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Description of HiPaint -Sketch Draw Paint it!

Hi~ Painter! Hi Paint!
HiPaint is a professional digital painting app and drawing app and one of the most easy-to-use drawing apps and painting apps, that gives you professional tools organized user-friendly, which allows artists to create excellent sketches, paintings, illustrations.
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HiPaint is becoming a complete pocket art studio with these powerful drawing features and more:

「Light User Interface」
· A simple user interface to gives larger space to think and create, and allows you to focus on the digital drawing itself.
· Quick sliders that allow you to quickly adjust brush thickness and opacity.
· Brand new dark UI interface, simpler and more powerful, better for finger drawing.
· Speed paint: Use HiPaint to make speed paint.

「Brushes Features」
· 90+ kinds of common and delicate brushes qualified for most of your art work including leaf brush, air brushes, digital pens, sketch brushes, ink brushes, flat brushes, pencils, oil brushes, charcoal brushes, crayons and stamps, Lights, plant, element, grid and noise bruses.
· 90 customizable brush parameters for better and realistic drawing effect for kings of rawing and painting.
· Brush Studio - design your own custom brushes

「Color Features」
· Pick the perfect color with Eyedropper
· Paint Bucket Tool
· Previous Color and Color Palette.
· 7 kinds of colors you used recently, easy to switch to color you used.

「Layer Features」
· Well-organized layer function interface
· Up to 100 layers supported to make your creation efficient
· Multiple layer parameters
· Access over 20 layer blend modes for industry grade composition
· Layer group - manage your art work simply

「Other important digital painting tools」
· Stabilizer smooths and perfects your strokes in real time
· Insert shape like line, rectangle, and oval
· Canvas Flip horizontally and vertically, Symmetry visual guides
· import your picture to edit or copy an artwork for speed paint
· Reference feature - import an image as the art reference
· stroke stabilization feature clipping mask feature

「Dramatic finishing effects」
· Gaussian filters, HSB , RGB adjustment
· Adjust Hue, Saturation, or Brightness in real-time
· Sketch filter that helps you to extract line from a art work
· Gaussian and Motion Blur filters for depth and movement, or Sharpen for perfect clarity

「Multi-touch gestures Features」
· two finger tap to undo
· two-finger pinch to zoom in/out and rotate your canvas
· three-finger tap to redo
· long press the screen to activate Eyedropper tool
· create the perfect circle, square and straight line at specific angle with another finger tap

「Undo and Redo」
· Quickly undo and redo through the quick button or press keys of graphic tablet

「 Save, export, and share」
· Share your creativity with friends and families, and export your art work to continue creating on computer.

Just paint it! draw! Hope you'll like this digital painting and sketching app. Now let's try HiPaint to start your digital painting journey~

