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Description of Mazebert TD

Mazebert TD is an unconventional tower defense in which no game plays the same. Featuring 172 unique, randomly-dropped tower, item, and potion cards, you’ll find each defense must adapt to the cards you’re dealt.

Key features include:
* Refreshingly unique (and damn hard) gameplay.
* Random tower drops each round.
* The ability to buff your towers using item, potion, and hero cards.
* Towers gain experience, and so do you! The more you play, the stronger your towers become.
* Cooperative play and discussion among a vibrant, friendly community.
* NO PAY TO WIN FEATURES. All in-app purchases are strictly cosmetic.
* Periodic additions and updates, including annual season-based content.

This game was made by one developer in his spare time, because he loves making and playing games. Because this is a labor of love, I value your feedback immensely!

With that in mind, I encourage you to share your ideas, suggestions, and feedback by joining our community at Mazebert.com. There, you can suggest new features, detail any bugs you find, and even submit ideas for new cards. If the community approves your card, I’ll include it in the game, and your name will be added to Mazebert’s credits.

I hope to see you in the forums, and happy building!


Version history Mazebert TD
New in Mazebert 2.3.3
- Bugfix: news posts can be opened again
New in Mazebert 2.3.0
This update prepares you for the RoC season merge. Changes after season is over:

- New unique light tower - Beacon of Hope by Kami
- Next wave triggers after at least 2 minutes to prevent stalling games
- A maximum of 7 cards can be exchanged with other players
- Lots of balancing improvements and bugfixes
New in Mazebert 2.2.1
- Cthulhu hero buffed
- QoL: Improved drop notifications
- QoL: Long press next wave button to toggle auto next wave
- Volume controls for sound / music
- Fix for rare out of memory error
- Fix for Unicorn dsync
- Cultists slain are shown on Yig hero card
New in Mazebert 2.2.0
- Game prepared for RoC season
- Cards can be given to other players in multiplayer games
- Reduced difficulty of multiplayer games
- Creep armor is now less effective
- Unicorn drops tears when sold and is no longer affected by Training Hologram creeps
- Roordahuizum does not disappear when Viking Helmet is removed
New in Mazebert 2.1.0
* Prepared for Dawn of Light season merge (Fri, Jun/19/2020 UTC).
* Check out mazebert.com for all balancing changes coming once the season ends.
* Experimental card grid view can be activated in settings.
* Reworked and simplified card texts.
* Smoother client side prediction in multiplayer games.
* Several small optimizations and bugfixes.
New in Mazebert 2.0.6
- New unique item: Toilet Paper (Stay healthy everyone!)
- Grants 20 relics every 3 games that are won
- Card backgrounds for Nature and Metropolis
- Overview of quests is displayed in-game
- Fix for negative abilities triggering too often
- Several bugfixes and small improvements
New in Mazebert 2.0.5
Fix crash on my cards screen with old Android devices
New in Mazebert 2.0.4
- Better luck calculation for negative abilities (you can hit Ghost creeps with Roderic now)

- Knock back works as intended
- Abyss King damage bonus is always applied correctly
- Guard aura range is now dynamic and can be affected by Helm of Hades
- Fix crash when Unicorn is killed the moment it was built
- Unicorn tears work with wedding rings/Yggdrasil
New in Mazebert 2.0.3
- Fix crash if hologram is sold before creep dummy is killed
- Time Lord cannot be stunned by Kiwi (thanks SnoreFox for finding and sharing)
New in Mazebert 1.8.12
Fix rare time warp crash, so that FuzzyEuk can continue his game :-)
New in Mazebert 1.8.9
Better multiplayer
- I've rewritten the entire network stack!
- With this version, multiplayer games should be a lot more reliable
- Resuming multiplayer games is fixed! (Gotcha: All players need to upgraded to this version. No worries, you can resume games you started from any previous version)
- And finally, multiplayer games are now possible on mobile networks (careful, only fun if the network isn't too slow)

- Fixed display issue after a daily quest is replaced
New in Mazebert 1.8.7
- Improved performance in late game by holding less textures in memory
- Improved keyboard handling in multiplayer game chat
- Latest news about the game are displayed in main menu
New in Mazebert 1.8.6
- Fix for rare simulation crash by auto transmuting
- Fix crash caused by multiple instances of the app being created by accident
- Reduced app size by using app bundles
New in Mazebert 1.8.4
- Better Angelic Elixir card description
- Angelic Elixir gives Darkness towers a dark instead of a light aura
- Add confirmation for drinking Card Dust potions
- Card text improvements (thanks jhoijhoi)

- Submitting the first game after the tutorial does not produce an error anymore
New in Mazebert 1.8.3
- Adds a setting to disable text notifications

- Fix various very rare dsync errors on some devices
- Fix negative damage malus when replacing tower with an active Unrelenting Force buff
- Fix for Impatience Wrath's next wave bug
- Helm of Hades visual effect is applied after loading a game
New in Mazebert 1.4.1
Maintenance release:
- Upgrade to the latest SDKs
- Fix a bonus round exploit
- Fix crash in certain situations, by preventing Knusperhexe from eating revive mass creeps
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