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Description of Lone Tower Roguelike Defense

Lone Tower is an roguelike tower defense game with a unique twist of Idle and incremental features. Lone Tower is inspired by games such as Oregon Trail and The Tower, it is an incremental tower defense game where you control and upgrade a single tower and have to survive as many days as possible. There is farming, card collecting, mining, and plenty of repairs to do in order to survive each day! Defend your tower until its destroyed, earn coins & gems to unlock permanent upgrades, then give it another try! Build the perfect tower for defense against fantasy creatures and foes!

Lone Tower Features
• Addicting simple tower defense game play
• A massive number of upgrades to choose
• Invest your gold coins to permanently power up your tower
• Research new upgrades to unlock new parts of the game
• Continue to unlock new research while idle or playing active
• Unlock and upgrade your card collection to provide your special new tower bonuses
• Unlock fates and classes that change the game play in fun ways
- Incremental mechanics and upgrades paths
- Idle features like auto leveling perks and more resource gathering

Will the tower you control stand the test of time in this brand new idle tower defense game? As the Lone Archer in your Tower , you’ve sworn yourself to protect your kingdom against angry monsters summoned by the Dark One. Defend your tower, upgrade your abilities, defeat waves of baddies and if you fall, rise up stronger! Lone Tower is an incremental idle tower defense game where you play the role of an archer defending their tower against waves of enemies.

Version history Lone Tower Roguelike Defense
New in Lone Tower 1.0.62
Quick Challenge Rewards per level scaled up
Added a 3 second Invincibility buffer after Phoenix Fate revives Tower
Minor improvements to Magic Orb
Improved collision for Bee Enemy
Polished Level Up menu a bit
New Bonus Code: fivestars
New in Lone Tower 1.0.61
Architect Fate now gives a 15% bonus to Max HP instead of +30 Max HP points
Tweaks to Boss stat curves in Tier 3
Tweaks to Dark One boss shield ability
Dark One boss attack speed now synced with current Game speed
Tweaks/Fix to Magic Orb rotation speed
Screen no longer goes black if not touched over time
Improved Max Card buy for billion plus card hauls
Spelling corrections
New Bonus Code: Check Discord
New in Lone Tower 1.0.60
Tier 3: Dark Dominion now available!
Quick Challenges now level up and scale
Improved Max Buy Cards feature (When opening 100k+ cards)
Boosted Wealthy Fate
Updates to statistics menu
Fixed small tracking bugs with quick challenges
Balancing Improvements
Added support for user consent status in EEA/UK
New Bonus Code: lunarys
New in Lone Tower 1.0.59
New Boss: Dark Vengeance (Each 1000 Days)
New Enemy: Mushkin
New Item: Vampire Fang
New sprites for Ogre Goblin enemy
Brawler Fate now makes Attack Damage upgrade worth more points
Increased Gem Bonus Rewards in Tier 2
Minor tweaks to Guardian Shiva
Tweaks to Item stacking effect
Additional lag reduction tweaks to Low Effects setting
Increased Max Regen Cap (In Game)
New Bonus Code: turkey
New in Lone Tower 1.0.58
Optimized Max Card Buy
Improvements to arrow code
Can now Tap & Hold to buy multiple items in Item Shop
Brawn Perk now scales up each level
Added Challenges to pause menu
Improved Max Card Upgrades
Fixed bug for players with legacy settings
Fixed description text for Chicken Item
Fixed bug with Gems not showing at certain amounts
Fixed number overruns for Enemy (Skull) Level
Minor changes to Gem Catcher mini game
Capped various max enemy spawns
Updated Credits Menu
New Bonus Code: trickortreat
New in Lone Tower 1.0.56
New Perk: Side Weapon
Significantly improved Maximum Card buying at higher levels
Extra XP now carries over after level up
Mystery Box now gives Chicken Item
Removed Strategy Mode >> Lower speeds can be used by default
Lowered Auto Perk selection time
End game chest now shows up properly once an Ad is loaded
Fixed more number overruns
Fixed bug with Gem chest rewards
Late game balancing >> Less but stronger enemies
Minor tweaks to Gem Catch minigame
New Bonus Code: stayinalive
New in Lone Tower 1.0.54
Can now upgrade card max times by holding Upgrade card button
Fixed bug with Guardian Shiva
Polished up Gem Catcher mini game
Gems Crops now update Gems earned stat
Minor optimization when buying Max cards
Fixed pause issue if pressing back button in game
Fixed Inventory Menu number overruns
improvements to Cards layout
Chicken Item nerf
Lowered cost of Chicken in Item Shop
Small nerf to Supply Drop
Lowered cost curve for Supply Drop Chance
Improvements to Forager Ally AI
New Code: pollo
New in Lone Tower 1.0.53
Fixed bug that caused issues with arrows
New Item: Chicken
New Perk: Forager
Can now tap & hold to upgrade Cards faster
Can now tap & hold permanent upgrades to buy faster
Added game settings to the Pause Menu
Added Effects setting
Added Rare Gem Crops
Raised max Regen cap
Statistics menu now shows how many Ads have been watched
Minor tweaks to Magic Orbs
Fixed bug with event Wagon getting stuck during level up/pause
Minor tweaks to reduce lag
New Cheat Code: ducky
New Secret to Discover
New in Lone Tower 1.0.51
Added card multibuying
Lag improvements
Miner Perk improved
Bestiary spelling/grammar improvements
Increased reward for in game Gold Chest
Increased gold value of Crops & Mushrooms
Increased Daily Gold (permanent) from x1 to x3 per upgrade
Improved collision with Bee enemy
Game now saves after upgrading cards
Fixed Knockback effect at higher speeds
Raised max permanent Daily Gem Bonus upgrade
Gem Catcher mini game improvements
Added Android 13 (API version 33) Support
New Bonus Code: chaching
New in Lone Tower 1.0.50
Added Lucky Clovers
Added Color Scheme Setting
New Perk: Tutor
Added multi-use for in game items
Cards now stay selected after upgrading
Improved collision on Dragon/Ogre enemies
Phoenix Fate revives tower with full HP
Fixed many small bugs
Auto Perk improved
Improved multibuy items
Daily Gold Bonus upgrade boosted
Added Combo Multiplier to Gem Catcher
Boosted Evil Creed card
Lowered Dragon & Bee’s Attack Range
Gameplay/Menu/Graphics Improvements
New Bonus Code: catchemall
New in Lone Tower 1.0.49
New Card: Mastery
New Perk: Flawless
Raised Max Game Speed to x12 (When using Fast Mode)
Arrows/Weapons now adapt to changes in game speed
Guardian Shiva stops pursuing enemies when paused
Item shop tweaks & balancing
Rare cards now shown with a frame
Increased rarity of Evil Creed card
Boosted Inheritance Cards effect
Increased max card cost
Cards automatically open
Gameplay Balance Improvements
Fixed Ad Chest issues
Added Privacy Policy button to Settings
New in Lone Tower 1.0.48
Fixed bug when Shockwave hit Skeleton Archer Enemy
New in Lone Tower 1.0.46
New Card: Evil Creed
New Perk: Big Bombs (Increased Bomb Size & Damage)
Harvesting Crops & Mushrooms now rewards XP
Potions now heal 25% of health instead of 25 health
Lowered cost curve (ingame/permanent) of Daily Gold Bonus
Improved Card Menu and Opening Sequence
Gameplay Balance Improvements
Fixed issues with in game menus opening/closing strangely
Fixed statistics on Gold & Gems earned
Fixed bugs with Challenge buttons
Fixed issue if pausing during Wagon event
Menu cleanup and polishing
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