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Screenshots of FBR Item Shop
  • Item Shop Battle Royale - skins, emotes, dances
  • Item Shop Battle Royale - skins, emotes, dances
  • Item Shop Battle Royale - skins, emotes, dances
  • Item Shop Battle Royale - skins, emotes, dances
  • Item Shop Battle Royale - skins, emotes, dances
Description of Item Shop Battle Royale - skins, emotes, dances

Check the Item Shop every day, watch the Upcoming/leaked items, track the progress of your challenges, search All items and Game News without getting into the Battle Royale game.

As well as being able to take a look at Battle Royale daily item shop, you will also be able to see yesterday's shop, in case you arrived late and you didn't have time to see it in the game, in our application you will be able to see it with all the daily objects.


* Fort Battle Royale store updated daily.
* List of the dances and skins of each store today, including all the accessories.
* you will be able to see the video gestures and many of the skins of the 3D store
* App with little weight and very fast to have a good user experience.
* All of the emotes and dance videos.
* Set any emote sound as your phone ringtone.
* Daily item shop. we notify you whenever Fortnite's item shop renews !
* Explore new and leaked content such as skins,emotes,gliders,pickaxes,ringtones and backpacks.
* Complete your missions/challenges easily by going to the challenges section. Also you can click on each challenge to get tutorials on how to complete them.
* Take a look at your Battle Royale stats or any other player's ( kills,wins,k/d...etc).
* Download Battle Royale Full HD loading screens wallpapers.
* Listen and download lobby music packs.
* Keep up with the latest changes by checking the news section.


Unofficial App to check fbr Daily Shop state: Emotes, Dances, Skins and other Cosmetics from the game now in sale - get skins which you want!

This app does not have any legal affiliation with Fortnite/Epic Games and is using Epic Games IP in according with their terms.All rights reserved by Epic. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Epic.
Fan Content Policy : https://www.epicgames.com/site/en-US/fan-art-policy

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