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Screenshots of iReap Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
  • iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
Description of iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro

😟Are you having a hard time keeping track of the sales, stock, profit and performance of your shops, which is spread over multiple locations? use the IREAP POS PRO (Point of Sale) application now, and leave your conventional cash register machine

The IREAP POS PRO cashier application is a complete & easy Online & full Offline cashier / POS application to monitor many stores / multi-outlets real-time online, anytime, from anywhere

Increase Profit with more accurate store activity analysis. Number of Transactions, When is the busiest time in the shop?, Transaction value per receipt (basket size), Most frequent shoppers, What are the best-selling and most profitable items?, to store team/SPG Performance and Attendance.

www.ireappos.com; πŸ“§ support@ireappos.com; ☎ Telp +62-21-5806055; Whatsapp +62813-8758-0123

Detail information please visit https://www.ireappos.com
Help please visit https://www.ireappos.com/en/how-to-ireappos-pro/

Suitable for 🍜 food stalls, β˜• coffee shops, cafes, πŸ₯˜ restaurants, πŸ’‡salon, πŸ’‡β€β™‚οΈbarbershop, workshops, mini market, grocery stores, πŸ‘œπŸ₯» fashion shops, πŸ‘— clothes shops, πŸ‘  shoe shopsπŸ‘ž, πŸ‘“ eyewear shops, 🩺 clinics, spas, and πŸ§‘β€πŸ”§services such as car services πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό.

Download Now and get 14 days of FREE FULL VERSION, No Contract, No Credit Card Required.
iREAP POS Pro is a Monthly Subscription IDR 41,666 / Device / Month billed Annually (IDR 99,000 billed Monthly) for Indonesian,
and USD 4.16 / Device / Month billed Annually (USD 9,9 billed Monthly) for others.

Start Using IREAP POS Pro in Minutes - Follow This 5 Simple Steps!

Full OFFLINE Mode with local database on device, to support business continuity when internet connection not available

- Fast and accurate sales transaction by scanning a barcode using a camera or barcode scanner.
- Customer recording and customer-based transaction reporting
- Use of Recipes / Formulas to sell Food / Beverages
- Recording team performance such as in a barber shop, clinic or recording SPG (sales promotion girl).
- Printing receipts, with wifi and bluetooth printers, 30+ model available,list of printers are here https://www.ireappos.com/en/how-to-ireappos-pro/30-bluetooth-wireless-printer-recommendation-for-ireap-pos.php
- Record Store Expenses
- Record Team Time Attendance

- Inventory Control: Goods Receipt, Good Issue, Stock balance
- Automatic calculation of the cost of goods inventory and profit reports per item and per transaction.
- Record and monitor the transfer of goods between stores

- Understand the condition of all your stores easily via the Web Dashboard
- Automatic consolidated profit, sales, stock, customer analysis reports
- Sales per day, per store, per item, per cashier, per sales team
- Management of adding new users with different access rights
- Management of new Store additions.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ if you only manage 1 (ONE) Store, you can use iREAP POS Lite is a TOTALLY FREE version download from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sterling.ireap

Version history iREAP POS (Kasir) Pro
New in iReap Pro 3.01
[FIX] Display sales mode landscape after adding in-app onboarding
New in iReap Pro 2.99
[UPD] Performance improvements on apps
New in iReap Pro 2.96
[UPD] The customer journey for the first time using
New in iReap Pro 2.95
[UPD] Simplify the registration process
New in iReap Pro 2.90
[FIX] Goods receipt transaction with stock list
New in iReap Pro 2.86
[FIX] Display the gross amount under certain conditions on the receipt.
New in iReap Pro 2.84
[ADD] Memory usage information
[ADD] Give the option not to display items with deleted status on master data.
[ADD] Sort on-screen report sales by customer.
[UPD] Information on using the stocklist on goods receipt
[UPD] Sync inventory
New in iReap Pro 2.83
[UPD] Authorization for menu cash/bank and expense.
[UPD] Filter search customer and supplier by ID Number (ID No).
New in iReap Pro 2.81
[ADD] Option to share document sales and transfer out in pdf format for A4 size
[ADD] Print sales summary
[UPD] Supplier selection in daily goods issue and daily goods receipt reports
[UPD] Choice of document cash / bank & expense cancellation date
New in iReap Pro 2.79
[ADD] Report goods issue
[UPD] A process that synchronizes on transfer out is better
[FIX] Feature a cancellation cash/bank
New in iReap Pro 2.78
[FIX] Enter the price in sales where the product is the open selling price
New in iReap Pro 2.77
[FIX] Choose a price type where product is not included in the price list line
New in iReap Pro 2.75
[FIX] Improve Inventory Transaction type sales/return
New in iReap Pro 2.72
Fix Attendance function
New in iReap Pro 2.70
[FIX] Improve importing file
New in iReap Pro 2.69
2.66 r269
[NEW] Feature a discount quantity

2.67 r270
[FIX] Guide for the first user

2.68 r271
[FIX] Screen payment cash

2.69 r272
[FIX] Wholesale price calculation when quantity changes
New in iReap Pro 2.68
2.66 r269
[NEW] Feature a discount quantity

