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Description of Jigsort Puzzles

Jigsort Puzzle is an app that is art puzzle and lets you complete jigsaw puzzle game for free!
Various difficulty levels for casual and experiences puzzlers!
Jigsaw puzzles for free which is art puzzle and has surpassed 5,000,000 downloads worldwide!
Enjoy a puzzle game featuring realistic photos.

What is Jigsort Puzzle is art puzzle?
A new jigsaw puzzle that you can play for free daily.
Match the pieces to complete the puzzle!
Complete beautiful photorealistic pictures by matching the pieces!

Jigsort Puzzle is recommended for people who:
- Want to play free games.
- Enjoy jigsaw puzzle games.
- Like matching pictures and tiles.
- Play casual mini-games.
- Are looking for recommended games to time killer.

Jigsort Puzzle is recommended for people who enjoy these games.
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- Magic Jigsaw Puzzle
- Classic Jigsaw
- Color Art Jigsaw Puzzle
- BlockPuz
- Jigsaw Puzzles Real
- Candy Crush
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- Matching Tons
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- Tile Master

This game is free to play.
You can enjoy playing this game more by making in-app purchases.

Version history Jigsort Puzzles
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.39
Added content after level 10000!
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.38
Updated internal libraries.
Fixed minor bugs.
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.37
Announcement for the 1st Anniversary Event of Jigsort Puzzles!

We've achieved a remarkable 10 million downloads.
We deeply appreciate and thank everyone for their unwavering support.

To commemorate this significant milestone, we're hosting a special event!
Join us for exclusive bonuses including:
- Exclusive puzzles
- Exclusive frame skin
- Exclusive background skin

We look forward to everyone's participation.
Let's celebrate the 1st anniversary of "Jigsort Puzzles" together!
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.36
- Notifications are now available for Daily Challenges
- Updated IAP libraries
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.35.1
Fixed an issue where devices with versions older than v0.19 became unresponsive when updated to v0.35. We apologize for the inconvenience.
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.35
Updated internal libraries
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.34
Added new puzzles to the Daily Challenge. Enjoy a new challenge every day!
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.33
We've added a new feature that allows you to share your puzzles with family and friends. Let's solve puzzles together and have a great time!

First, open a custom puzzle from the special puzzle page. Here, you can create your original puzzle. Once you've crafted your own puzzle, just press the share button, and a shareable URL will be issued.

By sending this URL to your family and friends, they can also play the puzzle you created.
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.32
Updated internal libraries
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.31
We're back with another exciting update for our game! Let's dive into what's new:
- New Levels: Your favorite game now boasts a grand total of 10,000+ levels!
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Updated Internal Libraries
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.30
Custom Puzzles: You can now create your own puzzles from your photos. Photos of your beloved pets, travel snapshots, the smiling faces of loved ones... Turn a memorable photo into a puzzle and enjoy reliving those moments in a new way.

Sharing: Now, you can easily post screenshots of your unfinished puzzles to SNS. Choose to share from the settings screen, show your friends and family your progress, and brainstorm solutions together or share your puzzle journey.
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.29
- New Levels!
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.28
- Fix minor bug
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.27
It's been a hot minute since our last update, hasn't it?
Our team over in Japan has been powering down and recharging their batteries during the Golden Week holiday.
But now, we're back, refreshed and ready to roll out some updates for you!

Here's what's new:
- Added New Levels
- Added New Daily Challenges
- Bug Fixes: We've squashed that pesky bug that was causing some of you to get stuck on the loading screen.
- Updated internal libraries
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.26
Here's what else we've updated in this release:

- Fixed some minor bugs
- Unified the dialog UI
- Corrected Russian translation errors
- You can now exit the app with the back button
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.25
✨ NEW Levels Added! ✨
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.24
Replaced similar-looking puzzles: We've updated our game with a fresh set of puzzles by replacing the ones that had images too similar to each other.
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.23
We have added a new feature to the app where the home screen displays famous landmarks as a puzzle. By clearing each level of the puzzle, you can fill in a missing piece and progress towards completing the photo.
Enjoy discovering famous landmarks as you solve the puzzle!
New in Jigsort Puzzles 0.12
New Levels!
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