Version history HiPaint -Sketch Draw Paint it!
New in HiPaint 5.0.6
1. Fixed the bug that the painting, erasing, and smearing could not be performed normally when switching to painting, erasing, and smearing in the selection state
2. Fixed the 3D function rendering style crash bug
3. Optimized the perspective angle effect of 3D layers
New in HiPaint 5.0.5
1. Added temporary finger grip function in pen mode
2. Fixed the problem that the CTRL key shortcut function does not respond
3. Modified the problem that the software will crash when automatically reconnecting to Bluetooth when exiting and opening the software when connected to a Bluetooth draw tablet
4. Modified the problem that layer data is sometimes lost
5. Added some 3D rendering styles
6. Fixed some other BUGs
New in HiPaint 5.0.4
Added the function of opening gif
New in HiPaint 5.0.2
1. Can manually import obj format models in the plus icon on the 3D pop-up window.
2. Add a perspective slider to the 3d layer, and users can set the perspective state of the model.
3.Spen adds a "press and hold" function. When "press and hold" is turned on, the "long press" and "click" functions cannot be used.
4. Added time parameter sliders for "finger long press function" and "pen long press function".
5. "Invert" filter.
6. speed parameters, can simulate pressure effects through speed.
New in HiPaint 5.0.0
Add new liquefaction, bid farewell to liquefaction blur, and restore the pre-liquefaction effect;
Add an inverter filter.
Cursor optimization, fixing previous tablet cursor issues;
Added the function of sharing the drive mode and driverless device of the tablet.
A brand new UI outside the canvas, you can set your favorite light and dark mode,
Added mesh deformation function.
Wait for other details to be optimized.
Clear cache and clean playback functions can optimize the memory occupied.
New in HiPaint 4.7.6
Connect to SonarPen.
The deformation tool adds the function of modifying the center point. Press and hold the handle of the deformation tool to display and hide the center point.
Added conversion between reference pictures and layers.
The black edge problem of deformation has been removed, and the selection function has been added. The selection pen, selection deformation, deformation selection, and selection expansion functions have been added. The 3D operation axis function.
New in HiPaint 4.7.2
Added global jitter correction and removed pen mode click canvas reminder
New in HiPaint 4.7.1
The original shake correction has been changed to smoothing parameters within the brush, making it easier to switch brushes with different shake correction effects and to share brushes with different shake correction effects.
Added custom toolbar function on mobile phone.
New in HiPaint 4.7.0
1. Optimize smear brush.
2. Optimize mixed color brushes.
3. Add the intelligent detection parameters of the brush to achieve the effect of painting not exceeding the boundary line of the reference layer.
4. Add layer selection.
5. The pressure sensitivity curve is divided into two types: single brush and global.
6. Smoothing is built inside the brush.
7. Add volume key setting shortcut key function.
8. Fix small color ring jitter,
9.Fix USB draw tablet connection problems。
New in HiPaint 4.6.7
Fixed the issue where shortcut keys cannot be set on some Bluetooth tablets;
Fixed some data loss issues;
Fixed the crash issue when folders are deformed;
Wait for other issues to be fixed.
New in HiPaint 4.6.6
Fixed the problem of black lines appearing in drawings;
Added a button to remove black edges in deformed/moved states in painting settings;
Added USB driver support for Huion and Gaomon draw tablets;
Fix preview deformation;
Fix size jitter is invalid;
Added paint bucket shortcut key;
Fixed the problem of being unable to retreat after cropping。
New in HiPaint 4.6.4
Fix the problem that cannot be opened
1. Performance optimization, brush delay optimization, and increased layer limit.
2. animation functions and exporting mp4.
3. canvas supports resizing.
4. Auxiliary line still exists when turned on again.
5. Tile adds negative
6. all stamping and fixing functions to the layer.
7. blending mode to the layer group, the penetration mode
8. reset for symmetry reference
New in HiPaint 4.6.3
Fix the problem that cannot be opened
1. Performance optimization, brush delay optimization, and increased layer limit.
2. animation functions and exporting mp4.
3. canvas supports resizing.
4. Auxiliary line still exists when turned on again.
5. Tile adds negative
6. all stamping and fixing functions to the layer.
7. blending mode to the layer group, the penetration mode
8. reset for symmetry reference
New in HiPaint 4.6.1
Fix the problem that cannot be opened
1. Performance optimization, brush delay optimization, and increased layer limit.
2. animation functions and exporting mp4.
3. canvas supports resizing.
4. Auxiliary line still exists when turned on again.
5. Tile adds negative
6. all stamping and fixing functions to the layer.
7. blending mode to the layer group, the penetration mode
8. reset for symmetry reference
New in HiPaint 4.6.0
1. Performance optimization, brush delay optimization, and increased layer limit.
