.Game baru"Bonus Texas"
3.Game baru"New Texas"
New in Higgs Domino 1.91
1.Game baru"Bonus Texas"
2.Game baru"New Texas"
3.Game baru"Domino Wild"
New in Higgs Domino 1.90
1.Game baru"New Texas"
2.Game baru"Domino Wild"
3.Game baru"BUTO IJO"
New in Higgs Domino 1.85
1.Game baru"Crazy 777"
2.Game baru"Golden Fishing"
3.Game baru"8 Ball"
New in Higgs Domino 1.79
1.Game baru"Tebak Gambar"
New in Higgs Domino 1.77
1.Game baru"BlackJack"
2.Menambahkan Emoticon Leon
New in Higgs Domino 1.74
Isi updatean Versi V1.74:
1.Game baru "RemiPro"
2.Game baru "Susun Kata"
3. Game baru "Kartu Setan"
New in Higgs Domino 1.73
Isi updatean Versi V1.73:
1.Game baru "Susun Kata"
2. Game baru "Kartu Setan"
3. Game baru "Jagoan Ayam"
New in Higgs Domino 1.72
Isi updatean Versi V1.72:
1. Game baru "Kartu Setan"
2. Game baru "Jagoan Ayam"
3. Item baru "Lucky SPIN"
New in Higgs Domino 1.71
Isi updatean Versi V1.70:
1. Game baru "Jagoan Ayam"
2. Menambahkan game Legenda Madu.
3. Sistem keamanan rilis, membuat akun Anda lebih aman.
New in Higgs Domino 1.70
Isi updatean Versi V1.70:
1. Menambahkan game Legenda Madu.
2. Menambahkan game Wood.
New in Higgs Domino 1.68
Content update Version V1.68 :
New game "Bandar QQ"
New in Higgs Domino 1.65
Content update Version V1.65 :
New game "Congklak"
New in Higgs Domino 1.64
1. SLOT lobby just got updated and added SLOT Panda.
2. Added Casual Games,Ludo, Catur, Dam, congklak and puzzle are all in here!
3. Texas will be moved to Lainnya.
New in Higgs Domino 1.63
1. New game Chess
2. Optimized the leaderboard and decoration system
New in Higgs Domino 1.62
New game “Kamar 5 Kartu”
New in Higgs Domino 1.61
1. new game “Ludo”
2. Optimizing the decoration system
New in Higgs Domino 1.60
Menambahkan sistem dekorasi:
1.Banyak dekorasi yang bisa dipilih
2.Berikan hadiah kepada teman berkesempatan mendapatkan banyak koin emas
3.Menambahkan Peringkat Pesona, memberikan banyak hadiah setiap mingg
New in Higgs Domino 1.59
1. Add new game Dam
2. Add dynamic special effects to the hall ICON
3.Optimize the game experience
New in Higgs Domino 1.57
1. Optimized the icons of Kamar Biasa and Texas
2. Optimized the friend system
3. Optimized Kartu41
4. Optimized Hadiah saya in the SLOT lobby
New in Higgs Domino 1.56
1. New game Kartu 41
2. Added SLOT game lobby
3.Optimized the entrance speed of SLOT lobby
New in Higgs Domino 1.54
1.New game "Fa Fa Fa"
2.New fruit machine game in Capsasusun
3.Modified the login button style
New in Higgs Domino 1.53
1.New game "Fa Fa Fa"
2.New fruit machine game in Capsasusun
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