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  • Little Panda's Construction Truck
  • Little Panda's Construction Truck
  • Little Panda's Construction Truck
  • Little Panda's Construction Truck
  • Little Panda's Construction Truck
Description of Little Panda's Construction Truck

Little Panda's town has a Construction Fleet that helps residents address all kinds of issues every day.
Want to learn how they work? Let's check out their daily routines!

Renovate amusement park
A major renovation is needed at the amusement park. First, let the bulldozer clean up the garbage and then lay the lawn. Connect the bouncy castle with a pump to inflate it. Install ferris wheel and secure roller coaster with the crane. Great! The amusement park is ready to be reopened!

Build villa
Here comes a construction task. Captain excavator is off to work! Change a drill bit first and knock down the dangerous building. Let’s leave construction waste to the dump truck! Look, the cement mixed by the concrete mixer is ready for roof casting. And then install the doors and windows with the crane. We are done building the villa!

Factory rescue
Oh no, the factory is hit by a mudslide! Who is pressed down by a fallen tree? Construction Fleet, come to rescue! First, let the excavator remove stones to prevent them from smashing on people. The crane lifts the big tree and the trapped worker is saved.

There are a lot more going on in the town that need help from kind-hearted Construction Fleet. Come and complete tasks with construction trucks!

- Learn about the appearances and functions of 8 construction trucks.
- Build different constructions: Amusement park, villa, and bridge.
- Rescue of factory collapse.
- Explore different construction areas in the town.
- Adorable animations and interactions.

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