2. Add animation functions and add exporting mp4.
3. The canvas supports resizing.
4. Auxiliary line support still exists when it is turned on again.
5. Tile adds negative values.
6. Add all stamping and fixing functions to the layer.
7. Add the blending mode function to the layer group, and add the penetration blending mode
8. Add reset for symmetry and reference lines
9. Playback supports adjusting speed
New in HiPaint 4.5.5
Fixed some bugs and optimized some materials
New in HiPaint 4.5.4
Fixed brush opacity and hardness parameter issues, Added 3D model extraction stroke function,and other details optimization
New in HiPaint 4.5.1
Fixed the problem that Android 14 mobile phones cannot enter the canvas, and added 3D layers and text layers. Advanced layers can only operate special advanced functions. For example, 3D layers can only operate 3D models, and text layers can only modify text. If you need to paint, , please rasterize the advanced layer first.
New in HiPaint 4.5.0
Add 3D and text functions, add work information, display the number of painting strokes and time, and add the function of exporting layers as png.
New in HiPaint 4.4.0
Add primary color brushes and add preset brush groups for primary color brushes. Adding mixed color brushes can simulate the mixing effect of colors in real paintings. One-click layer color change and one-click reference layer functions are added to the layer function floating window. Waiting for other details to be optimized!
New in HiPaint 4.3.11
The shape tool adds fill and stroke, and adds polygon and standard shape functions; the coexistence logic of the tools is optimized; the paint bucket and magic wand can switch between adjacent and cross-region color sampling methods; and other details are optimized.
New in HiPaint 4.3.9
Added a tiling tool, which can tile the layer content to fill the entire canvas; fixed the problem that the cursor is not displayed on the wired connection Huion and Gaomon drawing tablets; Willow Leaf Pen added symmetry; added a reference layer function, you can layer Or set the layer group as a reference. When using the paint bucket to fill, you can choose to fill the paint bucket based on the reference layer; the transform tool adds the function of moving along the direction.
New in HiPaint 4.3.7
Fixed the problem that the saturation does not change when adjusting the hue, saturation, and brightness; added more cursor parameters, long-pressed the transformation point of the transformation tool to temporarily switch states, added a rotation handle for distortion; added Arabic support; and other bug optimizations.
New in HiPaint 4.3.5
Optimize the curve tool, add the icon for the curve tool to exit, give the curve tool the characteristics of the willow pen, and add the closed curve function, which can make it more convenient to draw shapes through curves. Add the selected state of some tools in the custom toolbar, and add the blur series brushes. And other details optimization.
New in HiPaint 4.3.4
Add custom toolbar functionality to add any tool to the toolbar. Add support for Huion's InstaPick color picker, which can be connected to the color picker through Bluetooth to obtain real-time color values of real objects, such as picture books, posters, books, cups, color cards, and any other real-world items, and synchronize them to HiPaint's color palette in real-time.
New in HiPaint 4.3.3
Added the function of saving the brush size. Click the slider of the brush size to access the function entry. Fixed the problem of connecting shortcut keys between huion and gaomon drawing boards, repaired some overlapping of language and text, and repaired some other problems.
New in HiPaint 4.3.2
Increase the extended edge function of the magic wand tool; increase the copy table function for learning, practicing drawing and animation. Exporting images, exporting playback, and saving animations will not display the content of the copy deck layer.
New in HiPaint 4.3.1
1. After drawing a line, press and hold to enter the curve function.
2. Filling solves the problem of missing white edges. Drag the color in and slide up and down to expand the pixels on the edge.
3. The size logic of liquefaction is optimized, and the size adjustment of liquefaction is more convenient. Also added a liquified floating cursor.
4. The brush panel supports fixing, and you can test the brush effect while setting the brush.
5. more reference pictures
New in HiPaint 4.3.0
1. Add reference line function
2. Add gradient function
3. Quickly select the layer, and you can long press to display other layers.
4. For layer operations, it supports the use of lasso and deformation tools for multi-selection layers/layer groups.
5. Support clicking color absorption in pen mode, color absorption is faster, no need to wait for long press time.
6. Layer stamping can quickly merge the selected layers without affecting the previous layers.
7. Other performance optimizations
New in HiPaint 4.1.0
1. Added dual brush function
2. Added layer group function
3. Added work folder function
4. Modified some known bugs to improve stability
You can learn what's new through the video:
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