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Screenshots of Mes 7 maris
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
  • My 7 husbands and me
Description of Mes 7 maris et moi

Me, married with 7 different men ?!
It's impossible !
"You have to choose one of us every night and spend the night with him. "
This is the ultimate rule of this forbidden cohabitation ...

As you led your peaceful little designer life, an event will come to shake up your life ...
Then you wake up in a huge mansion with endless corridors adorned with priceless objects, pieces of unparalleled sumptuousness and ... So here! But it looks like you're not alone in your bed!

[Husbands too sexy]

· Ayato Kamishiro
Heir to an industrial conglomerate, Ayato is an arrogant and authoritarian man who keeps giving you orders without you understanding the reason. Is he really as aggressive as it is said or would he hide his true intentions towards you? A story rich in twists awaits you with the flamboyant Ayato!

· Tsubasa Suo
Director and physician of the famous Suo Hospital, Tsubasa will keep an eye on you throughout your love affair. Husband passionate, it is not less mysterious. But, besides, what is this terrible secret of which he does not speak to anybody?

· Shizuki Tojo
Who would not dream of getting married to a film director? You, this dream, you realized by marrying the beautiful Shizuki. And if you helped him to realize his film on the theme of love, showing him what is Love ...?

After the famous Wedding Promise by Arithmetic, come and discover My 7 husbands and me!
Dive into the heart of Japan's love affair, playing a young woman married to
7 men more gorgeous than each other and extravagant personality!
Discover your new lovers in image with illustrations worthy of your favorite manga shojo!
Did you like the moments of intimacy with your Prince in Wedding Promise? Then enter the erotic world of My 7 husbands and me and let yourself be guided by your husbands in carnal pleasures.

Spend a special moment with an ideal darling ♪

【New function: Speak with your husband!】

Test the special function of the game "Journal of your husband and wife". This function is
independent of the original story and you can communicate with your husband through this!
Depending on your progress, you can get a special message from your husband and a new story!
So stay with your sexy husband ♥

【Simple gameplay to handle!】

- You have the right to a scenario ticket per day that gives you free access to 5 stories.
- Make-up lesson to increase your sense of taste as a new bride.
- Dress your avatar with his finery and thus win the affection of your husband!
- If you win the love of your husband, you will have access to a special romantic scenario!
- Several purposes are possible depending on the level of affection of your husband!
- Do not miss the opportunity to participate in online events for a limited period and win special avatars or special scenarios!
- Invite your friends and play together!
- There is also a new type of event where you can vote for your favorite husband and get new scenarios with special illustrations!
- At the time of your husband's birthday, there will be a special event to celebrate his birthday for a limited time and you can wish him well!

※ Free basic game. Special scenarios and avatars are paying.
※Warning ! Highly erotic content.

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