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Description of Hnefatafl

Hnefatafl is an ancient Scandinavian board game whose variants were played all over medieval Europe before chess was even invented. In those so called Tafl games two different sized armies fight each other. The invading black army tries to capture the white king, while the defending white army tries to protect their king and help him escape.

Often also called the Game of the Vikings Hnefatafl tells many stories, like the Moskowites invasion of Sweden or the Viking hordes pillaging Britain. But no matter what the story is one thing always stays the same: The hunt for the king.

Even though the rules aren't complicated the game offers fascinating strategies and rewards tactical play. Try to surround the enemy pieces, plan ahead, lay traps and force your opponent into surrender. Will you capture the king for gold and glory? Can the loyal guards hold back the invading forces and secure the flight of their king?

For offline play you can create your own custom variants -- with over 200,000 different variants possible!

This game features:
- Variant "Hnefatafl"
- Variant "Hnefatafl - Copenhagen Rules"
- Variant "Hnefatafl - Historical Rules"
- Variant "Hnefatafl - Berserk Rules"
- Variant "Hnefatafl - Fetlar Rules"
- Variant "Sea Battle 11x11"
- Variant "Sea Battle 13x13"
- Variant "Tablut"
- Variant "Tablut - Historical Rules ("Saami")"
- Variant "Foteviken Tablut"
- Variant "Ard Ri"
- Variant "Brandubh"
- Variant "Magpie"
- Variant "Tawlbwrdd"
- Variant "Coppergate 15x15"
- Variant "Alea Evengelii"
- Custom variants for offline play
- Offline play for two humans
- Offline play against various computer opponents
- Online play via Google Play
- Ingame Chat for Online play
- Achievements via Google Play
- Tutorial/Rules included

This app is supported by advertisement which can be disabled through a one-time purchase of IAP.

- Internet Access is required for the advertisements
- In-App-Billing/Purchase is required for the optional removal of advertisements

Follow us on:
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HnefataflAndroid/
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/FellhuhnDotCom
- Discord: https://discord.gg/r9eTJFa

Includes artwork created by Thomas Jacquin (http://www.thomasjacquin.com) which are part of the Tafl-Sets of Legend Board Games (https://www.facebook.com/Legend-Board-Games-1036405806381852).

Version history Hnefatafl
New in Hnefatafl 2.09
If you paid for the removal of ads our other apps won't be shown to you anymore.
Updated the used Android libraries.
New in Hnefatafl 2.08
Fixed the challenge link for Historical Hnefatafl.
New in Hnefatafl 2.07
Removed a crash that could occur when displaying ads.
New in Hnefatafl 2.06
Updated the translations.
New in Hnefatafl 2.04
Added the final Russian translation by Aleksandr Belozyorov.
New in Hnefatafl 2.01
Added French language. Remember to restart the app upon language change.
New in Hnefatafl 2.00
The Sea Battle rules now don't state the the non-existant throne is hostile anymore.
Added a new 12:24 setup for the 13x13 board.
Fixed some AI settings for the 13x13 and 15x15 custom boards, they should be a bit better now.
New in Hnefatafl 1.99
The custom 11x11 board with a 32:16 setup was missing two black pieces. They are now back from their vacation.
New in Hnefatafl 1.97
Removed the crash in the game's tutorials.
New in Hnefatafl 1.96
Added the Coppergate (15x15) and a new Sea Battle (13x13) variant.
Those boards are also available for any custom variant.
Custom variants now fully support the Berserk rules with a knight, four commanders and the jumping rules.
New in Hnefatafl 1.94
Fixed some rare crashes.
The ads (if not already disabled) are now better marked as such.
New in Hnefatafl 1.93
"King can be anvil" now only is default if the King is armed. Ther previous update introduced an error with most variants.
New in Hnefatafl 1.92
- Offline games now have a rematch function.
- Added "Hnefatafl 2000", an interface similar to old chess computers.
- Added option for board annotations.
- Fixed "King as Anvil" rule. Now it should work.
New in Hnefatafl 1.90
The talented Giuseppe D'Addio has translated the game to Italian!
New in Hnefatafl 1.89
Fixed Ukranian translation: Rematch dialog.
New in Hnefatafl 1.87
Added the option to disable personalized ads.
Fixed app icon and name.
New in Hnefatafl 1.86
Added the option to disable personalized ads.
New in Hnefatafl 1.85
Added option to forfeit an online match.
New in Hnefatafl 1.84
The settings menu now has the option to enable panning and scaling for the game board.
New in Hnefatafl 1.83
The button to create a challenge link should now also be visible on narrower devices (or those with a lower dpi).
New in Hnefatafl 1.82
Fixed potentional crashes. If you still have any crashes please report them as detailed as possible.
New in Hnefatafl 1.81
- Fixed statistics, Tablut games should now show up too.
New in Hnefatafl 1.80
- Slightly improved the AI for the Foteviken variant- Added option to reset ALL statistics (games against AI and online games at once)
New in Hnefatafl 1.79
Removed some potential crashes.
New in Hnefatafl 1.78
Improved russian translation.When loading custom rules it should now have the correct throne rules and the right labels next to the different setups depending on board size.
New in Hnefatafl 1.76
- It is now possible to change the language via the Settings menu. The app has to be restarted afterwards, otherwise already shown parts of the app won't be translated.- Removed some crashes regarding the Tutorials.- Fixed size of circle indicators of the Tutorials in landscape mode.
New in Hnefatafl 1.75
When calling the Settings page from a running match leaving it won't throw you back to the main menu anymore.
New in Hnefatafl 1.74
Added a Discord link to ease the search for new players.Some internal fixes and updates.
New in Hnefatafl 1.73
Added the option to generate "challenge links" which can be used outside of the app. Every user that has the app installed and clicks on the link will automatically challenge you to a match of your choice. Both players need to have at least version 1.73 and have to be signed in.
New in Hnefatafl 1.72
On smaller devices the overflow icon (three vertical dots) should be visible in online games now.
New in Hnefatafl 1.71
Added the following translation: Portuguese (Brazil), translated by Hugo Tavares!
New in Hnefatafl 1.68
Fixed a crash that occured when submitting a move against an online opponent with a private profile.
New in Hnefatafl 1.64
1.60: Completed the spanish translation. Thanks to Ángela Genial for her great work!1.61: Some minor fixes in the spanish translation.
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