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Description of MicTester

Note: This is the trial version of MicTester Pro, some functions might be limited

With MicTester you can acquire the digital signal of the microphone channel. This signal can be visualized and zoomed up to see a single sample or saved to a .csv file for further elaborations.

MicTester is also a Real Time Analyzer (RTA) and allows you to perform a very accurate audio spectral analysis of the signal. Automatic identification of musical notes help you to detect the pitch of a sound, making easy to tune a musical instrument or to train your own voice.

Like a true oscilloscope, MicTester features a trigger circuit that allows you to easily capture a single pulse or non-repetitive sequences. You can also use MicTester as a sound level meter and measure A-Weighted SPL according to IEC61672.

The app supports several type of sources (MIC, CAMCORDER, VOICE COMMUNICATION, VOICE RECOGNITION) and can operate in stereo mode on devices having two internal microphones. MicTester supports Bluetooth mics operating on SCO data link. MicTester can also analyze WAV signals (16/24 bit) streamed via TCP/IP.

If you smartphone features an accelerometer, you can use it with MicTester for vibration analysis at infrasonic frequencies.

What you can do with MicTester:

★ Performance tests on internal phone mic (or ext microphones)
★ Performance tests on Bluetooth mics
★ Machinery resonances detector
★ Feedback frequencies identification
★ Acoustic and vibration analysis
★ Sound level metering
★ Music, piano, guitar and speaker tuning
★ Vocal pitch monitor - vocal training

Main specs:

★ Input sources: analog internal/external mic,Bluetooth mic,camcorder,voice communication/recognition, streaming WAV (compatible with UARecorder app), accelerometer
★ Time & frequency domain visualization
★ 3D spectrum analyzer (Waterfall and XYZ)
★ Sweep or Strip-Chart time mode
★ Dominant Frequency mode (pitch monitor)
★ Trigger functions (single,auto,normal,pre-trigger,slope,level)
★ Autorange and averaging functions
★ Full pan & pinch zoom
★ XY cursors
★ Vertical measurement cursors
★ Sampling Frequency: 44k1/48k/96k (analog), 44k1/48k/96k/192k (WAV)
★ Frequency peak detector (1Hz resolution)
★ Spectrum energy measurements, SPL (IEC61672)
★ THD+N measurements
★ Automatic musical note detector over ten octaves
★ Tuning systems: 432Hz, 435Hz and 440 Hz
★ Linear/log10/log2 frequency scales
★ Curve/bars/points display mode
★ Images and data can be saved in internal memory or attached to emails
★ Data are exported in .csv format
★ User guide included
★ Supported languages: en,es,de,fr,it,ru

Version history MicTester
New in MicTester 2.6
Version 2.6
- Added Bluetooth mic source
- New supported language: fr
- Some minor bugs fixed
New in MicTester 2.5
Version 2.5
- New supported languages: es, de
- Some minor bugs fixed
New in MicTester 2.4
Version 2.4
- Improved archive manager
- Improved permissions management
New in MicTester 2.3
Version 2.3
- Added accelerometer support
New in MicTester 2.2
Version 2.2
- Added Dominant Frequency mode
- Added log base 2 scale with 1/3 octave bands
- Some minor bugs fixed
New in MicTester 2.1
Version 2.1
- Some minor bugs fixed
New in MicTester 2.0
Version 2.0
- Some minor bugs fixed
New in MicTester 1.9
Version 1.9
- Added stereo mode
- Added new sampling frequencies: 48000/96000 Hz
- Added new audio sources: Camcorder/Voice communication/Voice recognition
- Some minor bugs fixed
New in MicTester 1.8
Version 1.8- New menu icons- Added function "Zoom to cursors"- Added THD+N and harmonics measurements- Some minor bugs fixedVersion 1.7- Overlay with music notes- Automatic music note detector- New frequency peak visualization- New dir management (useful for OS 4.4+)- Added X axis range setting- Some minor bugs fixed
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