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  • Kiosk Browser Lockdown
  • Kiosk Browser Lockdown
  • Kiosk Browser Lockdown
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  • Kiosk Browser Lockdown
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  • Kiosk Browser Lockdown
  • Kiosk Browser Lockdown
Description of Kiosk Browser Lockdown

Please note Chromebooks are not supported, do not install on Chromebooks.

Designed for use on any Android device and is great for creating public kiosks, interactive digital signage etc.... Lock down the user interface so that the end-user can only access your defined webpage(s) and can't adjust Android system settings or gain access to other applications.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. You can disable this permissions via Android Settings > Security > Device Admins (before uninstalling).

[How to exit]
Either press the hardware menu button or menu button in the top right hand corner of the screen, enter settings and then tap "Exit to Launcher" or tap anywhere within the webpage 4 times in quick succession to open the password dialog. The default settings password is 0000.

[Key features]
- Password protected settings
- Set as default launcher (prevents app exit)
- Idle page reload
- Hardware control (orientation, screen etc...)
- Cache, cookie & history control
- Disables access to notifications, recent apps, Google Now
- Hides system dialogs
- 70+ configuration options

[More Features]
- Bookmarks Bar
- Barcode Scanner
- NFC Reader
- Fullscreen mode / Hidden Toolbar
- Scheduled Sleep and Wake
- JavaScript Interface
- Google Cloud Print & ESC/POS bluetooth printing
- Screensaver (image(s)/video/website(s))
- Colour themes
- Camera Uploads
- Custom Error/Deny Pages
- Url Whitelist & Blacklist
- WiFi Settings Access
- XML Import/Export

[Xiaomi/Huawei/Acer Devices]
You must set the default launcher manually on these devices before Kiosk Browser will start. Normally within Android Settings > Home.

[Remote Management]
Available on a subscription basis, more information can be found on our website.

[Support & Documentation]

All features are available to test for free, a licence is required for personal or commercial use.
Our licence agreement can be found here: https://www.android-kiosk.com/eula/

Version history Kiosk Browser Lockdown
New in Kiosk Browser 2.7.7
Alternative wake method Android 7.1 and up
Fixed issue with Hyperlink Sound not working
Fixed issue with lockscreen not appearing after turning screen off
Fixed issue when setting default bluetooth device on returning to bluetooth settings the default appears to be reset
Support non GMS certified devices by using alternative push mechanism (Remote Management)
Added Automatic JSON Config download feature
Added feature to create JSON Config file from existing settings
New in Kiosk Browser 2.7.5
Not Supported: Detect if running on a Chromebook and warn
Fixed issue with forward button in toolbar
Include FLAG_INCLUDE_STOPPED_PACKAGES in JavaScript broadcast intent
New in Kiosk Browser 2.7.4
Clear password from password dialog if dialog is resumed/reused
Updated barcode scanning library
New in Kiosk Browser 2.7.3
Target SDK 28 (Android P)
Migrated from support library to Android X
Rebuilt preferences using new preference library
Scroll to top of page on home page reload
Removed trial countdown when connected to remote management
Fixed import of app drawer apps when using xml import
New in Kiosk Browser 2.7.2
startServiceInForeground() potential crash fix
NFC Reader improvements
Support for receiving NFC results via JavaScript callback
More PDF download fixes
New in Kiosk Browser 2.7.1
Improvements to Resize Page when keyboard covers input setting
PDF viewer fix for files downloaded using Content-Disposition filename
Turn off overscroll on WebView to prevent highlighted area (theme colour)
Custom build modifications
Partial fix when run above lock screen is disabled
Provisioned device fixes for accessing settings (Android 9)
Fixed Teamviewer QuickSupport not launching when device provisioned
New in Kiosk Browser 2.7.0
Overhauled the licensing model, to prevent businesses abusing what was previously the 'free' version. If you have an existing installation running on our 'free' version for personal use then it will continue as-is.
New in Kiosk Browser 2.6.9
Improved permissions check for draw/display over other apps
Null pointer exception fix when registering device to remote management
Fixed issue with app drawer not displaying after application restart
Fixed theme not applying correctly on some devices
Push Registration fix
startServiceInForegound() potential crash fix
New in Kiosk Browser 2.6.8
Fixed rare crash on licence activation where activation completes after activity has ended
Android 8 SecurityException workaround Google issue 63622293 (fixes crash on various devices)
New in Kiosk Browser 2.6.7
Fixed issue where PDF does not load via octet-stream
Support for multiple barcode scanning devices from companies such as: Raptor, ScanSKU, M3 Mobile, Newland, Unitech
Added EddyStone Beacon support
Fixed issue with openBarcodeScannerInput() loading url instead of returning to input
Fixed licence activation issue when provisioning (activated on server but not on device)
Added setting for extra padding when using Resize Page when keyboard covers input
New in Kiosk Browser 2.6.6
Dropped support for Android 4.0 - 4.3
New provisioning method to make Kiosk Browser the device owner and provide a more secure environment, as well as adding support for update manager within remote management
Now requesting device admin permissions to improve handling of turning off screen, Settings, About, Permissions
Sleep/Wake/Reboot can now be controlled by individual days, improved scheduling
Full changelog https://help.android-kiosk.com/en/article/changelog-v200-and-up-1p1yqrh/
New in Kiosk Browser 2.6.5
Fixed issue with Android 4.4 or lower devices not communicating with remote management
Added setting for device reboot from overflow menu (Samsung Knox users only)
New in Kiosk Browser 2.6.4
Further improvements to white screen fix when using > Resize Page When Keyboard Covers Input
New in Kiosk Browser 2.6.3
White screen fix when using > Resize Page When Keyboard Covers Input
Added getKioskBuild() and getKioskVersion() JavaScript functions
Removed grey background around video elements
Set navigator.isOnline when device reconnects
Full changelog https://kioskbrowser.userecho.com/topic/870157-changelog-v200-and-up/
New in Kiosk Browser 2.6.2
Initial Android 8.0 supportSupport for PDFs in popup windowFixed issue where intent uris were not calling back correctly, specifically fixing issue with Square mobile paymentsMultiple new JavaScript functionsSupport for short registration keys, licence keysMuch much more in the full changelog https://kioskbrowser.userecho.com/topic/870157-changelog-v200-and-up/
New in Kiosk Browser 2.6.1
File Group downloading improvementsAdded JS functions activateLicence(licencekey, email) and deactivateLicence() to silently activate and deactivate pro licencesBug fix for barcode scanner returning to the wrong activity in some scenariosFixed crash when using the camera on 7.0 devicesAdded link to privacy policy under Settings > About
New in Kiosk Browser 2.6.0
Handle loading of PDF files that are forced as download onlyNew: Reload on Screen OnSupplying the capture attribute inside a file input tag, now launches the camera app automaticallyNew: Redirect to Custom Error Page, if browser receives a 400 or higher responseNew: Uploads Only allow camera, when enabled only the camera will be available as a source when uploadingFull changelog https://kioskbrowser.userecho.com/topic/870157-changelog-v200-and-up/
New in Kiosk Browser 2.5.9
[v2.5.9 (build 189)]PDF files are now loaded using embedded viewer (PDF.js), also works with locally stored PDF filesFixed issue with large screensaver images not displayingSwitched from circular intermediate progress bar to horizontal percentage basedAdded Power setting Sleep on Power ConnectFixed issue where Please Wait page would display instead of the default error page when using file:///Lots more in the changelog https://kioskbrowser.userecho.com/topic/870157-changelog-v200-and-up/
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