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Description of King's Empire

One of the hottest online strategy games featured in 78 countries and enjoyed by over 8 million players worldwide. Come and Play NOW!
Lead your people and build an unrivaled empire to begin your world CONQUEST. Be the KING of your own realm!


• Win EPIC PVP wars with powerful allies. Form the ULTIMATE alliances with millions of players online and conquer kingdoms.
• CUSTOMIZE your soldiers of infantry, archers, cavalry, magicians, sorcerers, and more;
• Prepare your army to ATTACK and DEFEND against other kingdoms. Plan legendary battles and be listed in the Hall of Fame.
• TRADE resources in the real-time auction house. Show your business talent and use smarts to manage your resources.
• Explore mysterious dark magic. SUMMON dragon runes to strengthen your soldiers.
• RESEARCH a range of technologies to enhance resource production, military power, and defensive strength;
• Take control of city-states and villages to obtain resources and EXPAND your territory for glory.

There are many more options for you to explore! Carve your own path to uphold the crown.

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kingsemp
- Forum: http://www.tap4fun.com/forum
- Support: support@contact.tap4fun.com

Version history King's Empire
New in King 2.5.7
* Removed tips when Heroes upgrade to the next stage. This feature will be back online later.
* Optimized gaming performances.
New in King 2.5.5
* fix display issue.
* New function: added Claim All function on the Alliance Gift interface.
* Optimized display of Login Rewards interface, can be viewed in News.
* Fixed wrong translations of unbind and bind emails.
* Fixed when the maximum Alliance Coins is reached, players cannot donate Gems.
* Support Limits of Cross Server Competition has been added to Tips now.
* Reward Interface of Demon Invasion now will be displayed correctly when there are more than 5 kinds of rewards.
New in King 2.5.4
* New Function! Username Change - You can change your username now. Your login name will also change when the new username is applied.
* New Function! Camp Search - You can search for a certain type of Camps or level on the map now.
* New Function! You can view players' Alliance Names in the Arena now.
* Fixed lack of snowing effects on tablets.
* Fixed reset time errors occurring in Arena Tips.
New in King 2.5.3
What's New

- Optimized game system.
New in King 2.5.1
What's New

- The snow is gone and here comes the spring.
- Updated mute function.
- Optimized related text localization.
- Optimized game experience.
New in King 2.5.0
What's New- Optimized Facebook icon and in-game text.- Optimized game performance.
New in King 2.4.8
- It's snowing! Added a winter atmosphere to the main city;
New in King 2.4.6
What's New- Greatly optimized Cross Server Competition, where Extended Skills are fully supported in battles.- Brand new Arena events are coming for you.- Optimized Auto-translation function in Mail system.- Optimized the refresh mechanism for promotion packs.
New in King 2.4.5
What's New- Added quick switch function to Arena teams.- Fixed the display issue when purchasing Arena challenge chances.- Fixed the display issue with the number of units in Arena teams.- Fixed the display issue with the Academy research progress.- Optimized players' experience with the description, classification, and usage of certain items.- Optimized players' experience with making payments.- Optimized the game function related to the return key of your device.
New in King 2.4.4
What's New- Added overview function to heroes' extended skills- Optimized players' experience for extended skills.- Optimized players' experience for the sliding units interface.- Optimized players' localization experience.
New in King 2.4.3
What's New- Heroes' Extended Skill function fully launched. A rational combination of hero and extended skill contributes to strategy-based battles.- Updated weekly rewards for Arena.- Optimized the display when mail contacts are beyond management.
New in King 2.4.2
What's New- Fixed some Bugs
New in King 2.4.0
What's New- Heroes can be relieved now.- Added "Collect All" function for event rewards- Added more usable item types to the Warehouse.- The amount of resources owned can now be viewed directly at Dragon Barrack.- Optimized "My City" function on Region map- Optimized the display of items when using multiple packs at the same time.
New in King 2.3.9
What's New- Players can get rewards even when they fail Arena challenges- Optimized players' experience in the Dungeon
New in King 2.3.8
What's New- It has stopped snowing and spring is coming.- Optimized the display of Dragon Barrack- Optimized the display of the translation function
New in King 2.3.7
What's New- Optimized Daily Quest system, adding daily reward and weekly reward- Hero's maximum level - Lv50!
New in King 2.3.6
What's New- Besides the weekly Arena title you get, you can also get corresponding avatar.- Optimized Arena operating experience.- Fixed multiple bugs
New in King 2.3.5
What's New:- Added Christmas-themed features;- Optimized event function experience;- Optimized localization experience;- Fixed Arena bugs.
New in King 2.3.4
What's New:- Opened fierce Arena game play;- Optimized the Dungeon display effects and players' operation experience;- Added daily tasks to the Inscription Reforge;- Fixed inaccurate marching time issues;- Optimized players' experience on beginner's tasks;- It's snowing! Added a winter atmosphere to the main city;- Fixed bugs.
New in King 2.3.2
What's New- Improved Customer Service System;- Fixed some localization mistakes.
New in King 2.3.1
What's New- Optimized Dungeon operation experience;- Optimized Alliance Tavern operation experience;- Added city interface instruction in gaming guide;- Fixed some bugs.
New in King 2.3.0
What's New- Optimized region map display- Added a zoom-out function to region map- Added a display function for all Heroes- Added a newbie tutorial and gaming guide for the Inscription system
New in King 2.2.8
What's New- Fixed some Bugs
New in King 2.2.7
What's New1. Added new function: Units' Inscription rankings;2. Optimized user experience when collecting event rewards;3. Optimized user experience when operating the quantity slider.
New in King 2.2.5
What's new:1. Opened the Inscription reforge function and optimized user experience in the Inscription system;2. Lowered level limitation for Dungeon Heroes to enter advanced levels;3. Hugely optimized gaming experience and details.
New in King 2.2.4
What's New- Added players' avatar function;- Optimized chat experience;- Optimized the layout of resource buildings in the city
New in King 2.2.3
What's New- Opened the Pirate Carnival, with plenty recreational activities on the way;- Optimized art design of basic resources, and increased their resolution;- Added unit type symbols to unit icons.
New in King 2.2.1
What's NewIn this update, we have optimized a lot of features and gaming experience:- Optimized new player quests- Optimized the use of Speedup items- Optimized Alliance interface and description- Optimized Market interface- Optimized Inscription System- Significantly Reduced Alliance war declaration cost- Optimized the main interface and enhanced operation experience in game
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