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Description of Mini DayZ 2

A deadly virus plagues the world.
Animals are running wild. People are running wilder.
Civilization has collapsed and the end times are here.
Only you can help humanity.

Here’s how:
- Meet fellow survivors and become their fearless leader
- Develop a base of operations and build a community
- Forage for food and resources to help you survive
- Stay healthy by monitoring health, morale, and infection levels
- Embark on raids to obtain supplies and upgrade your base
- Grow plants as you battle the elements and tame the wilderness
- Unlock blueprints to create makeshift weapons and protective gear

There are thousands of maps to explore, each with its own unique challenges and threats.

So get ready. Get aggressive. And don't forget the golden rule.


Version history Mini DayZ 2
New in MiniDayZ 2 1.0.4
General bug fixing
New in MiniDayZ 2 1.0.0
Multiplayer PvE raids added with option to invite friends
Bandits added
New animals, infected, items and weapons added
New special attacks added
General bug fixing
New in MiniDayZ 2 0.5.30
Fixed: Manual raid not terminated if game is suspended for longer time
Fixed: Skipping tutorial may lead to limited UI in game
Fixed: "invisible walls" on sides of military tents
Fixed: Bleeding effect indicator sometimes incorrectly hidden
New in MiniDayZ 2 0.5.28
Open beta
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