2.67 r270
[FIX] Guide for the first user

2.68 r271
[FIX] Screen payment cash
New in iReap Pro 2.64
[UPD] Dialog buy IReap subscription voucher via Google Play Store
[FIX] Report daily sales bar chart and profit chart
[FIX] Layout on the small screen login page
New in iReap Pro 2.62
[FIX] Printer Epson not recognized
New in iReap Pro 2.59
[UPD] Improve guide for the first user
[UPD] Validation to save goods receipt with stocklist
New in iReap Pro 2.57
[ADD] Option to print a user (cashier) on receipt
[UPD] Improve subscription features
[UPD] Improve attendance features
New in iReap Pro 2.55
[FIX] The cost value of the product set not recorded when making sales transactions on multi-devices (iReap Helper)
New in iReap Pro 2.53
[ADD] Attendance feature
[ADD] Report sales summary by product
[ADD] Report sales summary by product by team
[UPD] Capture the barcode from the camera device in screen sales
New in iReap Pro 2.52
[UPD] Default country based on the store country when creating new customers/suppliers in the application
[UPD] Article synchronization function improvement for the first synchronization
[UPD] DB Fix function improvement
[UPD] The time synchronization function improvement
New in iReap Pro 2.50
[NEW] Printer Epson TM-U220 Type D
[NEW] Printer Panda PRJ-58B Bluetooth
[NEW] Printer Panda PRJ-58D Bluetooth
[UPD] Printer Gowel 745 Bluetooth
New in iReap Pro 2.49
[UPD] Edit Expense Category and Cash / Bank
New in iReap Pro 2.44
[UPD] On the inventory report screen, only displays products/items that are not non-stock
[UPD] The sales team selection only displays the team/users that have assigned to the store, and the status is still active
New in iReap Pro 2.43
[FIX] Screen report transaction after replacing the device or clearing data
New in iReap Pro 2.37
[UPD] Pay Method Type Credit-Sales in mode landscape
New in iReap Pro 2.36
[NEW] Integration with iReap Invoice Application
[NEW] Pay Method Type Credit-Sales
New in iReap Pro 2.34
[FIX] In sales transactions, components of product sets that have been removed are still checked in the negative stock keeper
New in iReap Pro 2.27
[UPD] Check device information
New in iReap Pro 2.23
[FIX] Inventory report for device below marshmallow
[NEW] Add component list information from the product set in screen sales
[NEW] Menu release notes
[NEW] Introduction about iREAP POS for new device after login
[UPD] Share receipt in pdf format
[UPD] For registration of a new company, the application can fill in the address automatically based on the device's current location
[UPD] For new company registration, without retyping Administrator User ID
New in iReap Pro 2.19
[NEW] Settting print tax per item sales
[FIX] Screen Sales mode landscape
[FIX] Login Screen, add validation
New in iReap Pro 2.18
[Update] Function to search for products in multiple stores or devices.
New in iReap Pro 2.13
[NEW] Customer price list
[NEW] Scan barcode for landscape mode screen sales
[FIX] Better performance to show Product and Customer
New in iReap Pro 2.11
[FIX] Fix bug, product set related inventory transaction
New in iReap Pro 2.06
[FIX] Fix bug
[NEW] Open selling price on article
[NEW] Customer geolocation information, and customer for specific store
New in iReap Pro 2.05
[NEW] Open selling price on article
[NEW] Customer geolocation information, and customer for specific store
New in iReap Pro 2.03
[FIX] Fix transaction upload bug
New in iReap Pro 1.99
[UPD] Improve registration process
[FIX] Fix bug in user management and transaction screen
New in iReap Pro 1.97
[NEW] Inventory transfer between store
New in iReap Pro 1.84
[NEW] SUNMI V1 V2 device support
New in iReap Pro 1.83
[NEW] Internal camera barcode scanner
New in iReap Pro 1.82
[UPD] Update registration process
New in iReap Pro 1.78
[FIX] Fix bug, server module for iReap POS Helper
New in iReap Pro 1.76
[NEW] Sales team
New in iReap Pro 1.75
[FIX] Fix bug printing on epson printers
New in iReap Pro 1.69
[FIX] Fix report sharing bug in Android Oreo device
New in iReap Pro 1.67
[FIX] Fix bug in good receipt screen
[NEW] Allow user to subscribe 3, 6, 12 month from Google Play Store
New in iReap Pro 1.64
[FIX] FIX printing receipt for ZCS05 printer
New in iReap Pro 1.63
[UPD] Prepare stock list draft from web admin
[UPD] Support information update
[FIX] Fix print footer bug on some printer model
New in iReap Pro 1.62
[NEW] Upload sales from file
[NEW] Create good receive, list of items prepared on server
[UPD] Helper support server update
New in iReap Pro 1.61
[FIX] Bug fix, wholesale price calculation and receipt[NEW] Support new printer model, BellaV ZCS103 and BellaV ZCS05
New in iReap Pro 1.60
[FIX] Helper support improvement
New in iReap Pro 1.59
[FIX] Fix bug, return transaction with scanner, incorrect quantity
New in iReap Pro 1.58
[NEW] Support Enibit Printer & Cash Drawer
New in iReap Pro 1.56
[NEW] Support printing on Good Issue and Good Receipt transaction[NEW] Support new function for iREAP POS Helper[FIX] UI fix and improvement
New in iReap Pro 1.54
[NEW] Support Order module in iREAP POS Helper
New in iReap Pro 1.52
[UPD] Update function for fixing database problem[UPD] Improve registration process
New in iReap Pro 1.50
[NEW] MultiDevice support
New in iReap Pro 1.48
Database util for recalculate balance
New in iReap Pro 1.47
[FIX] Fix bug in transaction and registration
New in iReap Pro 1.46
[UPD] Update receipt discount and tax printing
New in iReap Pro 1.45
[FIX] User Interface[FIX] Optimize synchronization and subscription
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